Negative Comments on Unpublished Facebook Page Posts…Good or Bad?

facebook-icon 1Being Facebook advertisers, we all know a lot of social community managers and know what’s on their minds. Recently, many have been asking about negative comments on unpublished page posts, one of the newest (and best-received) advertising options on the platform.

Since the introduction of unpublished page posts on the newsfeed (more on how they work here), there are a lot more chances to see advertisements that some people want to comment on. Some comments are negative; some are positive. They range from totally necessary customer service requests to absolutely weird statements on the nature of the universe.

So, what are we as advertisers supposed to do about them? Are they negatively impacting a brand’s image on Facebook? The answer is of course that we don’t totally know yet. It’s both yes and no. But the quality of the comments – the relevance of the comments – does tell us something valuable about our targeting.

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Most Serious Mobile Concerns Around Navigation, Screen Sizing and Forms

On occasion I get a report that is ‘pitched’ to me that is really well worth the read.

Today, that report comes from Econsultancy in association with IBM Tealeaf. The report titled “Reducing Customer Struggle 2013″ covers a lot of ground. Too much in fact for one post so I cherry picked one piece of data that might be either reassuring (as in “Phew, we are not alone!”) or upsetting (as in “I want that problem to go away now!”) to those concerned with the mobile aspect of your company or brand.

Apparently, some of the biggest issues of the mobile space are regarding navigation and screen size with an increasing level of concern around filling out forms on a mobile device (which usually sucks for me at least). Not a surprise but it is something that needs to be brought to the forefront so that it can be handled by the industry. Personally, I can’t tell you how many times poor mobile navigation or improper sizing has hurt my experience with a brand.

Here are the most serious issues the companies see facing their customers in the mobile space according to the findings.

Econsultancy Most Difficult Mobile Issues

Google’s Project Loon Attempts to Bring Internet to World via Balloons

When I see something like Google’s Project Loon I realize to what degree I am not an engineer.

The idea behind the effort is to bring Internet connectivity to remote parts of the world using a series of balloons and bunch of other stuff. How can that happen? We get this from the Official Google Blog

We believe that it might actually be possible to build a ring of balloons, flying around the globe on the stratospheric winds, that provides Internet access to the earth below. It’s very early days, but we’ve built a system that uses balloons, carried by the wind at altitudes twice as high as commercial planes, to beam Internet access to the ground at speeds similar to today’s 3G networks or faster. As a result, we hope balloons could become an option for connecting rural, remote, and underserved areas, and for helping with communications after natural disasters. The idea may sound a bit crazy—and that’s part of the reason we’re calling it Project Loon—but there’s solid science behind it.

Want to see some more? Check out this video

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[Infographic] Nielsen Shows Digital Formats Dominate How Consumers Get Media

Who Uses What Digital MediaIn May Nielson produced the U.S. Entertainment Consumer Report (hat tip to Adweek).

The report gave some insight into who has the ways and means to consume certain content and to what degree. An overview of the report tells us.

According to Nielsen’s U.S. Entertainment Consumer Report, consumers in households earning an average annual income of $66,000 account for more than 70 percent of spending on entertainment—things like books, video-on-demand and music. And not only did the survey find that these high entertainment spenders have more discretionary income than low or moderate spenders, they also participate in more entertainment activities. This group is also more likely to be female, ethnically diverse and have young children in their household.

The following infographic gives an overview of these various formats. One that caught my eye is an almost 18% increase of music purchased on vinyl. That’s pretty cool (yes, I am old enough to remember vinyl being the ONLY way to get music and, as folks like Neil Young points out often, it sounds SO much better than today’s digitized music).