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Understanding The Next Generation of Consumer [Infographic]

While everyone is busy trying to reach the customer of today very few marketers afford themselves the luxury of examining of what the next generation of consumer is truly like. Is this a mistake or is something that can be adjusted to when the time comes? Sounds awful risky to just sit back and let the new wave of consumers come down the pike without a little prior planning.

Our Email Marketing channel sponsor, AWeber, decided to help folks out in terms of giving them some insights into the ways that today’s teens prefer to communicate. Since marketers need to go where the prospects are this can be important to know. The following infographic also has some analysis attached over at the AWeber blog.

How To Screw Up Email Like the Pros

This post comes from our Email Marketing Channel Sponsor AWeber.

Although it’s not a holiday, Friday the 13th has morphed into a very special occasion.

We get caught up in superstition, and the idea of bad luck and things going horribly wrong on one particular day almost seems rational.

But as marketers (and human beings), we actually screw up quite a bit. From minor errors to epic fails, none of us are immune — not even marketing rock stars.

Marketing All-Stars Have #FAIL Days, Too

If only we didn’t feel so isolated when those emails slip out with a glaring subject line typo or a missing call to action. Or go to the wrong list. Or simply fall flat.

Who better to console us than the marketing all-stars whose books and blogs we read?

That was precisely the thinking behind our Email Campaign Confessions project.

Pinterest Functionality Significantly Increases Email Open and Click Rates

Social media and email are like brothers. One is flashy and exciting and gets all the attention, while the other gets the job done with little fanfare or praise. I’m guessing you can figure which one is which.

To get the best of both worlds, Experian Marketing Services’ CheetahMail has added the hottest trend in social media to their old school emails and the results are pretty sweet.

Late last year, CheetahMail began adding Pinterest functionality to some of their email campaigns. With one (or a few) clicks, consumers could link products listed in a promotional email directly to their Pinterest pinboards.

In the case of Ballard Designs, an online, home decor store, the returns were significantly higher than previous campaigns without the “Pin It” icon.

Six Crucial Criteria for Email Marketers [@JayBaer Blog World Takeaways Remix]

This post comes from our Email Marketing channel sponsor, AWeber.

You probably know Jay Baer from his award-winning blog, (And if you don’t, be sure to visit and bookmark the site today.)

After attending Jay’s “12 Imperative Must Dos for the Serious Blogger” session at Blog World NYC, I caught up with him about several takeaway ideas for marketers and bloggers.

Later on, while reviewing my session notes, I noticed a number of Jay’s ideas applied just as well to email. So with all due credit to Jay, here’s my remixed version – “Six Crucial Criteria for Email Marketers” – drawn from his 12 imperatives.

Pinterest is the Fastest Rising Social Icon and Other Interesting Facts

If you want to know what’s happening in ecommerce marketing, all you need to do is crack open ExactTarget’s latest Subscribers, Fans & Followers report called Retail Touchpoints Exposed.

The report details the off-line, online, mobile and social media marketing efforts of the 100 hottest retailers. Today, we’re going to look at that last part and see what we can see.

At the start, it’s clear that social sharing is now a common factor in online marketing. 87% of the retailers promoted their Facebook pages and 84% promoted their Twitter account. Only 14%  displayed a Pinterest icon, but that number doubled in the time it took them to put their report together making it the fastest growing social icon on the web.

Marketing Pilgrim Welcomes Our New Email Marketing Sponsor: AWeber

We are very happy to announce the addition of AWeber as Marketing Pilgrim’s Email Marketing Channel Sponsor.

AWeber provides best of breed email marketing and social marketing services to bloggers, organizations and companies of all shapes and sizes. Serving over 115,000 customers, AWeber has over 15 years of experience in the space and that expertise is passed on to it’s customers.

If you are looking for an email marketing provider that will help move the needle forward for your business try out AWeber’s easy-to-use email software today for 30 days for just $1!

If you think it might be a good idea to connect with AWeber (we certainly think it is!) you can check out their blog, Like AWeber on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or even catch up with them on Google+!

We are excited to welcome AWeber to the Marketing Pilgrim sponsor family. If you would like to join AWeber, HubSpot and Trackur to our growing list of channel sponsors, contact us today!

So Email Marketing’s Dead? Don’t Tell HubSpot That

Everyone seems to be real quick to throw dirt on email marketing’s grave these days. Why? Because it’s not social media.

Well, not to sound blunt (although it will), that’s stupid.

If you need more evidence that email is indeed alive and well you should consider what HubSpot (a Marketing Pilgrim sponsor of our inbound marketing channel) has added to their suite of, you guessed it, e-mail. OK, so if a company that has managed to get over $65 million in VC backing (included in that is Google Ventures) and currently boasts just shy of 7,000 users of their inbound marketing tools decides to incorporate email into its offerings can it be that dead?

The Boston Globe reports