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Google Posts Belgian Ruling on Website – Round 5

Take a close look at the site, that will likely be the most text you ever see on a Google homepage, as Google complies with a court ruling to post the entire text of the judgement.

Google Loses Belgian Court Appeal – Round 4

It looks like Google has lost its appeal to overturn a Belgian court ruling requiring the company to publish, in full, the first court ruling. Follow that?

Google plans to continue its appeals.

Google Fights Belgian Ruling – Round 3

While Google has complied with part of a recent Belgian court ruling – removing news stories from Belgian publishers – it’s fighting the requirement to display the court ruling, in full, on its homepage.

“We can confirm that we have lodged an opposition [to the ruling],” said Caroline Coesemans, an attorney for Stibbe, a Brussels-based law firm representing the US Internet giant.

“We argued that posting the link on the home page in Belgium is unnecessary given how much publicity this court case and the judge’s decision have received,” Google spokeswoman Rachel Whetstone said.

It does seem a little petty of the judge to ask Google to post the ruling in its entirety. Surely a link to the ruling would suffice.

Google Ready to Battle Broadband Providers

If broadband providers such as AT&T and Verizon get their way and are able to charge more to carry unaffiliated content or guarantee connection speeds, look for Google to keep a close eye on them, so reports Reuters.

Google is just one of dozens of net companies hoping the government will take action to preserve what is being called “Net Neutrality”. Recent attempts to protect net neutrality were narrowly rejected and this has caused Google’s Vint Cerf to fire a warning-shot across the bow of broadband companies.

If the legislators … insist on neutrality, we will be happy. If they do not put it in, we will be less happy but then we will have to wait and see whether or not there actually is any abuse…If we are not successful in our arguments … then we will simply have to wait until something bad happens and then we will make known our case to the Department of Justice’s anti-trust division,” he said on Tuesday.

Net Neutrality Backed by Google, Amazon, eBay and Many Others

The issue of “Net Neutrality” comes to a boil over the next week as phone and cable companies push Congress to allow them to set up preferred internet networks, while big internet businesses, including Google, are fighting back.

Last Chance for Google Porn?

According to CNet, a federal judge has ruled that Google’s image search feature likely violate U.S. copyright law because it displays small thumbnail versions of the images.

It looks like Google is in hot water because of two particular features.

First, the search company apparently receives AdSense advertising revenue from some of the photo-pirating sites, and second, Google’s image search has an option for mobile phones.

That latter feature means that you can get the same content, that Perfect 10 (the claimant) sells as monthly subscription to mobile users, for free.

Google did win one key point…

[U.S. District Judge A. Howard] Matz said that the “framing” feature of the company’s image search, which displays a thumbnail of the image above a rendering of the original page, did not directly infringe Perfect 10’s copyright.