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91% of Moms Use Social Media Regularly: If Family Isn’t In, They’re Out

1161775_proud_motherIf you’re reading this, you probably already know that moms spend a lot of time on social media. But did you know that activity has increased by 20% in just three years.

According to BabyCenter’s 2013 Social Mom Report, 91% of moms now check-in with a social media network on a regular basis. Social media is such an important key to staying in touch that 22% of moms said “if friends or family don’t participate in social media, they are not as much a part of their lives.”

Wow, cold. But I have to admit, I know more about my two siblings who post regularly to Facebook than the one that doesn’t. (Not proud of that fact, but I’m being honest here.)

LinkedIn Mobile Update Includes Ads

LinkedIn-Logo-02LinkedIn quietly continues to be a force in its section of the Internet space. It’s not a social network but it is. It’s just expanded online resumes but it’s more. Trying to describe LinkedIn and its potential is not easy.

One thing is certain though; it is working. ABCNews puts it this way which is pretty convincing.

LinkedIn’s approach has been highly successful so far. Although the Mountain View, Calif., company is about one-fifth the size of Facebook in terms of annual revenue and total users, its stock has been the hotter commodity on Wall Street. LinkedIn’s shares have nearly quadrupled since the company went public in May 2011, while Facebook’s stock has sunk by 30 percent from its initial public offering price 11 months ago.

Beverage Ads Dominate Consumer Goods Category on Mobile

292253_coca-cola_is_goodConsumers will use their tablet to shop for clothes and their smartphone to search for a local restaurant but what about those small but important things in life such as toilet paper, milk and cat food?

Millennial Media set out on a mission to discover the links between consumer goods and mobile and the time has come to reveal the results!

It all begins with incredible growth. Mobile ad spend in Consumer Goods grew 235% year-over-year. The biggest push came from Beverages. The manufacturers of soda, alcohol, juice, tea, energy drinks and bottled water bought 43% of the ads in the category. Cosmetics and Hygiene came in second with 28%.

Facebook Hires Former Apple Maps Executive for Mobile Effort

facebook-icon 1Let’s think about this for a second.

Facebook is launching its Home initiative which is an Android platform. As part of the effort to be a mobile company they have now hired Richard Williamson who led the great ill-fated Apple Maps launch of 2012. You remember that one, right? It’s where landmarks were somewhere other than where they should be and fanbois and girls were led down alley ways with directions that were less than direct. Yup, that one.

Well, Facebook must know something other than that record to hire Williamson. Bloomberg reports

Williamson joined Facebook in the past couple of weeks to be a manager within its expanding mobile-software group, said two of the people, who declined to be identified because the information isn’t public.

Faster Mobile Experience Should Help Marketers But Will It?

According to the Google Analytics blog the speed of mobile sites is increasing and comes close to matching that of the desktop.

This is probably a mixed bag for marketers. Why a mixed bag? Well, as the mobile experience gets faster marketers will need to match marketing performance with these efforts. As we have seen, sometimes the marketing hype far exceeds the marketing reality.

Here is a chart from the Analytics blog post. The information was gathered from Google’s Site Speed results of opted in web sites.

Page Load Times Google Site Speed Reports

So how are your mobile efforts holding up? Are you ready for a truly mobile Internet?

iPhone Users Do More Virtual Shopping Than Android Users

ebay appIt’s no secret that I’m an iPhone fan and I often get a lot of flack from commenters regarding my obvious bias. But I can’t help it when the numbers simply go my way. Like this set of numbers from media and marketing research firm Arbitron:

A greater percentage of iPhone users (67.5 percent) use mobile apps for commerce compared to Android users (43.9 percent).

iPhone users went on an average of 35 virtual shopping trips in a month, while Android users only went shopping 29.5 times.

In addition, iPhone users spent more time using mobile commerce apps (105.3 minutes/month vs. 87.6 minutes/month).

LinkedIn Jumps on the Feed Reader Craze, Buys Pulse

pulseEvery since Google announced that they were shutting down Google Reader, a dozen others have popped up with plans to fill the void.

Today’s entry comes from LinkedIn. Instead of reinventing the wheel, they bought one – Pulse: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Reader. The app was designed as a class project by two Standford boys who were looking for a better way to keep up with their favorite blogs and newspapers.

Now, 20 million people use Pulse to keep up with their favorite content streams in 190 countries. Pulse says they consume more 10 million stories a day and that’s music to this writer’s ears.

LinkedIn bought Pulse because well-written content is slowly pushing random blurbs off the page.  Here’s a quote from their announcement post.