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Is Content Marketing Better Than Advertising?

The social media marketing movement has the marketing world reconsidering everything and that’s a good thing. While progress is usually a good thing, it can create some friction that didn’t exist previously thus giving marketers fits.

One area where that has truly taken hold is content marketing. The idea alone is not new but the development of the discipline is. As a result, many marketers are recognizing the importance of content marketing as a whole. In fact, Econsultancy and Adobe’s first Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing (NOTE: No money to MP if purchased) points that out.

Nice Work Online Marketers! Now You’re Killing the US Postal Service!

It wasn’t enough to help put the newspaper industry in its place was it? Nope!

Now, the online marketing industry has put the US Postal Service on the skids and the Postmaster General, Patrick Donahoe is even predicting a very new look for mail delivery in 15 years or so. The following quote comes from an interview with USAToday

Asked about the long term, Donahoe said, “At some point, we’ll have to move to three” days a week of mail delivery, possibly in 15 years.

Yikes! So why are we reporting this? Well, we are called Marketing Pilgrim after all and it’s important for marketers to consider and fully understand how the best mix of effective traditional marketing techniques and the right online marketing options will help drive sales. Do you really believe that only the online space will be used for the foreseeable future? (Please say no).

Marketing Executives Talk Social Media Strategy Then Don’t Deliver

Maybe it’s simply marketers doing what they are most accused of when they talk about their products. You know the deal, hype the heck out of some aspect of a product or service to move it even though it may not deliver as promised. Not exactly a trust building way of doing business but if it creates good numbers for a quarter or two it’s a win, right?

What seems to be happening is that marketing executives are talking about creating social media strategy out of one side of their mouth while saying it’s not a priority out of the other. eMarketer reports

CMO’s Have Digital Work Cut Out For Them

Marketers at the highest levels are busy trying to nail down marketing in the digital era and it appears that many of them realize there is work to do. This should be no surprise from folks who have often been removed from the day to day but have come back around to realize that unless they roll up their sleeves to some degree, the digital era will pass them by and not even blink.

The CMO Council and Deloitte and Touche have released a report, which outline some of these concerns. You can purchase the full report (no money to Marketing Pilgrim) or get the free executive summary. Here’s a glimpse

What’s Facebook Afraid Of?

I remember back in the dark ages before there was this new fangled Internet thing, there was a grassroots campaign by a company that dared challenge one of the dominant players in its industry.

It was in Boston and that company that dared challenge the dominant player was Ben and Jerry’s. These two hippies from wherever took on Haagen-Dazs (My apologies on the brand spelling. Due to my typing deficiencies this is an umlaut free blog) which, at the time was owned by Pillsbury. Pillsbury was trying to muscle the new kid on the block from freezer space in stores in New England at the time. They were telling their distributors and stores to get Ben and Jerry’s out of the market. Not smart.

Fantasy Inbound Marketing

OK, we are getting close to football season. I know there is a threat of losing some precious NFL season as the millionaires v billionaires lameness carries on but let’s put that aside for now. Let’s imagine everything is right with the world.

If real football is around the corner then so is fantasy football. It’s the place where every NFL fan who ever said “I can do a better job putting together a team than that general manager!” gets to try to do just that on some level. Of course it’s limited but it’s fantasy so we just play along. Founder Experiments With Google+ Bump

We are early on in the days of Google+ but the gamesmanship is already well underway. People are jockeying for position. Robert Scoble continues to try to prove that he is the most important person in the world and others are looking for early Google+ leverage.

One interesting use of the service comes from Paul Allen who is the founder of Why is this important? Well, I have noticed that during my TV time recently I have seen a significant number of ads running. They ain’t cheap I suppose.

So Allen looks like he is trying to see how much “interest” he can conjure up through his count of Google+ getting to the 10 million user mark. His effort has landed him at the top of the Techmeme ladder at the time of this writing.