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Let’s try and take our minds off the weather for just a minute and think about something nice that is closer than we all imagine: the holiday season.

Christmas gift giving (and of course the buying needed to accomplish the giving) is becoming more and more prevalent in the minds of shoppers so it should be in the minds of marketers as well.

Our Email marketing sponsor, AWeber, has put together a great series called the 12 Days of Email Marketing. Over the next few Mondays we are going to give you all of the 12 fantastic email marketing helps that the email marketing specialists at AWeber have put together.

So without further ado here are days 1-3. Enjoy!

Email Timing Is Critical for Marketing Success

One expression you hear a lot of is ‘timing is everything’. Like all cliches the reason you hear it a lot is because it is generally true.

The expression holds true with Internet marketing in general but, as a survey by StrongMail recently showed, it is is critical to email marketers in particular.

The study as reported by eMarketer gives insights as to what an ideal time is to send a follow up email, in this case in a transactional environment. The findings show

I would have to think that a simple rule in this instance is ‘the sooner the better’. In a world where people act as if they have ADHD even if they don’t by flitting from one thing to the next without really even digesting the last thing, a marketer needs to get to a person ASAP in order to make sure their message is freshly associated with whatever transaction (or non-transaction) they were just involved in.

Survey Says a Large Portion of Online Shopping is Done After Dark

When I get up in the morning, my inbox is filled with marketing messages from the brands I follow. I delete most of them without reading them. Why? Not because I’m not interested, but because I can’t deal with this deluge personal information at the start of my work day. If only these brands would send the emails in the evening when I’m sitting on the couch browsing with my iPad. . . (hint, hint.)

According to a new study from Yesmail, 60% of consumers say they’d rather interact with brands on social media between 6 pm and 2 am. 40% say they do their online shopping after 6 pm.

Conversely, only 5% of email campaigns are set to hit between 6 and 10 pm and the majority of Facebook campaigns launch during the day.

Forrester Study: Email and Search, Not Social, Drives Sales Online

I can hear the din of social media rock stars and gurus around the globe howling at the notion that social is not a primary sales driver in the eCommerce world. Heretic!

Usually people get the most riled up when something they hang their hat on is called out and shown in the light to be a lot less spectacular than when pitched with hyperbole and emotion.

The report from Forrester called “The Purchase Path of Online Buyers in 2012” (link is to page to purchase full report which Marketing Pilgrim receives no payment whatsoever) basically says the the most effective tools in the online space to drive sales are the equivalent of online hammer and nails: email marketing and search marketing. Here are the main points but without the report’s detail.

  1. Paid search matters most for new customers
  2. Email matters most for repeat customers
  3. Social tactics are not meaningful sales drivers

Commence screaming and feigned outrage.

Need a chart to look at and further lather you up? Here you go. Look at the impact of email vs. social media on repeat customers.

127 Rockin’ Content Marketing Tips – A #CMWorld 2012 Cheat Sheet

Great conferences can be frustrating.

They inspire you, cram your brain with creative ideas and “ah-ha!” moments, jam your wallet with the biz cards of new friends, expand your waistline and kill your per diem. (That’s the fun part.) Then it’s time for goodbyes, the hassles of travel, playing catch up at the office and wondering where all that momentum went.

If, like me, you’ve been trying to keep up with the flood of valuable insights from Content Marketing World 2012, here’s a cheat sheet to help you out. It’s a mashup of highlights from fellow attendees, blog posts that stood out, and a couple bonus links for your listening pleasure.

Mobile Email Opens Up, iOS Dominates

A report prepared by Knotice (PDF)shows that more and more email is being opened on a mobile device and that trend is gaining speed.

This chart actually serves as the cover of the report but it looked so nice we thought we would share it with you (click to enlarge the image). Notice that in the first half of 2012 36% of email opens were mobile according to Knotice (pronounced notice).

What is even more telling on the eve of what should be the introduction of the next iPhone and the release of iOS 6 is that iOS devices are clearly the dominant mobile player when it comes to email. The figures below are hard to ignore (and see so just know that iOS outdoes Android opens 29% to 6%).

Email Clickthrough Rates Slip as Mobile Opens Rise

Most mornings, I begin my day by reading my email on my iPad. I give it a general perusal, delete the trash before it hits my Outlook inbox and formulate a plan for the day based on what I find there. It’s a relaxed way to ease into the day and for some reason 50 emails don’t look as daunting on the iPad as they do flooding into my computer.

For many others, mobile is a way of dealing with email on the go. Whether traveling for business or killing time between errands, mobile has made emailing an even bigger part of our daily lives. So much so that this past April, mobile eclipsed both web and computer as the top means of accessing email.