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Ecommerce is Up, No Thanks to Social

Custora Mobile HolidayCyber Monday was the biggest day in e-commerce history. According to Custora, 70 million online shoppers spent over $10 billion across over 100 US-based online retailers. The end result was an 18% increase over 2012.

Mobile was a huge factor with 1 in 3 purchases coming in over a mobile device. 80% of those came in on an iPhone or iPad.

Thanksgiving was a particularly hot day for mobile shopping. Probably spurred on by all the bored people at holiday gatherings. “How long until the turkey’s ready?”

The drop-off on Cyber Monday means that most people switched out their phones for their PC’s. Probably because they did a large portion of shopping while they were at work on Monday.

Study Says Choice Overload Leads to No Sale

product groupingTake a run around the internet and you’ll spot the trend right away – images, images, images with very little text. Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, image sites are hot but that doesn’t mean it will work for your ecommerce store.

A new study from the University of Miami School of Business Administration shows that, if your goal is selling products online, image overload might actually work against you.

The researchers began by studying consumer preference while performing typical online shopping tasks. They then asked the participants whether they’d prefer to have an assortment of products shown as a group of images or as a group of descriptions. They ran the test with a variety of product types and the result was the same; from crackers to mutual funds, everyone preferred the visual presentation.

2013 Cyber Monday Sales Soar Beating 2012 By How Much. . . ?

Walmart-Cyber-Monday1This year’s holiday shopping season is extremely short, so maybe that’s why shoppers didn’t hesitate to pull out their credit cards on Cyber Monday. The final tally is in and it was a record year beating last year by. . .

For the conservative: 16% according to Adobe Systems

For those who prefer to go all in: 20.6% according to IBM.

Either way, it’s a win!

The numbers were consistent with the predictions – more shoppers spending less money. IBM says the average order value was $128.77, down 1% year-over-year.

Mobile was a significant factor. 31.7% of all online traffic came from smartphones and tablets, that 45% growth over last year.

Mobile also accounted for 17% of total online sales and that’s a 55.4% increase over last year.

What Showrooming Giveth, Webrooming Taketh Away

laptop-and-cellphone-1269437-mLast Christmas, brick and mortar retailers were worried that showrooming would cut into their bottom line. This is when a customer visits a store but then uses their smartphone to find the same item for a lower price online. I swear this is why some of my favorite stores have the worst cell phone reception inside their walls. No problem, I’ll just step outside to search.

This Christmas it’s the online retailers who need to worry thanks to a new trend called webrooming. (That’s web – rooming, not we-brooming.)

According to a new Harris Poll, more customers will be doing their initial research online before running out to buy at the store.

Let’s start with a clearer definition of terms. Here’s the way Harris phrased the question:

The Black Friday Results Are In and It Was. . . .

thanksgiving weekend. . . .mostly good!

It’s Cyber Monday, which means folks are supposed to be making the switch from brick and mortar deals to online deals. During the night, the good people at the National Retail Federation pulled out their adding machines and set to crunching the Black Friday numbers. Here’s what they found out:

More than 141 million unique shoppers took advantage of the Thanksgiving weekend to do a lot of their holiday shopping. This is up from 139 million last year.

Many people grumble about stores that open on Thanksgiving but 27% more people shopped after dinner bringing the total up to 45 million. That’s a number that will certainly encourage stores to continue the practice.

Amazon Delivery Drones? What’s Next? Teleportation?

amazon droneAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos both stunned and amused the world last night when he revealed his drone delivery plan on 60 Minutes. Yes, drones. It’s called Amazon Prime Air. A whole fleet of flying critters designed to pick up, carry and drop off your package within a half hour without any humans involved.

Is this April Fool’s Day?

I applaud their creative thinking but there are so many things wrong with this idea I don’t know where to begin.

Let’s start with safety. The first time one of these things hits a person on the ground, breaks a window or scares off a cat Amazon’s going to get sued. Next, we have all the people who are going to call the police when they see an unidentified object buzzing past their house. Aliens or terrorists – either way, it’s scary.

Company Gift Giving is Up Which Means New Marketing Opportunities for You

gift basketAccording to The Advertising Specialty Institute’s 4th annual Corporate Gift Spending Survey, companies plan to spend an average of $44.98 per person for employee gifts and $33.92 for client gifts.

That tops last year’s figures of $41.70 and $26.48 and it’s the highest they’ve seen in the past four years.

42.4% of employers are making it easy on themselves by handing out gift cards. 29.2% will do them one better by simply handing their employees cash. But an almost equal amount (27.5%) are handing out food and beverage baskets. For clients, they prefer baskets that have their own company logo on wine bottles and other goodies.

According to ASI’s , nearly two-thirds of responding companies said they will include their company logo either on their gift or on its packaging, proving the continuing popularity of branding.