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How We Spend Our Time on Our Smartphones

We get it already. A lot of people have smartphones. Congratulations.

It’s best now to learn how people are using these phones because as marketers we can’t do much without the understanding of exactly where people are and, more importantly, why they are there.

Experian Marketing Services takes a look at smartphone use in a recent study. Here are a few findings.


It’s almost a little surprising that the ability to talk is still the main reason to have a phone! Texting comes in a close second. What would be interesting to see is how these ratios change in various age groups. I would offer that my teenager stomps on that 58 minute mark and leaves it in the dust on a daily basis.

Infographic Shows People Are Two-Timing on Their TV Sets

Memorial Day means the start of the summer blockbuster movie season. This weekend, we’ll all be getting Fast and Furious again along with another Hangover. Next month, Superman returns to the big screen and in July the Lone Ranger rides again. But if you prefer not to fight the crowds, you can also stay home and watch some of the best movies (or the worst if that’s your thing) on your PC or mobile device.

In honor of this holiday weekend, here’s a look at how men and women stream from M-Go.

streaming steaming

What a terrible blow for TV sets all over America. They probably have no idea how often their man is cheating on them! He’s running around with that hot, stylish mobile phone while his first love sits in the living room, cold and alone just waiting to be turned on.

Target’s New Cartwheel Takes the Long Way Around to Digital Couponing

cartwheel collectionsTarget recently launched a new digital coupon app called Cartwheel that is supposed to make shopping more social. It begins with a great idea; personalized digital coupons but from there, the wheel gets a little wobbly.

Here’s how it works. First, you have to log on to the Cartwheel site and sign-up using your Facebook login.  You must have a Facebook account to use the program and that seems like an unnecessary hurdle. The point is to get more people to shop at Target, right? But if I don’t want to give you access to my Facebook account, then I’m out. Hmmm. . .

Majority of Mobile Users Would Rather Engage an Ad Than Pay for an Upgrade

The psychology behind how we spend our money is a wondrous thing. I’ll gladly throw down $1 a day for a Diet Coke, but I’m reluctant to spend $1.50 on a box of pasta that would feed my whole family when I can get it for less than that on another day. I’m also reluctant to pay for additional levels on my iPad games. I’ve done it once or twice, but it’s not an easy button push.

For whatever reason, mobile users will do almost anything to keep from paying for an upgrade – including engage with ads.

tapjoy free content

Google Wants You To Have Music and Games Wherever You Go

15-14_33_36-01-IMG_0054Google just wrapped up their developer conference and I’m about to wrap up my coverage . . . for now. Google introduced so many new ideas this week, it’s hard to say which will still be important a month from now or a year from now. But for the moment, there are a few more significant upgrades that I wanted to discuss.

First, let’s talk about Google’s move into the world of streaming music. It’s called Google Play Music All Access – which doesn’t exactly roll trippingly over the tongue. Perhaps we should call it GPMAA? Before GPMAA, you could only use Google Play to stream music you purchased through the system. Now, you can listen to just about anything for the low, low price of only $9.99 a month.

Q1: Rise of the Androids – Time for Another Mobile Mix

mobile mixHouston, we have a new Mobile Mix. It’s Millennial Media’s Q1 2013 Mobile Mix Report to be exact and once again they make me smile with their clever cover.

In space, no one can hear you tapping but down here on Earth, it’s a joyous sound.

  • Ad impressions on the iPhone are up 28% over last quarter.
  • Ad impressions from Samsung devices rose 19%

And here’s a really amazing stat

Amazon broke into the list of the top 10 manufacturers and saw impressions increase 125% from the previous quarter.

 Q1: Rise of the Androids

Have a Conversation with Your Computer: The New Google Search

io conference escalatorIt’s Day Two of the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco and the new features and ideas just keep on coming. Look at this photo from the first day. It’s like Comic-Con! But I must ask, where are the women? Surely there are at least a few females in the developer trade?

Gender issues aside, I love the idea behind this event because it’s not just a set of PR announcements, it’s a community coming together to create amazing new tech goodies for you and me. I also love that the official agenda includes a time slot for “Bike and Coat Check.” That makes me smile.

Anyway, let’s get down to business – search business with a look at some of the new things coming your way.