Google Names Digital Capitals of Each State

ecitiesGoogle has identified what they believe to be the digital capitals of each state. Why? So we can argue over their choices, of course.

The Official Google Blog tells us

Given the importance of the web in growing our local businesses and our local economies, we worked with independent research firm IPSOS to analyze the online strength of local businesses in cities and towns across America. Businesses in these communities are embracing the power of the web to find new customers, connect with existing ones and fuel their local economies.

So did your town make the list? Why should it be there instead of the one that ‘represents’ your state?

eCities Listed 2013

Here in North Carolina I would not disagree with the choice of Cary. I bet some in Boston might take offense to not getting the nod in Massachusetts. How about Carlsbad, CA? What’s the matter San Fran? Losing your edge?

Go ahead and give us your choice and why.

Oracle’s Ellison on Google’s Page: Not a Fan

Oracle Android BattleBack in May Google won a significant court battle with Oracle over their use of Oracle tools in their Android OS. The result was basically that Google didn’t infringe on any of Oracle’ patents. So rather than getting a multi-billion pay day via the court system, Oracle got, well, nothing.

Time to move on, right? Well, not if you are Oracle’s oracle, Larry Ellison. The man who owns most of an Hawaiian island (in other words, he has A LOT of money) is still bitter over his perception of how Google is doing business.

In an interview with CBS’s Charlie Rose, Ellison let’s his feelings be known. Here is the transcript from CBS (hat tip to Business Insider).

Online Beats Dollar, Drug and Department Stores for Back-to-School Shopping

Since Deloitte started producing their Back-to-School survey in 2009, online has hovered around the 17% to 20% mark with shoppers. It was the eighth most popular place to look for clothes, school supplies and needed tech but not anymore. This year, online claimed the third place spot with 36% of parents saying they plan to hit the internet for deals this year.

making the grade


Specialty clothing stores are also up in popularity while Dollar Stores took a significant hit. The move away from discount stores doesn’t mean that people are willing to spend more. They plan on spending more, but they don’t see it as a choice. 34% said they expect to spend more because prices are higher than last year and – here’s a sad fact – because school supply budgets have been slashed leaving it up to parents to make up the difference.

Google Play Updates Web Store to Match Android Version

While it may not seem like such a big deal on the surface, the change that Google has made to the web version of its Play store indicates something about Google that is gaining momentum.

The store now has the more playful (pun intended) look that most of Google’s Android apps have taken with the use of colors and simply being more visually appealing, not to mention easier to navigate and actually find what you are looking for.

The new main page looks like this and was announced in a Google+ post

Google Play Store Web Redesign

Interestingly enough, what we are seeing from Google in a design sense is a simpler more consistent look that is a little flat but it’s effective. Considering some of the screenshots that have been shared about the new look and feel of iOS 7 could it possibly appear like Apple is going to mimicking Google’s design elements? Now that would be a switch for sure and likely to knock the world off its axis.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July

Pilgrims in the States have a day (actually a long weekend for many) of time away from the stresses of the every day world to celebrate Independence Day.

Enjoy your time with family and friends, stay safe and think, even for just a moment, about the price of freedom.

See you tomorrow!


Your Chance to Win an iPad Mini Extended Until July 7, 2013

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If you have not yet had a chance, we have good news for you. We have extended our drawing until July 7th! Fill out the survey now and the iPad Mini may be yours by the end of this week. :-)

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Google Groups Gets Update

Google Groups Screen ShotInternet confession time. I didn’t even realize there was a Google Group’s old version so today’s update is less of a “Oh that’s nice” and more like a “Oh crap another thing I am not an expert in!” moment.

At least I admit that I don’t use every possible product, service, gadget or whatever is in the busy Internet marketplace. I have used Yahoo! Groups in the past but I couldn’t tell you if that still exists (does it?).

At any rate, it really doesn’t mean diddly whether I do or don’t know anything here because for those who use Google Groups you are now moving forward with the new version whether you want to or not. From the Official Gmail Blog we get