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Does Google Tell A Better Story for Businesses Than Facebook?

I saw this ad for the first time today while I was doing something I NEVER do which is watch Face the Nation (I am usually at church but am under the weather in case you care).

All I could think about is how Google’s ecosystem is truly built to help businesses from soup to nuts. Even with Google+ being a question mark (and a big one at that), it’s hard to see a business thinking that Facebook can do more for their business than Google.

Is it an either/or or a both/and situation in the Google vs. Facebook business war? What’s your opinion?

Marketing and Measurement: Still Not So Perfect Together

Marketing executives and those that they badger for information still today often walk away frustrated from the problem of accurate and actionable measurement of campaigns of all sorts. Marketers used to be able to hide behind vague metrics like eyeballs and overall demographics of whatever medium they were using. The imperfections of the measurements were accepted and everyone just went along their merry way because you have to advertise to do business, right?

Then along comes the Internet and promises of hard numbers to help marketers make better and more targeted efforts that can be measured down to the nth degree. They can be measured but many are finding even those measurements fall short. eMarketer reports on a study conducted by Ifbyphone and their “State of Marketing Measurement Report” shows that marketers still feel many offline options are more measurable than online.

Research Says Social Media is NOT the Place People Get Local Business Data

The Pew Research Center through its Internet and American Life Project has released a study called “Where People Get Information About Restaurants and Other Local Businesses“. It can be a bit of an eye opener when it comes to the perceived pervasive sharing about social activities by using social media.

The chart below shows where people go to get information about local businesses other than restaurants, bars and clubs.

The news for social media is only slightly better when you include bars, restaurants and clubs in the mix with only 3% of the respondents saying social media does this job for them. Any time you see the words in a column saying “to small a group to give reliable statistics” you have to wonder about the impact of that area.

Marketers Plan to Invest More in Social Media and Email

With the end of 2011 nearly upon us, it’s time to take a look at 2012 and from here, it’s looking pretty nice.

StrongMail has published the results of their marketing trends survey and we’ve got it all right here. The most encouraging sign is the fact that 92% of businesses surveyed said they plan to increase or maintain their marketing spend.

For those planning to increase, email was awarded the biggest bonus with 60% of respondents saying they’ll increase spend in that area. Social media was a close second with 55%.

But take a look at mobile. Only 37% said they’d be spending more marketing dollars in that area and that’s both surprising and not. Surprising, because mobile is one of the fastest moving trends in both marketing and for consumers. With so many people turning to mobile to shop, it’s an avenue that has to be explored if a company wants to stay current.

HubSpot Rolls Out Marketing Grader Service

Sure HubSpot is the sponsor of our Inbound Marketing channel but this would have been news anyway.

The Cambridge, MA company that now has over 5,000 businesses using their SaaS (software as a service) inbound marketing software system has developed and introduced a new free tool called Marketing Grader to do more than just analyze your website’s performance. The idea is that while your website is important there is so much more to the Internet and social media marketing cycle. The new Marketing Grader service takes a look at a company’s online marketing on a broader scale.

From the press release

Internet Marketing, It’s Easier Than You Think

Earnest Hemingway once wrote a complete, compelling story in just six words:
“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

A great museum’s curation is defined not only what’s inside, but what’s also left out.

A solution should be as simple as possible, and no simpler.

20% of the work gets 80% of the results.

The Problem With Marketers Marketing Themselves

I’ve been taking a close look at our industry these past few months. As I looked at Ontolo’s marketing tools, the marketing tools of our competitors, and the marketing content that’s pumped out on a daily basis, I began to notice something peculiar…

As you know, value is interpreted, in part, by the difficulty of the task. The more difficult the task, often, the more valuable it is to get the task done.

Is Social Listening More Valuable Than Your Message?

We hear this all the time. People want to be heard. That’s why social media is taking off like it is. Even the Godfather of social, Mark Zuckerberg, talks this way and he is betting Facebook’s future on this desire for people to share and even overshare, if that’s what it takes to be heard.

If being heard is so important then why does a recent study show that many companies that are involved in social media aren’t placing listening, and the incumbent response, as one of the highest priorities? eMarketer reported on a study conducted by MarketTools and found the following with regard to companies hearing and responding to customer complaints. First a look at whether or not companies even THINK that their customers complain online.