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43 Facebook Pages Have Over a Million Fans and Other Interesting Facts [Infographic]

What has 4,177,653 Facebook followers, 245,839 Twitter followers, 1,018 YouTube subscribers, 294,467 Google+ fans, but only  67 followers on Pinterest? *

The answer is! Those combined numbers landed them in the number one slot on Campalyst’s Top 250 Internet Retailers on Social Media index.

The index is proof that not all social media is created equal and that’s a good lesson for everyone. Amazon is rocking Facebook, but there are more than 50 companies on the list that beat them on YouTube. As for Pinterest, no one is pulling astronomical numbers but several companies are created a nice little fanbase there.

Social Media Salary Guide [Infographic]

One of the most interesting exercises anyone can undertake is discovering their worth in the marketplace. It can be an exhilarating or frustrating experience depending on which end of the marketing you happen to find yourself.

Onward Search has put together a neat infographic using data from to show the salary range of social media types in top markets in the US. While we hope this experience is fun for you we also understand if you want to go have a sit-down with your boss after reading it.

Let us know if you think these figures are accurate or what you see in a market that is not listed. Click “Continue Reading” to see the full infographic.

Online Privacy Tips [Infographic]

Online security and privacy will always be an issue. There is nothing that will put an end to the need for paying attention to the state of your personal or corporate online security. Nothing.

It’s a cat and mouse game that is simply between the good guys and the bad guys. There are bad guys online just like there are in every walk of life. I have seen anyone or any organization who has been able to eradicate bad guys anywhere so the expectation that it is “under control” in the Wild West world of the Internet is dangerous.

While we may roll our eyes at yet more tips regarding online privacy, it’s that very attitude that will ultimately ensure more victims. So if you don’t pay attention and you get hit don’t cry about it. You know better.

When Facebook Attacks [Infographic]

I spent much of my Christmas holiday trying to clear a virus off my son’s computer. It was the worst one I’d ever seen. Like a monster from one of those Syfy original movies, it kept growing and mutating, blocking every move I made to try and destroy it.

How did he get the virus? Good question. The usual suspects come to mind; file sharing, clicking on suspicious links, hanging online with an unsavory crowd. Turns out getting a virus, or worse, having your identity or credit card information stolen can happen through no fault of your own.

Commtouch just released their quarterly Internet Threats Trend Report and though spam is at a three-year low, Facebook attacks are on the rise. Before we go any further, can we just rejoice in the fact that Commtouch counts Zombies as part of their report.

Winter Sports Fans Like to Check In, Are Marketers Paying Attention?

As marketers we often have to pay attention to areas of life that we ourselves have no interest in. Many people get turned off when we talk about sports but guess what? Whether you, as a marketer, watch or not is COMPLETELY irrelevant. If your market is there you better be there as well no matter what your personal peccadilloes.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, many marketers are just beginning to understand the power of getting in front of the sports fan while they are at the event or anywhere for that matter. Sports fans, it turns out, aren’t all beer chugging galoots (how the heck to you really spell that anyway?). In fact they are, gulp, social media savvy! This goes WAY beyond beer advertising and Cialis as well. Check out this poll from Coyle Media and see which winter sport attracts real social media users.

Tablets and the Future of News

News drives content more than anything else on the Internet. You can see 5000 barley different variations of “5 Easy Steps to X” or “The Top 10 Ways to X” but news is ever changing, new each day and the opinions attached to it are what make it an interesting read. It is the king of content in many ways.

It doesn’t only have to be news around events that should be considered. If you think about it, all sharing in social media is about news. Whether you are telling relatives about what the kids did, you are announcing where you are, have been or will be or any other update, in essence you are reporting about things. It’s all news.

So we were happy to see the people at the Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism put together an infographic based on a study that examines the impact of the tablet on the news space. Enjoy and let us know what your take is on their findings. (please excuse some of the picture distortion which was necessary to fit the infographic into the Marketing Pilgrim format).

Facebook Missteps and Failures [Infographic]

Sometimes it can feel like a bit of a hobby to point out the relative shortcomings of Facebook. If you ever want to see just how much time some people have on their hands just watch the comments after Facebook posts a service update either on their blog or their company page. Rarely do people talk about the update. Instead they use it as a platform to complain about what they feel is wrong with the social media giant.

Since these occurrences have happened quite a bit over the years, Wordstream has taken the time to put together an infographic to share many of the sources of the angst and other unkind feelings Facebook’s many starts and stops have generated over the years.