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looking for a jobSearching for your next great job? Looking for that perfect person to fill your open position? Don’t forget to check into the Marketing Pilgrim Internet Marketing Job Board.

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Have you seen the new listings this week (as of May 17, 2013)? Here is a sampling:

Media, Marketing & Mobilization Director – Alliance for Climate Education – Oakland, CA

SEO Marketing PPC Specialist – Vigilant Technologies – Troy, MI

Sr Online Marketing Manager – AT&T –¬†Bothell, WA

Square Stand Making Payments Easier and Cooler for Merchants

Square is a revolution in the way that merchants of all sizes (but especially the smaller ones) take payments for their products and services. Even in the little town I live in I can count several ‘main street’ merchants using the Square system to make their payment processing direct and easy. You pay on what you process and there are no extra hoops to jump through etc etc.

The one trouble has been that the process can be a little less than quick for any variety of reasons. It can be somewhat clumsy depending on the user. There’s is nothing worse than the panicked high school kid at the register having trouble processing a payment and looking at an impatient line of customers. I feel sympathy for them (in most cases) but there are many others that feel scorn and impatience. Don’t misconstrue this. It doesn’t happen much with Square but it can just like any other payment processing system.

So what has Square come up with for an improvement? Ta-da! The Square Stand.

Square Stand

Slate tells us more.

The Line is Blurred Between Work and Home, But Workers Still Say Email is a Blessing

I respond to almost as much business email at 10 in the morning as I do at 10 at night. I always assumed this was a freelancer issue – when you work from home you’re always at work.

But a new study from GFI Software shows that even 9-5 office workers answer email at night. . . and on the weekend. . . while on vacation. . even at funerals!

check work emailOutside of regular work hours, six out of ten workers say they check email once a day. 12% check in “real time” which I assume means they have some kind of alert set to let them know there’s a message.

SNL Gives Google a Kick in the Glass With Parody

The folks at Saturday Night live have jumped onto the “let’s give Google Glass users a VERY hard time” bandwagon.

Here is their skit that makes the Google Glass owner quite interesting to say the least.

Are you a Google Glass owner? Does this give your new worldview its proper due? Whether you own a pair or not what is your take on this new form of ‘computing’ or whatever it is?

Upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns Using Google’s New Adwords Upgrade Center

Google Adwords Upgrade Center 2Google really wants you to upgrade to their enhanced campaigns quickly. It has nothing to do with them making more money or anything. It’s all about the advertiser ;-).

From their Inside Adwords blog

Enhanced campaigns help you reach people with the right ads based on their context – including location, time of day and device – without having to set up and manage several separate campaigns. For most advertisers, upgrading is a simple 3-step process. Already, advertisers have upgraded more than 1.5 million campaigns and seen strong results.

While many Adwords users might disagree it is the way of the future. Here is the Inside Adwords explanation of the new upgrade center followed by a screenshot which is a bit hard to see but you get the idea.

Follow the Signs to the Marketing Pilgrim Job Board

april job-searchHave you checked into the Marketing Pilgrim Internet Marketing Job Board this week? If you are looking for a new job right now then check it out here.

If you are looking for that perfect hire you would be hard pressed to find a better audience than ours for just $27 / per month per listing as well. Find out how to list your openings here.

Have you seen the new listings this week (as of April 19, 2013)? Here is a sampling:

Public Relations Manager - AppliancePartsPros.com – Encino, CA

Senior Marketing Communications Manager – CrowdFlower – San Francisco, CA

Pay per Click/SEM/SEO Specialist – DriveStaff Inc. – Lake Zurich, IL

Marketing Coordinator – Shenandoah Studio LLC – Philadelphia, PA

New Facebook Logo Appears. You Like?

Not sure what to say about this kind of ‘news’.

Let’s just chalk it up to branding and a day where ‘news’ in the online space means little.

The ‘news’ is that Facebook has changed their logo a little. Here is the old (on the left) to the new (on the right).

Facebook Logo Change

Stunning, huh? Have a good weekend.