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ABC Reveals Plan for Unified Advertising Across All Platforms

abc watchABC just completed their 2013-2014 TV Upfront presentation. They did it with their usual dose of self-deprecating humor and lots of jabs at the other networks. Their new season is full of crazy comedies and high-concept fantasy shows such as Once Upon a Time in Wonderland  (Is Alice mentally ill),  Resurrection (a boy returns from the dead 32 years later.) and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With shows like these, you know ABC is in for another season of high ratings in the young demographics and lots of social media buzz. Because of that, the network is pushing forward with two concepts that will help advertisers reach that coveted audience.

Shoppers Who Use Mobile In-Store, Spend More [Infographic]

Consumers like to use their smartphones when shopping to find more information or get a better deal. That’s not new news. I know. But every time I see a new study and / or infographic it gets me thinking and that gets me writing. Here’s what started the fire today — a new post from Google’s Think Insights.

Here’s the top half of the infographic.

google buy more

79% of smartphone owners are ‘smartphone shoppers.’ Got that. 84% use their phone while they’re shopping in-store. Got that. Now, take a look at the categories. Nearly every smartphone shopper uses their phone when shopping for appliances. Brick and mortar owners complain about showrooming, but in this case, I say it’s their own fault.

Small Business Owners Say Mobile Devices Are Vital to Their Business

tablet useSmall business owners are like moms, they have to be all things to all people and like moms, they depend on mobile devices to get it all done. AT&T says that 63% of the small business owners  could not survive or it would be a major challenge to go on without wireless technology.

Tablet usage, in particular, is on the rise. 69% of businesses with under 50 employees use them. When you move up to the larger companies (51 to 99 employees) usage pops up to 90%.

The survey also found that tablets were extremely popular with new business owners. 80% of companies under two years old use them, compared to 69% of companies that have been around more than two years.

Creating a Winning Mobile Strategy for Your Business

mobile strategyThink about how much the Internet has changed the way we communicate and collaborate, shop and socialize, the business models it has disrupted as well as the new ones it has created. And now we’re seeing the next evolution of the web in the palm of our hands, on our mobile phones.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve become an evangelist for mobile. I’ve seen how much I’m increasingly using my phone and I’m sure you have too – and so have your potential customers.

Did you know that:

  • Half of U.S. adults own a smart phone, which is a 10-point increase in just one year.
  • This year, the U.S. will pass 200 million mobile Internet users, nearly tripling the number from 2010.

Screenvision and Shazam Partner to Encourage Mobile Phone Usage at the Movies

screenvisionMovie theaters go through a lot of trouble to get people to turn off their phones before the movie starts. Now, thanks to a partnership between Screenvision and Shazam, they’re going to encourage people to turn them on first by bringing the TV second screen experience to the theater.

Screenvision provides on-screen, pre-movie advertising to 2,300 theaters all around the country. Shazam is a mobile app that returns information based on auditory cues. It was originally designed to answer the oft-asked question, “what’s that song.” Tap Shazam, the app listens to the music, then tells you the title and who sang it. You might also get a link to download the song from iTunes.

Tumblr Slips Ads Into the Mobile Stream

tumblr adOf all the social media networks, Tumblr is the one whose users seem most likely to rebel against advertising. Why? Because even though the photoblogging site is loaded with brand name accounts, the entire site still leans heavily on the artistic and the offbeat.

The people who appreciate a Tumblr such as One Tiny Hand (photoshopped pics of celebrities with one, tiny doll hand in place of their real hand) probably aren’t going to respond well to display ads for Old Navy in their mobile feed. But Tumblr thinks they have that covered because their ads are special. Tumblr ads are content based so they’re hardly noticeable in the stream.

Yahoo Ups The Cool Factor with Two New Apps

yahoo weatherWhat adjectives would you use to describe Google as a company? Maybe cool, inventive, forward-thinking, a fun place to work. How about Yahoo? I’d go for old fashioned, stale, boring, strict.

That’s why Yahoo hired former Google exec Marissa Mayer last summer. They want Yahoo to sound more like Google, but Mayer’s first few weeks in the office did little to improve the company’s image. Nine months later, she’s still known as the woman who rescinded Yahoo’s telecommuting policy but she’s working to change that, too.

Speaking at the Great Place to Work Conference, Mayer defended her decision saying,

“. . people are more productive when they’re alone but they’re more collaborative and innovative when they’re together. Some of the best ideas come from pulling two different ideas together.”