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Not All TV Viewers Watch on TVs: Nielsen Looks at Expanding the Ratings System

retro tvI watch a lot of TV, (no surprise to anyone who reads my work) but I don’t watch all of it on a TV. I watch on my iPad. I watch Netflix through my Blu-ray player and sometimes I watch online. Even when I’m watching the TV, I’m not always watching what’s on, as I often watch shows I recorded on the DVR or shows from the On Demand menu.

To think I grew up in a world with three networks, three UHF channels and no recording capabilities.

As fast as the TV landscape is changing, the method by which we measure success has fallen far behind. TV shows are still ranked based on Nielsen ratings which measures the estimated number of people who watched a show live on a TV.

Want In On Google’s Project Glass? Here’s Your Chance

Google is expanding is Project Glass reach by opening up the opportunity to take a look at the world through Google colored glasses to more people.

It’s a little more than just filling out a form though since Google is trying to find the cool kids and not let the average Joe bore them to death with their mundane existence. Sounds a bit harsh but why else would you show this video and create a process to prove why you are worthy of spending $1,500 to be part of the project?

Want in? Go to the application page. Here’s what you need to know if you are not into it at this very moment

  • Your application must be 50 words or less

Fill in the Blank: Mobile Twitter Users Are More Likely To . . . .

More than half of all Twitter users, log on with a mobile device at least once a month and that’s good news for marketers. Why? Because Compete found that mobile Twitter users are more likely to reTweet, click, favorite and all around engage with posts on the social media service.

Mobile Blog Post #3


To begin with, mobile users are 86% more likely that the average user to check Twitter several times a day. This makes sense, since it’s easier to pull out your phone and see what’s up than to make your way to a computer. Only 15% said they mainly use a tablet to access Twitter, again, it’s about portability and spontaneous usage, so I’m not surprised.

Mobile Movie Lovers Love Movies More Than Anyone Else

Nielsen, the guys famous for cataloging what everyone is watching on TV, just posted some results from their 2012 Moviegoer Report and I have the scoop. I was excited to see these numbers because it’s a little out of the norm. We often see data related to how TV fans are using mobile and social media, but movie stats are tougher to find. So, let’s dig in.

For the purpose of this survey, Nielsen defined a “moviegoer” as a person who saw at least one movie in a theater in the past 12 months. On average, folks in this group didn’t just watch one movie, they watched 6.8 movies in the theater. Here’s where it gets cool: the average moviegoer paid to watch 23.1 movies at home. The survey doesn’t say but I’m assuming this means bought or rented a DVD or paid to watch a movie On Demand or streaming to a PC, etc. That’s a pretty big number, especially when you compare it to free movies which I take to mean airing on regular TV, on YouTube or free On Demand.

Kickstarter Launches iPhone App for Both Creators and Donators

Entrepreneurs are busy people so Kickstarter has packed everything a creator needs to run their program into a sleek, new iPhone app. More of a donator than a creator? No problem, the new Kickstarter app has you covered there, too.

To quote the team, the new app focuses on three things: “finding new projects, keeping up to date with projects you’ve backed, and offering great tools for creators.”

Let’s start on the general user side with a browse screen and donation page:

kickstarter backing kickstarter browse

As a side note, I’m surprised by the project they chose to use as an example. When I first glanced at the images, I was thrown off by the still of a woman’s bare shoulders. I would have gone with a gadget or a fake Kickstarter because, is this fair? All this promotion for a real Kickstarter campaign? I know that people do use the program to push creative endeavors like CDs, movies and books but I don’t think of those as the norm.

Does HP Stand A Chance in Mobile?

Android LogoIt appears as if Hewlett-Packard is preparing to enter the mobile space and is looking to bring Android along for the ride. It’s at once an interesting and quite belated response to the idea that we are no longer wondering when the year of mobile will happen. That moment came and went quite some time ago.

ReadWrite Mobile reports

Having failed to carve out a place for itself in the post-PC era, Hewlett-Packard is now taking drastic measures — by adopting Google’s Android operating system to run a series of upcoming mobile devices.

It’s a bit of a Hail Mary pass for HP, which has fallen years behind its rivals in the mobile space. It’s also a big win for Google, which adds another powerful partner to the Android ecosystem.

Android Gets Google Now Upgrade on Google Search App

There’s a new TV commercial that makes me seriously consider turning in my iPhone in favor of a Nexus 4. The ad shows people all over the world getting more out of life thanks to the Google Now app on their phone. It is, as my son would say, “so epic.” (And now that I’ve mentioned him twice in one day, he’s going to expect royalties.)

Take a look:

google search nowYou can get all of this goodness packed into the updated Google Search for Android app.

If you didn’t watch the video, here’s the concept. A single app that delivers a wide range of information related to where you are and what you’re doing at the time. If you’re at the airport, it displays gate information and flight times. At the movies, you get Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews and digital ticket access through Fandango. If you’re shopping for a new home, you can even get real estate listings through Zillow – delivered automatically.