Google Looks for More of Your Company With Cloud Services

google-logo1While Google’s IaaS (infrastructure as a service) offering going ‘live’ may not look like much of a marketing story it actually is.

First, understanding exactly what Google is doing with this new cloud offering might help with the context of this move.

PCWorld reports

After running the service in preview mode for over a year, Google is making its IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) Google Compute Engine (GCE) available as a full-fledged commercial service.

The company has established a service level agreement (SLA) where it guarantees GCE to be available 99.95 percent of the time. It has also cut prices and increased the number of options the service offers.

GCE “is a long-term strategic bet for the company,” said Brian Goldfarb, Google’s head of cloud platform marketing, adding that “we have an incredibly high bar for what general availability means.”

Should All Movies Promote Like ‘Anchorman 2′ Has?

If you are not aware of the impending release of Will Ferrel’s ‘Anchorman 2″ then you probably aren’t reading this post becasue it would mean that you are off the grid. In other words, promotions for this movie are all over the freakin’ place.

This will be a case study in how to (or maybe how not to?) promote a movie but it will not likely be anything that other movies could get away with in the future. Why? This fits Will Ferrell perfectly but would it fit Leonardo DiCaprio? Doubt it.

Here is one of the extremes that the marketers of this movie have gone to as Ron Burgandy shows up as the real anchorman of a local newscast in Bismarck, ND this weekend. Just the fact that this was done in Bismarck is funny enough for me.

Stay classy, Pilgrims.

Happy Thanksgiving from Marketing Pilgrim

This is one of our favorite holidays here at Marketing Pilgrim for obvious reasons.

We want to wish you all a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

Infographic: SMBs Getting This Mobile and Social ‘Thing’

SMBs have a more difficult time adopting all the areas they are told they ‘have to be in’ mainly because of resources.

That aside they are getting the hang of things. A recent infographic from BIA/Kelsey (hat tip to SAI) shows just how much these folks are becoming more social and mobile in their approach. Agree? Disagree?


Google Wants You ‘Walking In a Winter Wonderlab’ This Holiday

Winter WonderlabNexus ring!
Are you listening?
In the store, tablets glistening!
A beautiful sight
We’re buying tech right!
Walking in a Winter Wonderlab!

This holiday season Google has created pop up stores which they are calling Winter Wonderlabs (Now do you get the first few lines of the post? Sing along, it’s fun and oh so clever!). These stores will have shown up in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sacramento, Washington, DC and Paramus, NJ (yup, Paramus). The idea is to let consumers experience the full suite of Google ‘toys’ for the holiday.

You can even play inside a giant snow globe. Take a look.

A Veteran’s Day Thank You from Marketing Pilgrim

Here at Marketing Pilgrim we like to count our blessings. After all, our namesakes considered themselves blessed to come to a new land, so it makes sense.

In the US, on this Veteran’s Day we would like to simply recognize our readers and all other people who have served the United States in the armed forces in any way, manner, shape, or form.

Regardless of one’s political leanings we all need to recognize those who risk it all so we can remain free. It’s humbling to think that today’s armed forces sign up for service and are not drafted. This makes it even more amazing considering the hardships many vets and their families have endured as a result of their service.

Words often feel like they fall short in situations like this but it’s all we have. Thank you to all of our vets. We are indebted to you as a nation.

THANK_YOU veterans

Look! It’s a Data Center! It’s a Google Glass Store! It’s an ….. ‘Unprecedented artistic structure”

google-logo1Sometimes it’s more fun to speculate about a mysterious structure as to what we want it to be but when it turns out to be something else all together the yawning begins.

Such is the case with the floating pile of shipping containers that has been speculated upon for weeks while floating in the San Francisco Bay. Was it the mysterious floating data center that had been patented by The Goog years ago? If so, how would they get Internet connectivity to and from it? Would there be balloons? Oh my! What are those crazy guys at Google up to?!?!?!

Turns out, not much, unless you think this is a satisfactory end game for the structure. reveals

The barge portion of the Google barge mystery is only half the story — when completed, the full package is envisioned to be an “unprecedented artistic structure,” sporting a dozen or so gigantic sails, to be moored for a month at a time at sites around the bay.

Documents submitted to the Port of San Francisco show that the barge’s creators have big plans for the bulky box now docked at Treasure Island.

When it’s done, the barge’s backers say, the 50-foot-tall, 250-foot-long structure made of recycled shipping containers will be flanked by sails “reminiscent of fish fins, which will remind visitors that they are on a seaworthy vessel.”

Oh goody!

An artist’s rendition shows this: