Thank You
Today is my last day as managing editor of Marketing Pilgrim and it’s been a great ride.

As I hand the reigns of Marketing Pilgrim back to its founding father, Andy Beal, I just want to say thanks.

First to Andy. He’s a great guy and can put up with a lot of crap. I tested him often, trust me :-).

And thank you to:

– The advertisers who worked with me over the years. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to each of you.

– Cynthia Boris – she comes up with the ‘cool stuff’ consistently.

– All of the folks who have contributed to the content here at MP.

– Those of you who have tolerated my typos and bad grammar.

– Those of you who hated my opinions and points of view.

– Those of you who blindly passed along our content without ever reading it.

– The bots and automated posters who worked so hard to add value to our content.

– Those of you who took the time to comment on our posts. Thank you for adding to the conversation (most of the time unless you were really obnoxious, completely off point or just spamming about a dry cleaning business or greeting cards or whatever).

I will still be around writing from time to time if Andy is desperate.

In the meantime, I would seriously encourage you to consider reaching our audience with your product and/or service through whatever vehicles Andy will be conjuring up over the very near future. Our readers really are people who know the business and care about what’s going on. Oh and they make decisions to buy products (hint, hint).

Thanks again and I wish only the best for each and every one of you. God bless.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and God bless you all.

Rembrandt Nativity

Rembrandt’s painting of the birth of Christ.

Study: Over Half of Web Traffic is Fraudulent

Not exactly the good tidings of the season that Internet marketers want to hear but if you are surprised by this number then you may not truly understand the Internet.

A recent study from Solve Media puts Q3 web traffic in the US at a 51% fraudulent rate.


This quote from the CEO of Solve sets a pretty high bar for marketers that only those with deep pockets may be able to hit.

“As fraudulent web traffic in the US rises, marketers must defend their hard-fought budgets by investing with publishers that ensure their branding is being seen by actual people who can truly complete purchases,” said Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media. “With a verified audience, comes the guarantee that brand marketing will be effective online. As the market size of global display spending swells to $48.2B in 2014*, it’s a clear win for both publishers and advertisers to ensure audiences are human. To that end, we will see a rapid increase in investments made to protect audience integrity, as advertisers demand secure, verified engagements.”

Infographic: Face It, Ads With Faces Get Seen

Want your ad to be seen? Well, according to Sticky you need to put a face on it.

Don’t believe me? Well, infographics never lie, right?


Google Glass Finishes Year Strong – Wink, Wink

Google GlassI am not a Google Glass guy. May never be but if there is just one thing I have learned all these many years is that you should never say never.

For those of you who are part of the wearable Technorati and are looking for the next great thing maybe the updates to Google Glass that The Verge is reporting are for you.

Google is closing out 2013 in a big way for Google Glass users. December’s monthly software update adds several popular feature requests, including a new wink gesture for taking photos, full Hangouts support, and video uploading to YouTube. Google is also introducing a new way of securing Glass that it says is equivalent to a smartphone’s lock screen. Instead of entering a PIN (or pattern, as Android users are accustomed to), you can now choose to unlock Glass with a “secret Google handshake” that’s basically a sequence of taps and swipes.

To Be Effective With B2B Video, Tell a Good Story

Video can be a marketer’s best friend or worst enemy. Everyone is in agreement of the value of video. We are in a content crazy world (at least that’s what marketers believe although what type of content is delivered is often extremely questionable but that’s for another post) and that content machine needs to be fed.

The latest technique getting a lot of attention is the use of video. Video has been around since the beginning of the net but with the mobile experience becoming better and better there is a greater push for video than ever before.

Which brings us to just what is needed for effective video content delivery. Before I go any further I will add my two cents here by saying that having video that starts and blasts the audio before I want it to, is a fast track to me hating a product or brand. Yelling and screaming in the public square looks desperate rather than confident. Now back to our regularly scheduled information.

eMarketer reports about how B2B customers and prospects respond to video


Some insights from the eMarketer article

Gmail Offers a Picture Show

By the end of the early part of 2014 you will be able to view pictures automatically in Gmail across all platforms. So long, ‘always display images from’ type messages.

Images in Gmail

The Official Gmail blog tells us more

But thanks to new improvements in how Gmail handles images, you’ll soon see all images displayed in your messages automatically across desktop, iOS and Android. Instead of serving images directly from their original external host servers, Gmail will now serve all images through Google’s own secure proxy servers.

So what does this mean for you? Simple: your messages are more safe and secure, your images are checked for known viruses or malware, and you’ll never have to press that pesky “display images below” link again. With this new change, your email will now be safer, faster and more beautiful than ever.