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[Infographic] Local Consumer’s Digital Path to Purchase More Convoluted Than Ever

Local Consumer's Digital Path PreviewLocal Internet marketing. So fun and easy to talk about but very, very difficult to do.

It’s a trouble spot for many local marketers because there is so much ground to cover. With that knowledge, now consider putting yourself on the other side of the table as the consumer. There are so many information sources that can help (or hinder) a purchase decision. While having information is a good thing, there is such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing’.

Local Market Lauch, a player in the local space that delivers business listings management and local presence solutions, has put together an infographic showing this local consumers’ digital path to purchase. Marketers take note.

[Infographic] In a Mobile World Customer Reviews Matter More Than Ever Before

customer-feedback-matters-previewThe Internet world is indeed a mobile world. There is no longer proof needed for that to agreed to amongst any marketers.

What that mobile world has created, however, is a brave new world for the consumer who now wields more power than ever. That power comes mostly in the form of reviews of a business’ products and services. It all leads to a customer who can voice great joy or great dissatisfaction with a business and that is power.

According to Gib Olander, CEO, Local Viewpoints,

Word-of-mouth advertising has long been recognized as the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions; in today’s mobile friendly, digital world, consumer testimonials and online reviews have become the default way within search results for consumers to judge the viability of a business to meet their needs.

The folks at Local Viewpoints put together an infographic to help further explain this reality of today’s online world.

Here it is.

Creating a Winning Mobile Strategy for Your Business

mobile strategyThink about how much the Internet has changed the way we communicate and collaborate, shop and socialize, the business models it has disrupted as well as the new ones it has created. And now we’re seeing the next evolution of the web in the palm of our hands, on our mobile phones.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve become an evangelist for mobile. I’ve seen how much I’m increasingly using my phone and I’m sure you have too – and so have your potential customers.

Did you know that:

  • Half of U.S. adults own a smart phone, which is a 10-point increase in just one year.
  • This year, the U.S. will pass 200 million mobile Internet users, nearly tripling the number from 2010.

Who Will Claim the Throne in the Game of Local Commerce? (Infographic)

throne of commerceI spend a good portion of my day writing about either TV or online marketing. Sometimes those two passions collide. Like today, when I opened my email to find this wild infographic from Matt at 8coupons: Game of Local Commerce 2013.

8coupons is (according to Matt),  “the largest consumer hub and b2b platform for local deals with hundreds of content and distribution partners.” Pop in your zip code and you’ll see a neatly composed list of everything from all the major daily deal sites, flash deal sites and  sites that specialize in local coupons such as

Google Places for Business Category Tool Update

Google Local ResultAs part of our service here at Marketing Pilgrim we like to bring tools to our readers attention that will help them do their online marketing chores. As we all know, SEO is an interesting art / science but it can be a bit tedious and it is certainly a “what you don’t know can REALLY hurt you” proposition, especially in the world of local SEO.

One of the continuing mysteries is the true understanding of Google local search. There are always updates and more than a fair share of confusion as to what is or is not acceptable or considered a ‘best practice’ at any given time.

An area that Google created some confusion in (one of many) is the ability to categorize a local business accurately. Google requires that you use at least some Google categories to put your business in the right class but oftentimes the available categories are not sufficient.

What we have learned over the years is that if you have a problem with local search you can look to Mike Blumenthal and his merry band of followers for some good answers. The latest is the update of his Google Business for Places Category Tool. Simply put it can save you a lot of hassle. Here is a screenshot and a description of the update just released yesterday.

Google Places Category Update

Google’s Local Product Gets a Partial Lift

In cosmetic surgery, if you don’t want to do a complete overhaul or aren’t terribly confident that doing everything at once is the best idea there is an option to a partial ‘insert procedure here’. Now, for the record, I had to Google this while concept since cosmetic surgery is not my thing and at this point for me the only viable option is a trade-in but I am not sure that is possible.


Now take this concept to the Internet space. Its common for companies to do things in a more piecemeal fashion to help manage the changes to a product or service. This is what Google has decided to do with its traditionally horrific Local product.

In Google’s Case, April Fool’s Cuts Both Ways

google-logoLooks like Google has outdone itself this year huh? Hiiiilaaaarious stuff about treasures on maps, blue email, searching with your nose and YouTube closing. Oh stop Google! My sides are hurting!

There was one that I actually did chuckle at which is the Google Apps Levity algorithm. Here’s the video for you to get a little, uhh, levity from, I guess.

The best April Fool’s joke that I found, however, came at Google’s expense. It plays off the idea of just how ridiculous and unbelievable it would be to see an announcement that Google had released local business products that work, make sense and have support for them.

There are no fancy videos just fanciful thinking of what an actual working product on the local level would be like from Google. It happened over at Mike Blumenthal’s blog and the post’s title alone, “Google Local Announces New Local Product and Promises Better Communications” says it all. Here’s a sample for you.