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Understanding The Next Generation of Consumer [Infographic]

While everyone is busy trying to reach the customer of today very few marketers afford themselves the luxury of examining of what the next generation of consumer is truly like. Is this a mistake or is something that can be adjusted to when the time comes? Sounds awful risky to just sit back and let the new wave of consumers come down the pike without a little prior planning.

Our Email Marketing channel sponsor, AWeber, decided to help folks out in terms of giving them some insights into the ways that today’s teens prefer to communicate. Since marketers need to go where the prospects are this can be important to know. The following infographic also has some analysis attached over at the AWeber blog.

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Oftentimes marketers will struggle with getting the most out of any social network. Since LinkedIn stands apart from other social efforts because of its professional focus there can be even more questions about how to best leverage the great audience LinkedIn represents in order to benefit your business.

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What Is A Brand Advocate?

The most desired yet often times most elusive type of customer that any marketer wants is a true brand advocate.

It’s that person is someone that is not simply acquired. They are an earned and genuine fan. Of course, that’s the way it really should be since buying someone or paying them isn’t advocacy. That’s just promotion and flimsy promotion at that.

Social media agency, Zuberance, recently did a report which looks at what they refer to as three surprising things about brand advocates. From the “I’ve gotta be honest here” department I will say that I wouldn’t find these things as surprising. Interesting, yes but not a shocker. Of course, would you look at an infographic that was titled “Three Things You Probably Were Might Already Be Aware of Regarding Brand Advocates”? Asked and answered. Enjoy.

The 7 Pillars of Personalized Marketing

This post comes from our Inbound Marketing Channel sponsor, HubSpot.

In marketing, we talk a lot about personalization. Get to know your leads, provide them with materials that will help solve their specific problems, always strive for relevance. Well, this all seems easier said than done. You have a whole list of prospects – are you really supposed to get to know each one of them before you send out an email? Well, not exactly. But there are some things you can do, even with a massive list, to make your marketing more personal.

In a recent Forbes article called The 7 Pillars of Connecting with Absolutely Anyone, Scott Dinsmore explains that “Personal relationships run the world,” and lists seven simple ways to build strong connections with others. Not surprisingly, there’s a great parallel between Dinsmore’s suggestions for making friends and the best techniques for personalizing your marketing. Let’s take a look at his list:

YouTube’s Top Partner Channels Performing Well

As if we needed another indicator that video is something most, if not all, marketers should be paying attention to, right?

Nielsen started to measure the streaming output of thousands of YouTube partners in May of this year and their findings show that the top of the list brings YouTube some rather serious traffic. When looking at the chart below do remember that YouTube as a whole gets about 136 million unique visitors a month from the US who stream some 16 billion videos.

So what should this be telling you as a marketer? Hopefully not that you need to start to stream music videos to get attention for your brand since many of these top performers from Nielsen’s findings are doing just that.

IBM Study: The State of Marketing Hinges on the Relationship Between CMO and CIO

With the rapid pace of change of virtually everything these days, marketers can attest to this accelerated pace of learning and adjusting just about better than anyone. Actually there may be one area of business that is experiencing change at much the same rate, if not faster, and that’s those responsible for the technology side of the ledger.

IBM has been examining the state of marketing an the result is their new study called, fittingly enough, ‘The State of Marketing 2012‘. This information combined with a study that was done back in November of 2011 makes it clear that in order for CMO’s and CIO’s to succeed moving forward their needs to be an unprecedented air of cooperation. The chart below shows just how reliant CMO’s are on technology of all sorts

Getting More From Facebook [Infographic]

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a resident social media scientist like our Inbound Marketing channel sponsor, HubSpot does in Dan Zarrella?

You could check in with him in his lab, with all the beakers and tubes that contain smoking and bubbling liquids of various colors. Then you could ask him a question like “What are some of the things we should know to get more likes, comments and shares on Facebook?”

Then you let the scientist do his sciencey (yes I just made that word up, thank you) kinda things and after some unexplained explosions and the like you get a nice infographic like the one we have for you today.

So what does it take to get these elusive things? Click through to check out the results. Then get back to your own lab quickly to start using these findings to grow your business.