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Listen-up Hollywood! Here’s Why Mobile Content is Slow to Grow

I just finished reading a NYT article on the frustration being felt by Hollywood because they can’t get advertising dollars to support their mobile content.

…while short, multiepisode cellphone series are growing in popularity, the lucrative advertising dollars prevalent in other entertainment segments — and which studios rely on for profit — have been slow to migrate to the supersmall screen…”an advertiser would have to pay us to develop content for wireless phones because right now there is no business model. There has to be a way to make money there.”

Welcome to the world of new media! Here’s where you’re going wrong.

Hope for Mobile Marketing

The Cellular-News brings new hope for mobile media marketing today: teens in the UK say OK to mobile ads. Among the 1500 cell users aged 11-20 surveyed by Q Research, 32% were willing to receive ads on their mobile phones. Contrast that to the 90% of American adults who weren’t at all interested in receiving them.

Targeting increased teens’ willingness to receive ads: 71% said they’d be willing only if the ads were for things they were already interested in. 76% would be willing to receive ads in exchange for incentives like discounts and special offers. 82% would be willing to receive ads in exchange for “top-up” credit (pay-as-you-go customers’ willingness rose to 90%). Again, to contrast this with American adults, only 1/3 were willing to receive ads in exchange for incentives, and their preferred incentive was cash (78%).

Yahoo’s oneSearch Brings Mobile Search to Six New Countries

If you live in the UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany or France, I have good news for you. Yahoo has announced the expansion of their oneSearch mobile search service to your country!

If you’re not quite sure how oneSearch will change the way you search for pizza, we have a refresher from the US launch.

oneSearch is designed to make searching for and finding information as quick as possible for consumers by providing relevant results right on the page such as news headlines, images, business listings and more as well as easy navigation to other web sites. Effectively, oneSearch anticipates the type of information you are looking for, and does away with the arduous task of navigating ten blue links in a mobile browser (see the “pizza” example, right).

Google Phone Launching Before End of 2007?

The infamous Google Phone is kind of like Kaiser Soze – does it exist or not?

Engadget is spreading rumors – which we’re happy to pass on – from a Taiwanese counter-part, claiming a Google Phone will be in our hands by the end of 2007.

They cite “handset component makers” as their source. The phones will feature Texas Instruments’ 3G platform with EDGE and of course built-in G-Mail and Google Maps. Unfortunately, they will not be GPS enabled. The handsets are also said to sport both Google and carrier branding with “sources” claiming that European’s Orange might be the first carrier to see the hotness.

At this stage it’s still very much a rumor.

Microsoft’s Tellme Launches Free 411 Service

In case you missed it, April is “National Launch a Free 411 Service” month. I know, we both missed it on our calendars, but I know it’s true because hot on the heels of Google’s free 411 service, comes news that Microsoft’s recently acquired Tellme has launched its free 411 offering.

According to Tellme, here’s what you’re getting:

  • Tellme by Voice:  Call 1-800-555-TELL and just say “business search” to find a business listing or search for a particular category, such as “flower shops,” from any phone, including a map for the selected listing.  Callers can also choose from many other great services like movie tickets, ring tones, sports, news and more.

Local TV Affiliates Threatened by the Internet

Greg Sandoval looks at the growing fear among local TV stations that their livelihood is at risk in part due to the rise of the Internet.

With the national networks pushing more of their content online, and some, such as NBC, Fox and CBS, involved in building their own online video channels.

“Plenty of people are worried,” said Richard Jones, general manager of Bay City Television in San Diego, which oversees the Fox affiliate in San Diego. “It’s still so new nobody knows for sure what’s going to happen. But there is some real concern about shows that have been seen a lot of times on the Web and whether it will affect ratings.”

Dodgeball Founders the Latest to Quit Google

Be warned, if you decided to sell your company to Google, don’t expect to actually enjoy working for the world’s largest search engine. While the money would be nice, judging by the number of resignations Google gets from its acquired companies, the money may be all you get out of the deal.

Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert, co-founders of Dodgeball, are the latest acquirees to find out the hard way. Dodgeball’s SMS-social network was ahead of the pack, when acquired, but since then, nothing has really been done with the company, and the founders have had to watch the likes of Twitter and Jaiku pass them by.

Here’s part of Crowley’s announcement to the world