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SPONSOR: Free Facebook Stat and Chart Ebook

Our Inbound Marketing channel sponsor HubSpot has produced another great free Ebook titled ‘47 Handy Facebook Stats and Charts

There is an incredible amount of information flooding the market about Facebook. Ever since the company’s IPO the changes have been fast and furious. Once you feel like you have a grasp on what Facebook is doing the target moves. As Mark Zuckerberg and crew try to find ways to wring revenue out of the close to 1 billion account holders this trend will likely only accelerate.

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For Travel, Users Prefer Apps to Mobile Web

For travelers the smartphone becomes even more important than it usually is. On the go folks aren’t as prone to carry around a laptop and be slave to a Wifi connection especially when a smartphone can deliver the data they need just about anywhere and at any time.

But when it comes to how they get their travel information on the go there is a very strong leaning to using travel apps vs. the mobile web. Nielsen found that it is actually 95% of the time that apps win out over the mobile web. But that is not true across all travel categories.

So what apps dominated? Here you go.

HubSpot’s New Platform Aims for Larger Businesses

HubSpot (disclosure: Inbound Marketing channel sponsor for Marketing Pilgrim) has carved a very strong niche for itself in the Internet and social media marketing world. Over the past 6 years the company has grown aggressively to now serve over 6,000 customers using their SaaS (software as a service) delivery model to help create and manage marketing activities that help small and medium businesses get the most from their online efforts.

Starting today, however, HubSpot is now going after larger marketers with a new offering. The Boston Globe reports

Cambridge software maker HubSpot Inc. will release a completely overhauled version of its online marketing platform at the company’s annual user conference Wednesday, which is drawing about 2,800 customers and marketing professionals to Boston’s Hynes Convention Center for three days.

SPONSOR: Google+ for Lead Generation

Google+ isn’t going anywhere. Hate if you will but if you are simply saying that Google+ will never be Facebook, you are right but you’re right about the wrong thing.

Google+ is getting traction and it is getting traction at a pace that is fine with the incredibly deep pocketed Google. With its move from Google Places to Google+ Local, Google has found a way to ensure that adoption goes up because now any business that ignores Google+ is hurting itself due to potential SEO implications.

Strong handed? Call it what you will. Sounds smart to me.

At any rate, our Inbound Marketing channel sponsor, HubSpot, has produce a FREE ebook called “6 Ways to Generate Leads with Google+”. If you are interested for your self or your clients this is a good read.

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WEBINAR: Alignment Between Sales and Marketing is Key to Success

Are your company’s marketing and sales efforts in alignment? Are they working in union or are they operating in separate silos?

It’s widely recognized that companies who make the effort to intentionally foster the relationship between sales and marketing through marketing automation tools or other means perform better than those who don’t.

Then why don’t many still do it? Well, it’s not as easy as you think.

Our Inbound Marketing Channel sponsor HubSpot will be addressing this critical issue in a webinar with Salesforce on August 16, 2012 at 1pm EST called “5 Steps to Establishing an Effective Sales & Marketing Methodology”


Join Linda Crawford, SVP & GM of Sales Cloud at and HubSpot’s CMO, Mike Volpe as they explore this important area of marketing.

This free 60 minute offering may be one of the best ways to spend your valuable time. In it they will explore how to:

SPONSOR: Free eBook Helps Attract Customers With Facebook

Facebook is in the news a lot these days. The stock is falling, executives are leaving and constant product updates keep everyone clamoring about the group from Menlo Park, CA.

Lost in all of this sometimes are the people and businesses that actually USE Facebook. You remember those people. Regular folks who like to keep up with friends and businesses who try to reach them as they go about their Facebook business.

Our Inbound Marketing channel sponsor, HubSpot, has put together a a new, free eBook to help you learn exactly how to attract customers using the service that nearly 1 billion people on the planet use today.


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Guide on How To Use Pinterest for Business [Sponsor]

Have you started using Pinterest for your business yet? Wondering if it makes sense to even consider doing so since there are so many options in the marketplace for your marketing efforts?

Why not take a look at what our Inbound Marketing channel sponsor, HubSpot, has created to help navigate this potentially strong avenue for your marketing efforts? “How To Use Pinterest for Business” is a free ebook that gives you insight into this social marketing phenomenon. In it you will learn

  • How Pinterest works and top reasons you should be using it
  • How to create a Pinterest account and grow followers
  • How B2B & B2C firms use Pinterest for lead generation and sales
  • Examples of how real-life businesses leverage Pinterest for growth

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