Friday Round-Up: 12 Days of LinkedIn, Instagram shopping and more

LinkedIn-HolidaysAreIn-Holiday-Card-2Congratulations – you made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I hope it was a profitable weekend for you. Now, it’s back to business as semi-usual as we count down the days until Santa’s arrival.

Speaking of counting down, LinkedIn is counting down in their own special way with the 12 Days of Content series. Each day brings a new resource for marketers including shareable marketing-themed ecards (like the one you see here), a list of the must read marketing books, even an infographic on how to rock the holiday party. Visit the LinkedIn marketing blog today to catch up then check the blog every day next week for more holiday goodies.

Trackur launches big data APIs, small price tag

senfluence-launch“Everybody’s talking Big Data, I don’t hear a word they’re saying….”

That’s how the song goes, right?

Well, if you’re SaaS developer you’ll be singing some kind of happy tune with news that Trackur is bringing its affordable APIs to more people. As chief bottle-washer, I’m pleased to share that we’ve today announced that our APIs for social media monitoring, sentiment and influence measurement will be available at

We made the decision to separate our APIs from our dashboard plans so that we can focus on building out API offerings that may not fit with our social media monitoring tools. At launch, Senfluence will offer two types of API:

  1. Full social media monitoring – give us a keyword and tap into millions and millions of fresh results via either JSON or XML

Tips for blocking SEMalt and botnet attacks

Bot attacksSUMMARY: Botnets are degrading Website performance and preventing real people from visiting your Websites.  Here is a brief update on the problem and some measures you can take to block one specific botnet operated by SEMalt.

You may know by now that the SEMalt “service” has been probing Websites with fake traffic generated by botnets.  The problem with fighting botnets is that they come from everywhere.  Many of the compromised nodes are Web hosting servers hiding in the cloud or in far eastern and European data centers.  We see them coming out of Africa, South America, and even New Zealand.  US military networks are compromised and rolled into the swarm every few months.


Download for FREE: The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

The Definitive Guide to Lead GenerationWhen I heard that marketing automation company Marketo had published “The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation” I was skeptical.

Everyone publishes the definitive guide to everything these days.

When I actually browsed through the 160-page ebook I was blown away. They really did produce the definitive guide to lead generation–and I’m not just saying that because they sponsored this review.

If you have less than 2 years in the marketing space, then you should grab your free copy today. I can almost guarantee that you will learn A LOT! Even if you’re long in the tooth, like me, you’ll be impressed with the in-depth advice contained in the guide–and will likely pick up a few new nuggets of info.

Which forms generate the most leads?

Which forms generate the most leads?

Forget what you’ve heard, the teens are still hanging out on Facebook

If you ask anybody who isn’t in the know, they’ll tell you that teens are leaving Facebook faster than New Yorkers fled the building after each Stanley Cup Final game. Today, Forrester Research says it just isn’t so. They did a study and named it “Facebook Dominates Teens’ Social Usage: Why The Sky Isn’t Falling On The World’s Favorite Social Network.”

I like that.

Forrester surveyed 4,500 kids between the ages of 12 to 17 and asked about their social media usage.

Facebook says you have to be over 13 to be on the site so I’m surprised by their choice to include 12 year-olds. They’re on there, faking their age so they can play games, but should they count in the survey? (Nit-picky, I know.)

If you’re reading this on a mobile device, thank a developer

“There are apps that improve people’s lives.”

Apple kicked off their developer conference this morning with an uplifting video about the power of mobile technology and even I can’t be cynical about this grandiose look at how far we’ve come and we’re just getting started.Well. . . they’re just getting started. According to CEO Tim Cook Apple has 9 million registered developers but what’s really impressive is that 70% of the people at the conference are newbies, combined they cover 69 countries with the youngest attendee only 13-years old.

That tells me that the future for developers is looking bright and beautiful.


It also means the future for mobile marketers is going to change, and fast, and again, even faster.

Image is everything: Gmail launches the promotions grid

Gmail is testing a new format that turns your promotions tab into a photo gallery. When the user toggles to the grid view, Gmail features a photo from the email along with a brand icon and the subject of the message.

Gmail Grid

Grid view looks like a combination of Pinterest and Facebook and new Twitter – guess the whole internet is moving toward this style. It certainly makes for more compelling viewing but then Gmail created a lovely demo page that works perfectly. What are the chances of the average box looking this good. What if a promotional email doesn’t have a photo or it only has a small photo. Where is that brand logo coming from?