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Good Review on Yelp? Order Lunch While You’re Still on the Page

You’re at the office and you’re hungry but you’re tired of the same old places. You go on Yelp to look for a new place to eat. (Not where I’d go, but apparently it’s where some people go.) You find Harry’s Italian Pizza Bar and wow, they have terrific reviews. Gotta try it – now here’s the make it or break it moment – you place your lunch order right there on the page so it’s ready when you arrive to pick it up.

Without that order system, you might head out thinking you’re going to go to Harry’s but end up at the Greek place that’s two blocks closer. Bad news for Harry.

yelp ordering system

Vine Gives Instagram the What For with Their Biggest Update Ever

The battle for social mobile (somobile? socible?) dominance continued this week with a fancy new upgrade for Vine. They’re calling it their “biggest update yet” and the timing can’t be a coincidence. Can it?

It was only a few weeks ago that Instagram announced the addition of video to their social / mobile service. I tried it and didn’t like it as much a I like Vine, but why have two apps when you can filter photos and do stop motion animation with just one?

vine update


I’m happy to report that Vine didn’t counter by adding retro photo filters to their app. They’re sticking with what they do best but expanding on ways to share the Vines you make.

Foursquare Adds Group Check-In Feature

check-in-friends-steps‘Celebration dinner with Kathie, George, Mike, Sam, Dean, Jason and Renaldo.’

Foursquare check-in done! Now, I have to sit and wait while everyone else takes out their phone, opens Foursquare and checks in. How boring. If only there was a way to check all of us in at the same time, we could be looking into each other’s eyes now instead of staring down at our phones.

Oh great Foursquare genie, won’t you help me please!

Voila! It is done. Foursquare just added the “I’m with. . . ” button to the bottom of the check-in screen. Now, all you have to do is click that button, then search for each of your friends, click, then he gets a notice asking for his permission to let you check him in and you’re done. Wow, that was. .  not really any faster than before.  . . .

How Mobile Restaurant Advertising Differs from the Rest of the Pack

smart restaurant issue

What time is it? It’s S.M.A.R.T report time!

Today we have a special edition for all you hungry folks who skipped lunch so you could go home early on a Friday. (I’m eating as I type this, so there’s a theme.)

First, let’s look at the general state of mobile marketing in Q1 2013.

Telecom took the top slot for spending with an increase of 102% over last year. That was followed by Entertainment, Finance and Retail.

When looking at vertical growth, Sports knocked it out of the ballpark with a spend that grew by 600%. No, that extra zero wasn’t a typo. Millennial (my favorite word today) Media says a lot of this was due to a trend toward creating branded apps for teams and sports organizations. I downloaded the NHL app at the start of the year to follow the Stanley Cup action, so I did my part.

Sincerest Form of Flattery – Video Comes to Instagram

instagram videoInstagram, your favorite photo with a filter app, now takes video! Short, 15 second videos that you can start and stop by lifting your finger off the button in order to animate inanimate objects. Cool, huh?

Wait. . . don’t I already have one of those apps on my phone? Oh right, it’s called Vine. Think the boys over there are telling themselves that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? No, probably not.

Video on Instagram is designed to help you capture all those beautiful, fun moments of your life then share them so you can make others jealous. Really. Watch this intro video and tell me it doesn’t make you feel bad. All those happy people doing cute things. . .

Sorry. Back to business.

Mobile Marketers: Are You a Vampire or a Servant?

Marketing research is a lot like mobile marketing. You have to get the potential user’s attention, use clever content to keep him engaged and then hope he likes what you presented enough to act on it. Or you could use bribery – as this study will show, that works, too.

The pitch that caught my eye today was the Millward Brown / SessionM study called “Exploring the Role of Value in Mobile Advertising.” I decided to cover the story because of this graphic:

time sucker

Any company that uses a vampire bat to make their point is full of win. In this case, they asked mobile users to express how they feel about mobile advertising. Many people feel that its nothing but a time suck. On the other hand, they’re okay with ads as long as the content makes them happier, enriches their life or introduces them to a product that will do either of the aforementioned.

17% of Ecommerce Merchants Don’t Know if They’re Optimized for Mobile

683316_mobile_communicationsI think every business should have a website. Small, big, brick and mortar retail, cafe or hair salon – the web is where people go to find you when they want something. Websites are inexpensive and easy to build so there’s no excuse for not having at least a single page with a map, hours and an explanation of what you do.

Next, you have to think mobile. Yesterday, I desperately wanted a cheesesteak but an errand took me to the other side of town from my local Philly’s Best. I knew it was a franchise, so I took out my phone and looked it up. Sure enough, there was another location just a few blocks away. I got my cheesesteak and that franchise owner got a new customer.