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Faster Overall Internet Speeds and More in State of the Internet Report

This report from Akamai, admittedly an ad for the company wrapped in an interesting title and some researc, covers some serious ground that Internet marketers should be aware of.

With a focus on the overall speeds across the globe there is also a focus on the state of mobile which simply shows the use of mobile data booming. Take a look for yourself.

Akamai Q1 2013 State of the Internet Report

What does this mean for marketers? It’s pretty simple. Faster connection speeds means less lag and cleaner delivery of content whether it is advertising, posts or whatever. As we move more toward an image centric web it is nice to know that image heavy sites and specific content options will be less likely to bog down in delivery.

Facebook for Every Phone Hits the 100 Million Mark

facebook everyoneWe the people are entitled to certain, unalienable rights; life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and Facebook on our cell phones. Yes, I know there was a time when only the very elite (smartphone owners) could see their cousin’s funny, daily memes while on the go but Facebook is working to change all of that.

Facebook for Every Phone is the future of . . . . the past. . . ? I’m a technology snob. I admit it.

Facebook has worked out deals with cell phone providers all over the world, to offer Facebook on more than 3,000 different feature phones.

As of today, there are more than 1 million people using these apps to access Facebook. Users can post updates, browse photos, read their newsfeed, even connect via Messenger. That’s pretty nifty. Still, there’s something about the way Facebook presents the idea that bothers me.

The App Economy: Free is on the Rise

I went app shopping last night. And by that, I mean I went looking for a free app for my iPad. It’s not that I don’t want to see hard-working web developers make money, but I’m concerned about wasting even .99 on an app that I don’t like. Because out of every ten apps I download, I keep and use only 1.

I was looking for a brainstorming app and about half of them had price tags. One, MindNode, was listed at $9.99. Really? Is it that good? I also found some at $3.99, $5.99 and $1.99. Figuring they all do pretty much the same thing, that’s a wide range of prices. I settled on five free options – two of which I can upgrade for a price if I like them. Now that’s how you sell an app.

Apple Beefs Up Local Data Capabilities with Locationary

Saturn Locationary Home Page GraphicApple is coming up on an anniversary of sorts. It’s not something they would like to celebrate though. It’s the one year marker of the less than stellar roll out of Apple Maps which accompanied the iOS 6 to the market in September of last year.

Let’s just say it didn’t go well. Critics worldwide panned the product. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook issued a public apology. This is not the stuff of a Steve Jobs led Apple for sure.

Since that time Apple has been trying to right the wrong and have made strides. The latest, as reported by All Things D, is the purchase of Locationary. It’s interesting that these folks should land at Apple and John Paczkowski tells us why.

The Companion Web: Why We Want to Use Our Phone to Control Our Tablet

Every time a baby is born, five new mobile devices are activated and an angel gets its wings.

The devices don’t belong to the baby. . . it’s just a way of showing you how crazy this whole mobile device movement has become.

The web developers of the world are doing their best to create sites and apps and tools that take advantage of each device’s best features but when it comes to connecting one to the other, we’re slacking. That’s why Microsoft is championing “The Companion Web.” It’s all about using one device to raise the entertainment or educational value of whatever you’re doing on another device.

Second screen TV apps like Viggle are already doing this to some extent, but Microsoft wants to take it a step further.

New Google Maps Available to All

The newest version of Google Maps was an invite only affair until yesterday. Now anyone can opt-in to get the new map experience.

If you haven’t seen what this latest version looks like and does here is the video from May that Google put together.

And for you iOS users out there 9 to 5 Mac reports

In line with last week’s expectations of an updated Google Maps app, Google has begun rolling out version 2.0 of Google Maps for iOS today. Most notably, the new application includes support for the large touch screens found on the iPad and iPad mini.

Of course, not everyone in the comments section of this post is happy (shocker!) as the update requires iOS 6. You can read more about it here at the Google Lat Long blog.

Forget Sharknado, Mobile Warming is Coming Your Way

doomed7You can try to deny it but the facts make it so – humans are causing global mobile warming and believe me, you do not want to get caught out in the cold.

The folks at WompMobile take this threat to our internet existence very seriously. . . actually, they’re not taking it very serious at all and that’s why its so brilliant.

WompMobile is a start-up that wants to help businesses optimize their websites for mobile. It’s a noble cause because there’s nothing worse than browsing a broken website when you’re trying to buy  neon yellow, designer shoes with a 6-inch heel on your iPhone.