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Some Cross Channel Marketing Troubles Attributed to Staffing

Cross channel marketing is one of those subjects that is SO easy to throw around in a conversation about marketing but when you get down to the actual execution of the different facets of it things get a little less easy.

A recent study from ExactTarget and Forrester called “The Keys to Successful Cross Channel Marketing” gives us a look into the struggles that marketers encounter in trying to truly execute and measure the success of cross channel marketing efforts.

The study looked at marketers in companies of $100 million plus in revenue and it found that 78% of those surveyed feel cross channel efforts are important or very important to their business. Other major findings include

SPONSOR: How To Use Facebook For Mobile Marketing

Social, local, mobile. SoLoMo. Or is it SoMoLo? Aw, heck you get the point.

This is the new trifecta for business in the online space. Considering the current state of social it is impossible to ignore the behemoth of the social space, Facebook. Our Inbound Marketing channel sponsor is a pretty smart bunch of folks and they have put together a guide for you combining two of the three called “How To Use Facebook for Mobile Marketing

So if you have ever wondered what some of the best tricks of the trade are regarding the use of Facebook in your mobile marketing efforts this FREE ebook is probably a good place for you to be.

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HubSpot Raises $35 Million Mezzanine Level for Hiring, International Expansion and Acquisitions

Marketing Pilgrim’s Inbound Marketing channel sponsor HubSpot is firing on all cylinders these days. With over 7,000 customers worldwide and a vision for expanding well beyond where they are today, HubSpot is making this happen through living out a mantra to create marketing that people will love (see video at the end of the post).

The latest evidence of the success and the trust from investors that the growth will continue is the announcement of a $35 million mezzanine level investment. HubSpot is also giving a peek into the private companies plans as they report on 3rd quarter results. A few of the highlights are

  • Mezzanine proceeds will be used for hiring, international expansion, and acquisitions.
  • We’ve been methodically preparing systems and staff to operate “as if public”

Holiday Marketing Campaigns Hitting Full Swing

It’s that time of year. Depending on who you are that could mean a lot of things. As a father of a Pop Warner football player it means “Playoff Time!” (Go Wake Forest Titans JPW Lightning!) but this is a marketing blog. OK, so let’s talk about holiday marketing.

According to a study conducted by BIGinsight for and reported by eMarketer, this week is the week where many marketers are getting under way in earnest.

That’s a good thing since another study for the National Retail Federation (NRF) shows that about 60% of the shoppers do their holiday shopping from November on.

5 Key Signals That Your Leads Are Ready to Buy

This is a guest post by Sarah Goliger, an inbound marketer at HubSpot. HubSpot is a marketing software company based in Cambridge, MA that makes inbound marketing and lead management software. HubSpot is also the sponsor of Marketing Pilgrim’s Inbound Marketing channel.

If you’re generating leads for your business, you should know that roughly 50% of those leads will not be ready to buy immediately, according to Gleanster Research. What can you do, as a savvy inbound marketer, to convert more of those leads into customers? The answer is lead management.

By nurturing them with content that is closely-targeted to their needs and interests, you can educate your leads and pull them through the initial stages of the buying cycle until they are ready to be handed over to your sales team. But how do you know when a lead is ready for that first sales call? With the latest analytics tools and lead management software it’s easy to track behavior on your website and collect data that will help you make smarter marketing decisions.

Here are 5 B2B buying signals you should look out for and specific actions you can take to increase your sales.

Study of 7,000 Businesses Shows Impact of Blogging on Traffic and Leads

Our Inbound Marketing Channel sponsor, HubSpot, has released a study that looks at the 7000 businesses (Marketing Benchmarks for 7000+ Businesses) that are currently using the HubSpot marketing automation suite of tools and found that blogging, yes that old school activity, generates traffic and leads for both B2B and B2C marketers.

How much you ask? Take a look at this information regarding the number of posts and traffic for sites when taking into consideration company size.

So size does matter, huh?

Another look at traffic measurements as it relates to B2B and B2C marketing

So traffic is nice but when it comes to businesses and their websites, leads are the true measuring stick. So what happens with leads in these situations? Interestingly enough the little guys are the ones that get the most leads even if their traffic numbers aren’t as robust as the big boys.

Internet Summit 2012 in Raleigh Nov. 6-8

This year we are proud to once again be a sponsor of one of the fastest growing and well attended Internet conferences around, The Internet Summit.

This year’s even happens in the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC (no kidding right?). If you haven’t signed up already there still is time as the event takes place from November 6-8. If you are local to Raleigh you can cast your vote early on the 6th and head straight to the Convention Center to concentrate on really important things like search marketing, social media, content marketing, analytics and much more.

Interested? Then REGISTER NOW!

Sone of the speakers include

Sarah Lacy
Founder & Editor in Chief

Brent Herd
Director of Southeast

Frederick Townes
Senior Technical Advisor

Tim Sullivan
President and CEO