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The End of the Wallet? [Infographic]

Whenever I hear about these kinds of proclamations regarding the end of anything I go back to the bold prediction of the paperless society. Trees still cringe when they hear that one (which begs the question “If we say that to a tree in the forest does it mean it was said?” Think about it.)

Anyway, in our effort to bring you some interesting infographics from around the web we thought we would share this one from G+ (no not that one) via Mashable which looks at the future of the wallet. If smartphones have anything to do with it, it looks bleak for wallets and better for cows (that’s a reference to less leather being used, get it?).

Here is a preview. Be sure to click through to see the rest of the infographic.

Google’s Product Graveyard [Infographic]

This is by no means a prediction about Google+.

In fact, if the initial reviews (which are mixed but with some heavy hitters buying in pretty big) then maybe, just maybe, this list won’t include the latest social effort from the search giant.

For now though, it is interesting to see just how much experimentation the Goog has done and they haven’t been afraid to fail! And to show the continued pace of product flameouts, just this past weekend Realtime Search was shelved (it is supposed to be back we just don’t know when) and now Wonder Wheel meeting a more permanent fate.

This infographic from our friends at Wordstream shows just what kind of product wreckage Google has experienced.

5 Steps to a Killer Linkbait Campaign [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wonder what it takes to put together a successful link bait campaign? If you have any experience you probably can tell everyone a few things about unsuccessful ones.

Truth is, linkbait campaigns aren’t easy mainly because the order of the day is to wing it and see what happens. That is usually the most expeditious way to get the campaign done but that doesn’t ensure success. In fact, it keeps the possibility of success of the campaign quite low.

Check out this infographic from our Infographics Channel sponsor Voltier Creative. It’s just 5 straightforward steps. You can do that, right? Happy linkbaiting and be sure to check out Voltier’s capabilities for your infographics needs.


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When Peter Met Deborah: LinkedIn ID’s Power Names [Infographic]

OK, you know it’s slow in the world of Internet marketing when we interrupt your regular reading schedule with a ginormous infographic that tells you what’s in a person’s name from a business perspective.

Hey, it’s marketing so every little bit of data counts…..right? (via Business Insider)

Facebook Grabs a Whopping 44% of “Shared” Content; MySpace Declines 27%

If you are working today then, let’s be honest, you’re not really working. Right?

It’s the day before New Year’s Eve and your mind has already checked-out. So, rather than an in-depth, verbose post about how internet users are sharing online content, how about some eye-candy from AddThis instead?


Yahoo Unveils Top Searches Lists for 2010

It’s that time of the year again where year end lists happen before the end of the year so we are left to wonder just how accurate they are. Throw in the added bonus on this list, which lends the question “For what are people actually using Yahoo search for and does it matter to the business world anymore?” and there is something to at least think about.

So, drum roll please for the Top 10 searches of 2010 on Yahoo (bingahoo? Ya-so-soft? Microhoo?) and there is the cymbal crash. The list please….

1. BP oil spill
2. World Cup
3. Miley Cyrus
4. Kim Kardashian
5. Lady Gaga
6. iPhone
7. Megan Fox
8. Justin Bieber
9. American Idol
10. Britney Spears