Google Reader Goes Away But Email Is Here To Stay (We Hope!)

emailBy now you have heard that Google Reader will be retired on July 1, 2013.

This may be a great time to get back to the basics. We agree with many of the experts in the space, like the folks at Copyblogger and Chris Brogan in that this is not the end of the world, just an inconvenience. It’s time to get resourceful.

So what’s the solution? If you are using Google Reader to get your Marketing Pilgrim news and information you can do one of two things.

  1. Sign up for our Marketing Pilgrim email updates
  2. Switch RSS readers
  3. (this list from Econsultancy is pretty comprehensive)

We don’t like that Google reader is going away either but you can be sure that we are staying put. So find another way to stay on top of the latest industry news and get a little opinion smattered throughout.

Would You Be Surprised If Andrew Mason Survives the Latest Bad News from Groupon?

Teflon ManIt’s not as if we haven’t had enough time to make a decision about Groupon as we have watched it go from overnight sensation to hyped-up sensation to over-hyped sensation to IPO to a dramatic stock tumble to yesterday’s awful performance reports. No one is likely to be surprised by this fall from grace.

What has to surprise many is that CEO Andrew Mason has survived every last bit of this. He has been held up as a golden child on the way up to an immature kid during the fall. However, like a cockroach surviving a nuclear blast he seems to crawl from every bit rubble that Groupon leaves in its wake.

Yelp Calls Mobile ‘A Bit of a Game Changer’

yelp appLast month, consumer review site Yelp hit a milestone – for the first time ever, they had over 100 million unique visitors in a single month. That number doesn’t include the 9.4 million unique users who accessed the site through Yelp’s mobile app.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, CFO Robert Krolik said,

46% of all Yelp searches originated from our app, and that’s of course, a direct consumer relationship. Somebody has already got the Yelp app on their phone, they’re hitting it and kind of going into Yelp and performing a search there. . . So while we’re still happy to have traffic coming from Google or whatever search engine, we’re seeing mobile as being a little bit of a game changer.

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Google Gets Funny As The Internship Movie Trailer Is Released

This looks like fun. Let’s pray that the trailer isn’t all there is to the movie but that’s a chance I bet more than a few digital marketing types will take.

If only this could really happen but, hey, stranger things have happened. I think ……..

Google’s Matt Cutts Addresses ‘Unnatural Links’ Concerns

For the SEO’s in the audience since it’s best practice to pay attention to what Matt has to say.

Happy linking! Or ‘unlinking’. Or ‘delinking’. Whatever. Good luck.

New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Make Display Ads More Relevant

AdWords has just pulled the wraps off their new Enhanced Campaign program and it’s pretty special if you can figure it all out.

The basic premise is this: people searching the same keyword have different needs depending on the time of day, location and the device they’re using.

The example they use is takeout pizza.

new adwords

This young couple has just moved into their new home so they don’t have the kitchen set up and they don’t know the area. The man uses his PC at home (apparently they do have wireless hooked up) to search for pizza delivery. He gets an ad for Saratoga pizza with a direct link to order online.