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Did You Move? Yahoo’s LocalWorks will Correct Your Address All Over the Web

yext missing listingAccording to a 2012 study by Yext, $10.3 billion in annual offline sales are potentially lost from missing or incorrect information online.

In my own travels I’ve seen profiles with old addresses, wrong phone numbers and dozens of mentions with the wrong hours. If your Google listing says you’re open until 5 on Sunday and I come at 4 and you’re closed, I’m not coming back.

The upside of the internet is that information spreads quickly. The downside of the internet is that information spreads quickly. If you move to a new location, updating every company mention on the web is impossible. But now, thanks to Yahoo, you can make a dent in the bad data.

Google’s Local Search Carousel Comes to Desktop

Local search, especially for restaurants, is getting much more interesting as Google rolls out its local search ‘carousel’ to desktop search. It is available in English in the US only for now.

Basically, how one ranks in the carousel will be the new ‘victory’ for local search. The post on Google+ announcing the update tells us

Starting today, when you search Google for restaurants, bars or other local places on your desktop, you’ll see an interactive “carousel” of local results at the top of the page.

Give it a go—type or say “mexican restaurants,” or try any similar search for restaurants, bars or hotels. Click on one of the places in the carousel to get more details on it, including its overall review-based score, address and photos. If you want to see more places, click the arrow at the right of the carousel. And you can zoom in on the map that appears below the carousel to restrict your search to only places in a specific area.

While some iPad and Nexus tablet users have seen this new look since December, we’re excited to expand to desktop. The interactive “carousel” is rolling out in English in the U.S.—we’ll add more features and languages over time.

Take a look for a search I did in Raleigh.

Google Local Search Carousel for Restaurants

Google Says ‘Yes Waze’ and Spends Over $1B for Traffic Reporting Service

Waze ScreenshotGoogle is getting even more serious about mapping lately, if that is even possible. So serious in fact, that they have reportedly shelled out somewhere just north of $1 billion to acquire Waze, a company that is relatively unknown (compared to other $1 billion purchases like Tumblr by Yahoo!). Even TechCrunch reports on the purchase with the following headline

WTF Is Waze And Why Did Google Just Pay A Billion+ For It?”

Good question. The reports have been swirling for about a week and Waze was being courted by all the big boys including Apple and Facebook. Google, however, won out with money and this from its CEO Noam Bardin which was posted on the Waze blog after the big win.

Virginia Politician Says House Unlikely to Pass Marketplace Fairness Act

The bill that is making its way through Washington DC that would require Internet companies to collect sales tax like brick and mortars businesses do is not likely to get through the House of Representatives according to Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va).

Here is the report from WSLS

WSLS 10 NBC in Roanoke/Lynchburg Va

This is important to Internet retailers but it is not likely that it is simply going away any time soon. Representative Goodlatte’s statement about Internet retailers being treated fairly is likely to stir some resentment from the brick and mortar community since they feel like they are the ones getting screwed with the current state of affairs regarding taxation.

[Infographic] Local Consumer’s Digital Path to Purchase More Convoluted Than Ever

Local Consumer's Digital Path PreviewLocal Internet marketing. So fun and easy to talk about but very, very difficult to do.

It’s a trouble spot for many local marketers because there is so much ground to cover. With that knowledge, now consider putting yourself on the other side of the table as the consumer. There are so many information sources that can help (or hinder) a purchase decision. While having information is a good thing, there is such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing’.

Local Market Lauch, a player in the local space that delivers business listings management and local presence solutions, has put together an infographic showing this local consumers’ digital path to purchase. Marketers take note.

[Infographic] In a Mobile World Customer Reviews Matter More Than Ever Before

customer-feedback-matters-previewThe Internet world is indeed a mobile world. There is no longer proof needed for that to agreed to amongst any marketers.

What that mobile world has created, however, is a brave new world for the consumer who now wields more power than ever. That power comes mostly in the form of reviews of a business’ products and services. It all leads to a customer who can voice great joy or great dissatisfaction with a business and that is power.

According to Gib Olander, CEO, Local Viewpoints,

Word-of-mouth advertising has long been recognized as the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions; in today’s mobile friendly, digital world, consumer testimonials and online reviews have become the default way within search results for consumers to judge the viability of a business to meet their needs.

The folks at Local Viewpoints put together an infographic to help further explain this reality of today’s online world.

Here it is.

Creating a Winning Mobile Strategy for Your Business

mobile strategyThink about how much the Internet has changed the way we communicate and collaborate, shop and socialize, the business models it has disrupted as well as the new ones it has created. And now we’re seeing the next evolution of the web in the palm of our hands, on our mobile phones.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve become an evangelist for mobile. I’ve seen how much I’m increasingly using my phone and I’m sure you have too – and so have your potential customers.

Did you know that:

  • Half of U.S. adults own a smart phone, which is a 10-point increase in just one year.
  • This year, the U.S. will pass 200 million mobile Internet users, nearly tripling the number from 2010.