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Amazon Matches Record High for Holiday Shopping Satisfaction

Amazon made it through another holiday season with big bucks and a whole lot of happy customers. According to ForeSee’s annual¬† Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index, Amazon matched their record high with an 88 out of 100, the best score on the chart.

26 other online retailers came in at 80 or above, which is a very impressive score. They include, and Vistaprint. But for the average retailer, customer satisfaction appears to have hit a sticking point. Look at this comparison of the rise in online spending versus the rise in customer satisfaction.

foresee customer satisfaction

Makes me wonder what it is we’re missing. If Amazon is only an 88, what would be a 100 in customer’s minds? A personal shopper that does all the work for you? Free merchandise? Items made to order? Cracking the 90 spot doesn’t seem possible.

eBay Now Holiday Express App Does Everything Except Open the Gift For You

ebay noweBay, a company not traditionally known for its personalized customer service, is turning that thought around with their new shopping app eBay Now.

If you live in San Francisco or New York City, you can use your phone to buy just about anything and have it in your hands within an hour. Not wild enough? For the holidays, they’ll include a roll of exclusive limited-edition gift wrap from designer Jonathan Adler.

Imagine this scenario, you’re at the office Christmas party and your co-worker unexpectedly hands you a lovely basket of coffee and treats. You didn’t buy her anything, but no problem – you excuse yourself, rush into a bathroom stall, whip our your phone, pick a similarly priced item from eBay now and before the party is over, you’ve reciprocated appropriately. Sheldon Cooper would be so proud.

More Ho Ho Holiday Shopping Facts to Help You Finish Out the Year

671280_christmas__boxThe clock is running out for holiday shoppers but RetailMeNot says that 55% of consumers are only half way done with their shopping . With that in mind, here are the results of a few surveys that could help you reel in those last minute customers.

Fast Free Delivery

We’ve heard this one before but it’s still a huge factor in online shopping, especially around the holidays. ShopRunner says:

77% of consumers would spend more online and less in stores if free 1-2 day shipping was offered.  Additionally, having more faster free shipping options would drive 65% of shoppers to procrastinate and put off making purchases longer than usual.

Holiday Shopping: 36 Percent Have Yet to Get Started

This time, I truly am done talking about Cyber Monday and Black Friday but that doesn’t mean we’re done with holiday shopping – like 36% of Americans, we’re just getting started! polled your average Americans to discover their true feelings about shopping during this time of the year. Almost half said they were three-quarters finished or completely finished. (Count me in that group if I can just resist the urge for the rest of the month!). That still leaves plenty of shoppers who are searching for deals online and off.

People with gifts in hand said they mostly shopped at big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target. 39% bought gifts online (you know I did!) and 32% when for department stores such as Sears and Macy’s. Only 28% picked a retail specialty chain such as Toys “R” Us and Best Buy.

One More Look at Cyber Monday Before We Move Along

I know I said I was done talking about the Black Friday / Cyber Monday spectacular of 2012 – but I changed my mind, or lied, which ever makes you feel better.

comScore Data Mine has a sweet new infographic that boldly tells the tale of a fake holiday gone viral. Think about it. The term is credited to who came up with it in 2004 after noting that the Monday after Thanksgiving was one of the biggest days for online shopping.

They put it in a press release and it stuck. Now, it’s not just a term marketers use, it’s become as common as the term Black Friday and it’s breaking all records.

Viggle Jumps into the Holiday Stats Pool With a Cheery Infographic

My favorite social TV app, Viggle has decided to use their great power for the good of online marketers everywhere. They’ve put their vast, TV addicted audience to work on a survey about their holiday shopping intentions, then they packed the results into a jolly infographic just for you. . . and you. . . and you over there sucking on that candy cane.

The mad scientist in me will now dissect said infographic, for your edification and enjoyment.

We start with some good news:

That average spend isn’t too bad. Retailers would like to see more, of course, but $505 is a number most of us can live with.

More Holiday Stats: Tablets Beat Traditional for Conversions on Cyber Monday

As the Thanksgiving weekend fades away in the rear-view mirror, I’d like to offer up one more set of stats. These come from Monetate and one line in particular is so amazing, I’m not sure I’m interpreting it correctly.

Overall, tablet conversion rates exceeded conversion rates on the traditional web for the first time on Cyber Monday (5.84% to 5.51%). In 2011, the numbers were 5.48% (tablets) and 5.98% (traditional web).

This is saying that on Cyber Monday more people who shopped the web by tablet followed through and bought things than people who used their computer (traditional). Right? Is there any other way to interpret this chart?

More facts:

— Conversion rates on the iPad on Cyber Monday were over 6%, more than 2 percent higher than any other day during the Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday period.