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Study: Google Takes In Over 50% of Global Mobile Ad Revenue

While mobile ad revenue is still not the lion’s share of ad revenue for most, the fact is it’s a growth area. Whatever the number that is attached to total mobile ad revenue worldwide is, Google is taking in over half of that total for now, according to eMarketer.

The chart comes from reports the research company has put together and if this is trending, Google looks to continue to take even more moving forward.

Net Mobile Internet Ad Revenue

Facebook is also trending well, at least according to this research. Of course, Facebook investors might be relieved to see this considering they are not all too happy with Mark Z. and his band of merry social networkers at the moment.

iTunes Opens Marketplace for App Sales by Developers

for sale signEvery business needs an app, but building one can be costly and time consuming, then you have to build up an audience from nothing. That’s a lot of work. But what if you could buy an app that was already a success? Lay on a little rebranding and you’re out of the box a year ahead of schedule.

Apple’s about to make that happen. Venture Beat just published a copy of an email that explains the whole procedure to developers but it’s pretty simple. The entire transaction happens with a couple of clicks through their iTunes Connect account. The beauty of the deal is that the app details remain the same, only the ownership changes. Leaderboard rankings, reviews, ratings – they all carry over to the new owner.

Google Says ‘Yes Waze’ and Spends Over $1B for Traffic Reporting Service

Waze ScreenshotGoogle is getting even more serious about mapping lately, if that is even possible. So serious in fact, that they have reportedly shelled out somewhere just north of $1 billion to acquire Waze, a company that is relatively unknown (compared to other $1 billion purchases like Tumblr by Yahoo!). Even TechCrunch reports on the purchase with the following headline

WTF Is Waze And Why Did Google Just Pay A Billion+ For It?”

Good question. The reports have been swirling for about a week and Waze was being courted by all the big boys including Apple and Facebook. Google, however, won out with money and this from its CEO Noam Bardin which was posted on the Waze blog after the big win.

Tablet Ownership Nearly Doubled In the Past Year

A third (34%) of American adults ages 18 and older own a tablet computer. A year ago, we were at 18%. That’s a success story right there.

The numbers come from the latest Pew Internet and American Life Project post and they’re even more impressive when you look at them graphically.

pew tablet ownership

Look at that climb! In three years, we went from 3% to 34% and it’s likely that the line will continue on an upward swing for the next few years.

Why is this important to you, the marketer? Because it’s a sign of things to come. We’ve barely figured out how to monetize smartphones and now we have tablets in the mix. The good news is that tablets are actually easier to monetize because of the wider screen and the way we use them. Smartphones are what we turn to when we’re on the go. It’s a quick fix but that means that in most cases, the user doesn’t have time to waste.

Yelp Updates Its Nearby Tab To Tell Users What’s, Ummm, Nearby

Yelp NearbyFirst, a confession. I don’t use Yelp. It’s not because there is anything wrong with it, it’s just that I am not the right demographic. I am not an urban dweller who is constantly on the lookout for something to do. As a result, reviews of places don’t apply to me in most cases.

I tell you this because when Yelp announced yesterday about their updated Nearby tab I was interested and saw this in the Yelp blog.

Our updated Nearby tab now offers suggestions based on your location, previous Yelp check-ins and reviews, and Yelp friends as well as other data like the time of day and even the weather. At Yelp, we have an entire community of reviewers that we rely on to suggest places you might not know about, as well as places that you and your friends love. Maybe you’ll discover something new, maybe you’ll understand what the neighborhood has to offer, or maybe you’ll be reminded of an old favorite.

Apple iOS 7: iTunes Radio, AirDrop and Photo Filters

The news from the Apple Developers Conference (WWDC) continues to pour in and it’s only the first day. Instead of saving the best for last, Apple opened with a look at the new iOS 7. I talked about the design changes earlier today and now we’re moving on to the big announcements.

We begin with iTunes Radio

itunes radio

We thought that the MP3 player would make radio obsolete, but like online video and TV, the two worlds have come together to create an even better product. In this case, internet radio.

Look at these stats:

80% of internet radio audience listens for 1-3 hours per day, 40% listening 1-2 hours per session.

61% of listeners don’t keep player minimized, 64% often check the player for song/artist info.

Apple Introduces iOS 7: Faster, Cleaner, More Competitive

iOS 7The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has begun! That means lots of news bites from that side of the tech world beginning with an iOS update that has something old, something new, several things borrowed, but no one will be blue.

Behold the iPhone with the new iOS 7.

Cosmetic Surgery

The first things you’ll notice are cosmetic changes. The icons are flatter, more clip art than fancy symbol. For example, the camera button is now an old fashioned camera instead of a lens looking at you (which I always found hard to spot quickly.)

They also got rid of the bars in the top corner and went to dots. This is going to force the world to change their vocabulary. Years from now, when kids are watching old movies from the early 2000’s, they won’t understand when the trapped hero asks the heroine, “how many bars do you have?”