Paul Bruemmer Joins Bruce Clay, Inc.

Just announced, Paul Bruemmer is joining Bruce Clay.

When the music finally stops, we’ll all be sitting in different chairs! ;-)

Addicted to Adam Curry

If you’ve never heard Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, you owe it to yourself to tune in. It’s become a daily event to listen to it, even though I couldn’t honestly tell you what I get from it. It just works!

I’d love to listen to more podcasts, but haven’t really found anything else of interest. Anyone recommend a good show?

Google’s Strategy For Competition? Make Everything Free

Over at the WSJ, Kevin Delaney looks at how Google is quickly dominating new markets by offering products for free. By subsidising with AdWords, Google is able to wipe-out competition by offering products, such as wi-fi in San Francisco, for free.

Google’s announcements in recent weeks indicate that the company’s online advertising network could have a far-reaching impact on companies whose businesses are outside Google’s traditional turf. In effect, the tremendous revenue stream Google enjoys from ads subsidizes its entry into new lines of business, which in turn can generate more ad revenue. Some industry executives point to voice calling, cellphone service, console videogames, premium TV programming packages and digital music as areas where Google or its partners could supplant fee-based services with free, ad-supported ones.

Chris Pirillo Launches

eWeek has details of Pirillo’s launch of a kind of meta search engine using RSS.

Instead of plugging in a URL for a search engine, then visiting each page in search results, visitors can merely type in their search term as a subdomain with “” at the end.

What results is a savable, transportable URL whose results are constantly refreshed, as the search results are returned in RSS feeds.

Yahoo Launches Blog Search

CNet has a good summary of Yahoo’s new blog search tool.

The search tool unveiled on Monday separates blog headlines from other headlines, displaying them in different columns. By clicking on “all blog results,” users can find photos related to their search from Flickr, Yahoo’s photo sharing service. They may also find relevant material from Web sites they’ve marked as favorites via user-generated tagging.

Jobs In Search Adds Audio Recruiter Interviews

Mike does a great job with Jobs In Search and today they’ve launched a new audio recruiter interviews feature. What does it do?

“…job seekers can listen to interviews with either the Recruiting Manager or a Recruiter. This enables them to find out more about the recruiting company, their current vacancies and, for example, what it is like to work in their department.”

Zunch Management Leave to Start Kinetic Results

Kevin Newcomb jumps on the news that pretty much all the Zunch management have left the company to start Kinetic Results.

Why did they leave?

Kinetic Results gives the official reason for the exodus as “significant philosophical differences.” Zunch’s CEO says the departures came as part of a streamlining of the business following recent growth.

They stole my reason!!! ;-)

The article goes on to highlight my departure from WebSourced…

Andy Beal, former VP of marketing at WebSourced, packed his bags in July to launch Fortune Interactive late last month.

In other parallels, Beal also cited philosophical differences with his former employer, and the need for more flexible search firms. Fortune Interactive plans to explore several niches within search, including the use of blogs and RSS as marketing channels. Fortune will also focus on providing premium customer service.