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A Millennial by any other name would still smell as sweet to a brand

Millennials MatterBorn between the early 1980s and 2000? Remember Italia ‘90 or USA ‘94 as your first soccer World Cup? Born in a time when mobile phones replaced landlines as the phone of choice? Let alone could access the internet, or fit in the pocket of your jeans; and when Jurassic Park was about as advanced as cinema got? Well then you, dear reader, are a Millennial. But maybe you don’t identify with such a label? Perhaps you are familiar with ‘Generation Y’, the obvious follow-up to ‘Generation X.’ Or maybe in your country you are familiar with another bucket term.

Elevating customer experience: what every CMO needs to know

perfectionThe days of building your brand solely through carefully-crafted marketing campaigns are long gone, and in this brave new world, every Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) needs to move cultivating a stellar customer experience to the very top the to-do list.

What that means is that every channel, every touch point and every interaction must work in tandem so that ultimately you communicate one essential message: Our customers are what matters most.

Of course, the entire c-suite plays a role in this synchronicity, but as CMO, it’s your job to take the lead in defining your customer journey. You’re responsible for elevating the brand by strengthening relationship (both internal and external) fostering loyalty and encouraging advocacy. And in order to do all that, you need to fully recognize that consumers – and their expectations – have changed . . . dramatically. For example, today’s consumers are:

4 Reasons Why Every Agency Needs to Offer an Inbound Marketing Assessment

inbound marketing assessment stethoscope (1)Nothing comes from a poorly matched client-agency relationship except a whole lot of wasted time, pent up frustration, and a laundry list of lessons learned.

Most agencies get fired because they shouldn’t have paired up with a client in the first place. The relationship went sour because expectations weren’t properly set during the sales and onboarding process.

Luckily, there’s a way to prevent an impending client-agency breakup: conduct a proper assessment at the very onset of the engagement.

A proper inbound marketing assessment combines:

  • an audit of the prospect’s current marketing efforts
  • and a conversation that allows your agency to both educate them on the benefits of inbound marketing, and ask them the probing questions to uncover their marketing goals and challenges.

[Infographic] What Makes A Top Marketing Executive?

Top Marketing Executive PreviewMarketing executives are an interesting bunch because the field is one where a very broad spectrum of capabilities is needed to do the job well. It’s hard to be an introverted tech guy if you are a marketing executive, so you have to be a people person as well as technically aware etc.

To sum it up, when painting the picture of what it takes to be a top flight marketing executive you need to use a rather broad brush.

The folks over at The Content Strategist brought a graphic to our attention that comes from Killer Infographics. As with all infographics you need to bring your critical thinking skills to the table to measure whether the information, while graphic, is also accurate.

Check out the full infographic below.

How One SEO Agency Grew Their Revenue by 3,597% in Three Years

3597Nope, I didn’t make that number up—online marketing agency digitalrelevance (previously branded as Slingshot SEO) really did grow their revenue that much, that fast. Here’s how.

Aaron Aders, Jeremy Dearringer and Kevin Bailey were high school buddies in the late 1990s who used to design websites for lunch money. After going their separate ways for a few years, they reconnected professionally to form Slingshot SEO, an SEO-focused agency in Indianapolis.

They originally focused their efforts on traditional SEO services—90% of their work consist of technical website optimization. But then came the Google updates. Between Google 2009’s Caffeine, 2011 Panda and 2012 Penguin updates, the search engine giant had fixed many of the problems Slingshot SEO was trying to solve for clients. Aaron Aders, Co-founder and Market Research Director, explains, “Those three updates changed SEO forever because they overcame the search engine’s major shortcomings. We realized we couldn’t create relevant brands for our clients without expanding our definition of SEO”. With their business model quickly becoming obsolete, Aders and his team had to rethink their strategy.

Would You Give Up Your Personal Data for $25 Dollars?

“Every consumer has a price, which is good news for marketers.”

And according to Rodney Mason, CMO of Parago, that price is $25 dollars.

Parago just released a report called “Time is Money“. It’s all about a person’s willingness to participate in a marketing activity and at what price.

what would you do for money
Fork over $25 bucks (or a product worth more than $25) and most people will be happy to try your product and even respond to a smartphone survey. But the further you get into “sales” territory, the quicker the percentages begin to drop.

I am surprised to see how many people were willing to participate in a presentation or get an in-home quote. In both cases, it’s not just a matter of giving up an hour of your life, you also have to deal with the stress of being pressured to buy something you probably don’t want.

10 Ways Inbound Marketing Drives Results This Month

calendarThe idea of Inbound marketing comes along with very specific expectations – getting found, getting leads and closing sales. The beautiful aspect of inbound marketing is that you can make changes to your marketing execution right now and see results today, tomorrow and next week.

That being said, inbound marketing is a long term play, the longer you do it, the better the results. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint and you need to be constantly marketing. You should never consider marketing finished. You should never “take a break.” Do it every day!

However, there are real improvements that can be made today that will impact your results in a positive way all through the rest of the year. Here are 10 of the best ways to use inbound marketing to drive results this month: