We’re going to AD:TECH and giving away a free cruise for two!

AD:TECH NYC is next week and the Fortune Interactive team will be there to showcase our search and blog marketing services. We’ll be providing a demo of SEMLogic and giving away a FREE CRUISE to one lucky winner!

Stop by our booth and pick up a Fortune (Interactive) Cookie. If your cookie contains the message “Free Cruise Entry” simply make your way back to our booth (#1804) on Tuesday at 3pm. We’ll be giving away a free cruise for two (which includes food, drinks, gratuities etc), to one lucky AD:TECH attendee.

You can read more details in our press release just issued. I’ll be at the booth, so please stop by and say “hi”.

WebSourced to Restate Lower Earnings; Acquires Web Diversity

Mixed news from my former employer…

The SEC is asking them to restate earnings. Hopefully, this will signal the end to the declining PPS and see a rebound…hopefully.

The parent company is picking up Web Diversity – a UK PPC management company that will work closely with Mike Grehan and Smart Interactive.

I’m often asked about my thoughts of WebSourced. I think the THK board is doing a good job of getting rid of the dead-wood and shaking up the structure of the company. I’m still a lot more excited about what we are doing at Fortune Interactive, but I don’t think WebSourced will stay down for too long.

VerticalSearch Launches B2B Search

At MarketingVox, you’ll find details of VerticalSearch.com, a new B2B search engine.

Take a look at their interface, all they are missing is a smiling butler…wait, I know one that’s for sale.

AskMeNow Adds The Human Touch To Mobile Search

InformationWeek reports on the launch of AskMeNow, a search engine-type service that gives people the option of calling a toll free number to ask any question.

AskMeNow does not charge for basic questions, such as weather, stock prices, directory assistance, driving instructions or sports scores. Those are answered at no charge.

But ask for the closest French restaurant, or why the sky is blue, and the company charges 49 cents for each query. Carriers charge separately for downloading answers, which would fall under a person’s normal data service.

The company hopes to make money through advertising – sending one or two targeted ads with each answer.

Google Throwing Programmers at OpenOffice

Fresh from Enterpise Linux comes news that Google is helping to improve the open-source product, OpenOffice.

According to Chris DiBona, manager for open-source programs at Google, the current version of OpenOffice suffers from a few fairly large problems, such as a large memory requirement and a large download size.

Google plans to hire additional programmers to help the OpenOffice team with these and other issues.

iPorn Coming to a Video iPod Near You

Next time you’re on a plane and the guy next to you is staring intensively at his iPod, he may not be reviewing his Beck album collection – especially if new search engine Guba has anything to do with it.

According to Reuters

Guba is a subscription-only search engine that culls video files from the Usenet newsgroups, a huge repository of online content — much of it adult, pirated, or both.

Beginning this month, Guba will convert video files from Usenet into the format used by the iPod, known as H.264

“We can kid ourselves, but in the end it’s probably porn that people want,” said Guba Chief Executive Thomas McInerney. He noted that the site offers a “safe mode” to filter out adult content.

Microsoft Launches Web Software

Two new product announcements today from Microsoft…

The company will offer “Office Live” to help smaller companies grow and manage their businesses online. The service, which will initially be available by invitation only, will help companies build an online presence, automate key tasks and collaborate, according to Microsoft. It can be used separately or integrated with the Office suite of software used for applications like e-mail, scheduling, spreadsheets and word processing.

For consumers, Microsoft unwrapped a “Windows Live” service that combines tasks like instant messaging and e-mail and a service for creating Web logs. Among the new service’s features, users will be able to move information from one computer to another and can subscribe to a security service to help shield their PCs from viruses and other threats.