Oodle Brings Online Classifieds to Raleigh-Durham

Oodle continues to add new markets to their online classifieds search engine. Today they add my neck-of-the-woods, Raleigh.

Time to buy a “lovingly-used” golf club! ;-)

Search Engine Marketing Experts Andy Beal and Michael Marshall Launch Fortune Interactive LLC

Andy Beal is no longer associated with Fortune Interactive. View Andy’s consulting services.

It’s been more than two months since I left WebSourced, but today I can finally reveal my next venture. Fortune Interactive.

I’ve pasted the press release below and the News & Observer has additional details. Thanks to all my friends and peers for their support and encouragement. I know that you hate me again – now that I am a competitor once more. ;-)

Search Engine Marketing Experts Andy Beal and Michael Marshall Launch Fortune Interactive LLC

Search engine marketing agency utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence; makes customer satisfaction top priority

Agency SEO Kicks Butt of In-House SEO

Lee Odden points to the latest MarketingSherpa report on search marketing and highlights a compelling stat.

There’s some pretty compelling data regarding outsourcing your SEO as well. For SEO, overall site traffic lift six months after optimization was:

Agency optimized 110% increase
In-house optimized 38% increase

Direct Email Opened Less but More Efficient

The NYT reports on a new study by DoubleClick that suggests that commercial email recipients are becoming more selective.

…statistics in August showing that consumers were opening direct-marketing e-mail messages less often than last year, but were more likely to end up buying products if they clicked on the links in such messages. (The data, gathered from several billion messages, compared the second quarter of 2005 with the same period in 2004.)

Anyone know the net effect? Did the increased conversion rate balance out the decreased open-rate?

PubSub Launches New Tools

ClickZ has details on new services from PubSub.

PubSub is today expected to unleash a new site ranking tool, called LinkRanks, that measures the “strength, persistence, and vitality” of links pointing to and from a given Web site.

Additionally, PubSub has begun an effort to compile lists of influential Weblogs by category, which could be of use to media buyers and planners eager to buy advertising in blogs.

Google Talk the First Step to Index Voice Files?

Charlene Li peeks into the future of Google Talk and sees a very useful application emerging.

…think of the real-world applications, ranging from cheaper call center management (there’s some software today that does this, like Witness Systems and VoiceLog), to eliminating the need to keep detailed notes from conference calls. My personal dream application: archiving all of my voicemails and being able to search through them, just like my emails.

The potential is huge. Imagine being able to search transcripts of Presidential addresses, the TV interview with your favorite movie star or even being alerted whenever someone on NPR mentions your company. You can get that now, but only after some unfortunate soul has typed it all up.

A Closer Look at The Long Tail and Vertical Search

AlwaysOn has Wired editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson, discussing how The Long Tail model applies to vertical search.