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Google’s Biggest Gamble [Infographic]

There was some serious debate as to whether this particular infographic would see the light of day here at Marketing Pilgrim.

It’s an interesting study on the power of information as a way to promote your business. You see, the infographic is very compelling and the title “Google’s Biggest Gamble” fits well with Google’s apparent roll of the dice in the purchase of Motorola Mobility for $12.5b.

So what’s the downside? The infographic was created by an online casino. To be very clear, we are not promoting or condoning online gambling. The whole industry and its legality is a political hot potato. What is interesting though, is the power of information to promote whatever it is you have to promote.

So check this out but remember that we appreciate the data but are queasy with the source. What’s your take? Can you “pretty up” an otherwise controversial subject by providing a strong presentation of data that many would find interesting?


How Folks Are Using Twitter [Infographic]

We are always interested in opposing views. Last week we posted about how some have found that Twitter may have more bark than bite.

Now a survey conducted by Lab42 and shared over at Mashable paints a a more interactive picture of Twitter users. Granted it’s just 500 users but hey, in this day and age who needs more than a few responses to draw conclusions about what works and what doesn’t? Take a look.

Voltier Creative

Top 14 Infographics for Internet Marketers

Last year, Andy Beal did a post giving our readers a glimpse at the top Internet and social media marketing infographics he found.

So my question is: Why mess with success? Here is an updated list for 2011 with many great infographics from around the web including an updated version of our Infographics Channel sponsor, Voltier Creative’s “DIY Infographics Production.”

Enjoy the list and give the gift of infographics to your peers. They’ll love you even more than they do now!Be sure to click on the Continue Reading link to see all of these great sources of Internet and social media marketing information.



Is Silicon Valley Pay Really THAT Much Better? [INFOGRAPHIC]

I get that finding out that you may not be making at much at your job as others is not the best way to kick off a Monday morning at work but at least you have a job, right? And for those of you looking there is hope out there but would running off to Silicon Valley to chase a “dream job” be worth the effort?

This infographic created by Focus and shared by SAI gives some insight into the harsh realities of how that Silicon Valley salary matches up to other areas of the country. If for nothing else, take a look at the rent and home price comparison to make you kiss the ground you are working on (at least for today). Note: We put a little extra focus on the marketing money for you to see right away.

The DIY Guide To Infographics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s face it. Infographics are cool. They can take a lot of information and put it into a format that is often easier to understand and, even more often, just more fun to deal with.

Inofgraphics are rapidly becoming a marketing staple for companies of all sizes. Every business, from the multinational technology giant all the way to the corner ice cream shop, has information they can share with customers and prospects alike that will go a long way to helping that person connect with the business on a more meaningful level.

And, to be honest, people just like pictures. So while many love infographics, not nearly as many know how to make them. That’s why we have put together the DIY Infographic Production Guide infographic. Enough words already! Enjoy!

Owning Your Local Presence Online [INFOGRAPHIC]

One thing that many people forget is that, in many cases, your business ultimately is a local business in the online space. Unless you are a pure online play people expect something more than just the usual e-mail dance to have contact. Many times, I use the example of IBM. Sure it’s a corporate behemoth but if you search for IBM with a local qualifier in Google there is likely to be a place page for a location if it exists in that city. IBM a local company? C’mon! Well, in a way yes.

A leading local Internet authority, Mike Blumenthal, has put together a VERY comprehensive infographic about the local presence and how search and social play together to form it.

Web Equity Infographic

What Keywords Fuel Google’s Machine? [Infographic]

Everyone knows that Google practically prints money in Mountain View due to its dominant position in paid search advertising.

Often times though it’s interesting to look into just how this comes about. Wordstream has put together an infographic that does just that called “Where’s Google Making Its Money?”. Here is a taste. Be sure to click through to see the rest of the data.