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Which Would You Rather Have? A $250 Discount or a $200 Gift Card?

report-preference-web01You’re about to buy a new car. You can have a $250 discount off the price or a $200 Visa gift card. Which would you choose?

If  you’re like most people, you’d choose the gift card. The new Parago 2013 Shopper Reward Preference Study shows that people are two times as likely to pick the lower, gift card reward rather than the higher discount. Value wise, it’s a bad choice but in this case it’s about perception.

You won’t even notice a $250 savings on the total price of your car, but you’ll feel richer when you go to spend that $200 gift card at Target. Plus, spending found money is a whole lot more fun than saving it.

Facebook Rolls Out Autofill Option for Mobile Purchases

AutofillWithFacebook2Facebook is looking to improve its mobile experience.

Well, really they are looking to make it easier to get into the payments game which means, of course, more revenue. In case you haven’t noticed, there is not much altruism coming out of the Facebook group these days. Anything and everything Facebook does is about revenue. It’s the price you pay of being a publicly traded company.

AllFacebook tells us

The mobile payments product test Facebook confirmed last month is going live on a small scale Monday night, with pilot partner men’s apparel site JackThreads joined by photo-book provider Mosaic on the shopping application side and by payment processors PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree.

Almost Half of All Marketers Will Launch Holiday Campaigns Before Halloween

kmart christmasThe press made quite a fuss when Kmart aired the first Christmas commercial of the season on September 9. This is a full seven weeks earlier than their first 2012 ad, which ran Oct. 28.

The concept of starting earlier and earlier is called “Christmas Creep.” Ironically (or perhaps intentionally), the Kmart ad features a spooky, oversize gingerbread man who creeps up on an unsuspecting woman. “Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you” is the message, but it hardly seems possible given the timing of the ads.

Kmart’s ad is all about layaway, so you can forgive them for jumping the gun but they aren’t the only ones with a premature reveal.

According to a survey conducted by Experian, 49 percent of marketers “suggested” they were going to start a holiday campaign before Halloween.

Etsy Partners with Lifestyle Brands to Create Curated Shopping Showcase Pages

An endorsement from Martha Stewart Weddings, Apartment Therapy or Lucky Magazine can turn a struggling designer into the next big business. But making that kind of connection isn’t easy — unless you know someone – like Etsy.

The social ecommerce site for homemade and vintage goods just gave every one of their sellers a boost with the introduction of Etsy Pages.

Two dozen lifestyle brands have partnered with Etsy to create curated, shopping showcase pages to highlight the very best the site has to offer.

The pages are very plain. They feature tiny photo strips in a variety of categories. Members can Follow the page and they can embed the page on a blog.


Amazon Extends Affiliate Program to Android App Developers

amazon apiThere are three common options for monetizing an app – asking customers to pay upfront, hoping customers will buy upgrades, and ad revenue.

Amazon is now giving Android developers a third option – a 6% commission on sales that come in through their app.

The Mobile Associates API for Kindle Fire and other Android devices, allows developers to sell almost anything Amazon carries from inside an app. Amazon Prime customers will get their free shipping and everyone can use the 1-Click system to buy. That means the customer doesn’t have to deal with lengthy check-out procedures on their phone. Since their credit card and shipping information is already locked into Amazon’s system, 1 click is all it takes to spend anywhere from $5 to $500.


Get Ready for the Tweet and Shop Twitter of Tomorrow

twitter logoTwitter is making major strides toward becoming an ecommerce powerhouse as they hired their first Head of Commerce, Nathan Hubbard. Hubbard is the former CEO of Ticketmaster and he is now charged with turning Twitter into an ecommerce player. Bloomberg reports

“We’re going to go to people who have stuff to sell and help them use Twitter to sell it more effectively,” Hubbard said in an interview. “One of the hallmarks of Twitter’s entire approach has been partnering. We’re going to take the same approach with owners of physical and digital goods.”

That’s all well and good but it was the next line in the Bloomberg article that really got my attention.

Hubbard, a Princeton University graduate with a masters in business administration from Stanford University, was formerly a touring and recording artist, and has released five albums.

Fuisz Media Brings Clickable Products and Faces to YouTube

fuiszmediaWhen I was first learning web design, I was fascinated by the concept of an image map – one large picture that links to different webpages depending where you click.

Now imagine doing that with a video. Fuisz does it with their patented annotated pixel technology and now they’ve partnered with ZEFR to bring that technology to YouTube.

When you watch an annotated video, you can click on different portions to get more information or buy a product. Love the lipstick – click on Eva’s lips. Want your eyelashes to look like hers – click her eyes.

The technology can also do that one thing I’m always asking for – lead me to more information about an actor! Click the face and get the actor’s IMDB listing.