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HubSpot CEO Calls for Marketers to Stop Renting Now!

If you think that HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan, is advocating home ownership for marketers this post will be a disappointment. If you are interested in seeing this marketing visionary’s view of what marketers should really be doing for success then, by all means, read on.

So you are aware, HubSpot is a Marketing Pilgrim sponsor of our Inbound Marketing channel. Despite that, when I had the chance to talk to Halligan about his and his company’s view of the future of marketing, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I can say that I came away thinking a bit differently about marketing in general. In a day and age where expert advice consists of many people saying the same things over and over despite not necessarily knowing what they are saying, talking with Halligan was refreshing. Simply put, he gets it.

13 Quotes of Note From SMX London

SMX hit London this week and Marketing Pilgrim writer Gareth Davies was on hand to capture 13 of the most notable quotes by this year’s speakers. So here they are.

1. Why does page speed matter?

“Because Google has announced – let’s make the web faster”

Richard Baxter – Seo Gadget

2. Twitter advertising

“Promoted Tweets with no targeting cost…$80,000 a day!”

Martin Macdonald – OMD Group

3. Bing

“Bing sucks at broad matching. Don’t expect Bing to recognise broadly matched synonyms like Google”

Daniel Ruby – Chitika

4. FaceBook

“Facebook exists to keep people on Facebook…they only give lip service to Bing”

Daniel Ruby – Chitika

5. Bing/ Yahoo traffic

What Does Social Media Really Do? [Chartoon]

Some of the fun we have here at Marketing Pilgrim is getting people riled up about something in the Internet marketing universe.

Last month our own Cynthia Boris reported on data that was produced regarding web visits from social media. Of course, since we have all graduated from the “It’s Not the Content, It’s the Headline That Matters!” school of journalism the post was entitled “Under 1% of Web Visits Come From Social Media“. That was simply a statement from the findings but not necessarily our position. Not everyone saw it that way, ;-).

One of those folks was our Inbound Marketing Channel sponsor, HubSpot. They even took the time to get very creative about the mini-storm this headline generated and created this ‘chartoon’ (that’s a chart and a cartoon for you folks squinting right now). Take a look.

New York City Aims To Be Top Digital City

The city that never sleeps is looking to make sure that those folks will have something to do online while they stay awake 24/7.

Being originally from the tri-state area I am a bit surprised that the city has not made a push to claim this title sooner. But not to be outdone, New York spent 90 days to put together a very comprehensive report of where the city is digitally.

Only organizations that are actually serious about their online efforts take the time and resources to fully access where they currently stands first. It looks like NYC is determined to do it right which is refreshing in the world of “jump in and figure it out later” which we currently live in. It’s worth a look to peruse the entire 63 page document that was produced by the city for the public to see.

SMB’s Have Their Marketing Worries Backwards

You can’t walk down the block anymore without stumbling over a study that combines a version of the truth with the PR of a company. The latest target has often been the SMB market as everyone and their distant cousin is trying to get attention for their efforts to cage this elusive animal.

The latest study comes from Constant Contact which is an e-mail marketing company. So we’ll give you three guesses at which is the most effective way for SMB’s to reach their customers and prospects and the first two don’t count. Did you guess e-mail marketing? You get a gold star!

Marketing Pilgrim Welcomes HubSpot As Our Inbound Marketing Channel Sponsor

We are excited to announce HubSpot as our new sponsor for the Inbound Marketing Channel at Marketing Pilgrim.

We are partnering with HubSpot to bring our readers great Inbound Marketing information to help them stay on top the many facets of the increasingly complex world of inbound marketing. HubSpot joins our SEO channel sponsor SEOmoz and Trackur who currently sponsors our Reputation channel.

At Marketing Pilgrim we are looking to partner with world class organizations like HubSpot for other news and information channels like PPC, social media, web analytics, Internet law, mobile, local, search industry news and more.

HubSpot Gets Cash Injection from Google, and Sequoia

As the SMB Internet marketing space continues to heat up (at least for those willing to dive in) the need for services continues to grow. One of the leaders in the space is HubSpot which was founded in 2006. As part of that continued growth they are announcing a Series D round of funding of $32 million that includes participants like Google Ventures, and Sequoia Capital.

The HubSpot platform was initially designed for the SMB website that is basically starting from scratch in the online space. Over time it has gone through several iterations with pricing and delivery so offerings are now being provided on small, medium and large scale sites. Of course, with over 40% of small businesses not having a website even today, there is plenty of room for growth for a software as a service (SaaS) delivery like HubSpot’s to help the SMB market with a variety of online marketing needs. The press release tells us a bit more.