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5 Places You Lose People on Your Landing Pages

parachute landingGetting traffic to your site is half the battle.

However, even after people have taken the time to open your email and click through on your call-to-action, you can still lose them at the landing page. What makes this loss all the more painful (#marketerproblems) is that all of the steps it took someone to get to the landing page underscore just how much they’re interested in what you’re offering. They are 80 percent there and yet they come to a stop. It is precisely this snag that leads good marketers to test and retest their pages for optimal conversions. Here are some common at risk spots for losing your potential leads.

1 – Confusing Headers

Latest CMO Survey Results Reveal Integration of Social Media Continues to Lag

Professor Christine Moorman of the Duke University Fuqua School of Business has been putting together the CMO Survey since 2008 and it is a fascinating look at how chief marketing officers are evolving as the business world, and marketing in particular, changes at an increasingly rapid pace.

Normally we give you the highlights of the survey which is released every February and August but this year Prof. Moorman put together this great video hitting the highlights. Take a few minutes to watch and listen. It will be time well invested.

Check out the full results of the CMO Survey to get even more insight into how those at the top of the marketing food chain see the overall business and marketing landscape.

B2B Marketers Still Concentrating on Web Basics

Ever notice how quick the online marketing industry is to race to the next ‘big’ thing without ever quite completing the mastery of the previous next big thing?

It’s probably the least endearing quality of the industry since it ends up leaving a lot of disillusioned folks in its wake but that’s the price of progress, I suppose.

One group that has always been viewed as lagging behind is the B2B marketer. Based on findings from a BtoB Magazine study as reported by eMarketerthis group is focusing their sites most in 2013 on the most basic of elements; their websites.

Digital Marketing Techniques B2B

SPONSOR: 20 Marketing Predictions for 2013 and Beyond

Our Inbound Marketing Channel sponsor, HubSpot, is at it again. The content producing machine has now come out with their “20 Must-Know Marketing Predictions for 2013 and Beyond“.

HubSpot knows a little something about marketing trends since they started the inbound marketing trend when the company came together in 2006. Since then they have amassed over 7,000 clients using the HubSpot marketing automation suite that was recently given a major upgrade.

Get your free copy of this report today and visit HubSpot to learn more about how they can help a business turn the Internet into a true sales machine.

Sponsors: and HubSpot Present SEO Crash Course Video Series

Although this doesn’t happen we are excited to see that two of our sponsors, and Hubspot have teamed up to make an SEO Crash Course video series.

We are excited because here at Marketing Pilgrim we like working with the best of breed with regard to our sponsors. With being the sponsor of our Search Marketing channel and HubSpot sponsoring our Inbound Marketing channel we feel pretty fortunate to have these two top names in search marketing and marketing automation tools working with us.

The three parts include different data for different levels of expertise.

Google Fiber Goes Live in Kansas City

We have tracked the Google Fiber story since the times that Google was accepting applications to the choice made for Kansas City, KS to be the first city to get Google Fiber to the addition of Kansas City, KS to the troubles of installation to now the final delivery.

Let’s just say it has been interesting to watch and it will likely make many jealous when they hear that the users of Google Fiber are getting an average of 600-700 mbps out of the gate which drops off to a mere 200 mbps through wireless. I want some, how about you?

The whole thing has created some interesting circumstances like the story from Ars Technica about someone who is investing in start-ups in the new Google Fiber Zone. Uses Advertisers’ Blogs As Part of Ad Package

Local Internet marketing is quite a puzzle for most businesses and even for most publishers. Display, while effective in certain ways, is usually not enough to get the point across for many businesses. Most small local businesses (and even large ones looking to reach a local market) have stories to tell that won’t fit in a display ad.

It’s for this reason that is rolling out a new program called Insights. It’s a neat idea of taking real content from advertisers in the form of promoting blog posts in order to help readers jump right into the conversation with advertisers because they are being exposed to real information that could help them. It could also help them make a decision to do business with the advertiser, errrrr, I mean blogger. Well, you get the picture. Take a look at this video to get the idea.

Is this the first program of its kind that does anything like this?