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Jobs Movie Trailer Appears Online

You don’t need me to say anything. Just enjoy the trailer and maybe let us know what you think.

[Infographic] Nielsen Shows Digital Formats Dominate How Consumers Get Media

Who Uses What Digital MediaIn May Nielson produced the U.S. Entertainment Consumer Report (hat tip to Adweek).

The report gave some insight into who has the ways and means to consume certain content and to what degree. An overview of the report tells us.

According to Nielsen’s U.S. Entertainment Consumer Report, consumers in households earning an average annual income of $66,000 account for more than 70 percent of spending on entertainment—things like books, video-on-demand and music. And not only did the survey find that these high entertainment spenders have more discretionary income than low or moderate spenders, they also participate in more entertainment activities. This group is also more likely to be female, ethnically diverse and have young children in their household.

The following infographic gives an overview of these various formats. One that caught my eye is an almost 18% increase of music purchased on vinyl. That’s pretty cool (yes, I am old enough to remember vinyl being the ONLY way to get music and, as folks like Neil Young points out often, it sounds SO much better than today’s digitized music).

The WSJ Increases Subscriber Stickiness with New Social Network

contentLate last week, News Corp addressed investors with a slide presentation that outlines the future of their massive content network. Their overall plan for success is to create great content, make it available across a dozen different platforms, then sell it for a reasonable price. Sounds simple when you put it that way.

Since 52% of the company’s revenue comes from advertising, the real secret is making properties such as The Wall Street Journal sticky. And how much do you love that term?

The plan, is to turn The Wall Street Journal into a destination for business men and women. Not just a place to read the news, but a place to network, exchange ideas and even store personal information.

Content Marketing is a Hit! [Infographic]

history of contentFrom the way we talk about content marketing, you’d think it was a new thing invented for use on the internet. But content marketing goes way back. I mean, waaaay, back. Look at this example from the History of Content Marketing Infographic.

More recent examples include a safe driving book from Michelin Tires which was published in 1900 and the free 1904 Jell-O recipe booklet which led to millions in sales for the product.

It’s an intuitive leap – if you help your customer do something better, faster or safer, they’ll think kindly of you and consider buying your product.

According to a new infographic from Demand Metric, 60% of people have been inspired to seek out a product after reading about it.

content marketing seek product

Why Native Ads Won’t Replace Banner Ads Any Time Soon

sharethrough native ad liftYou’re skimming your favorite tech website and settle on an article about ways to save money on your cell phone bill. This is good information so you read it without noticing the notation that says it’s a sponsored story from T-Mobile. Or more accurately, you don’t realize that you’ve noticed. Your brain caught it, processed it and now associates T-Mobile with saving money on your phone bill.

Ah, the insidious power of the native ad. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. . I’m saying, it’s a thing and it explains why native ads are more effective than banner ads.

Native ads make natural connections – banner ads are disjointed connections. Which one is the brain more likely to latch on to?

[Infographic] What Makes A Top Marketing Executive?

Top Marketing Executive PreviewMarketing executives are an interesting bunch because the field is one where a very broad spectrum of capabilities is needed to do the job well. It’s hard to be an introverted tech guy if you are a marketing executive, so you have to be a people person as well as technically aware etc.

To sum it up, when painting the picture of what it takes to be a top flight marketing executive you need to use a rather broad brush.

The folks over at The Content Strategist brought a graphic to our attention that comes from Killer Infographics. As with all infographics you need to bring your critical thinking skills to the table to measure whether the information, while graphic, is also accurate.

Check out the full infographic below.

USA Today Sports Launches Social News Site

And in sports, Bryce Harper shares a terrible photo of his bedroom, Roy Hibbert and David Lee really, really dislike each other, and Andrew Luck’s cell phone looks almost as old as him.

Hmm. . . that might sound like a slow news day, but those are actually three of the top stories on USA Today’s new sports site. It’s called ‘For the Win‘, “the first mainstream sports media property focused exclusively on “social news,” with a steady stream of stories that fans are, or will be, talking about right now.”

for the win

The whole thing is sponsored by Right Guard so it feels a little like an advertorial when you hit the page. Once you get past that, it’s an intriguing, new way to deliver light news.