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Bravo Invites You To Play Live and Twitter Tightens its Hold on TV

brad brad worldOn Wednesday night, I sat down in front of the TV to watch Bravo’s all new fashion night. I’m not what you’d call a fashionista but I love The Rachel Zoe Project and It’s a Brad Brad World. I dutifully checked in through Viggle but quickly realized that I was missing out on an opportunity to interact throughout the night.

Poll results kept popping up my screen – a product of the Bravo Play Live online and mobile app. I’ve seen this kind of action popping up during actual LIVE TV shows such as the Oscars, but it’s rarely used on pre-recorded shows.

What Bravo has done is take the polls and trivia you find on many second screen apps, then pushed the results on to the TV in real time. That, to quote Rachel Zoe, is maj.

Text Message Spammers – The FTC is Coming For You

giftcardText messages are one of the most annoying forms of advertising I’ve ever encountered. There are probably a few people reading this post right now who know how to do it properly, but you’re in the minority.

Text spam is on the rise. 2.2 billion message in 2009,  4.5 billion in 2011 and experts say we’re in the middle of a boom that will top that.

Text message spam isn’t just annoying. It can cost you money and it can compromise your identity if you follow through.

The FTC is ready to crack down on text spammers, starting with those horrendous “Free Gift Card” offers.

Infographic Gives Google’s Mobile Push High Marks

Larry Kim of Wordstream published an infographic today that blew my mind. It was all about how Google is using their mobile apps and ad programs to create new revenue streams. Larry grouped the products in categories then graded them based on quality, value to users and marketers and other factors.

Overall, it looks like Google’s doing a pretty good job. But what really made me stop and gasp was the sheer number of mobile products Google has in the works. Who (other than Larry) knew?

how google makes money

 (This clip doesn’t do it justice. You need to click here to see the whole, big and beautiful infographic.)

Large Portion of Shoppers Say In-Store WiFi Influences Where They Shop

jiwire public wifiOver the weekend, my husband and I pulled into a shopping center to get lunch. We had a choice of two places and I chose the one that had WiFi.

Yikes. When did I become that person? You know, the one who sits at a restaurant table with cell phone in hand, texting and checking email between courses.

I take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone. According to a new study by JiWire, mobile usage on public WiFi has increased 53% in the last 12 months.

Looking specifically at stores with WiFi, almost 80% of people said that the availability of in-store WiFi influenced where they shop.

Google Maps Update for iPhone Released

Maps Blog iPhone App UpdateRemember back in the day when Google Maps wasn’t even available on iOS and the new Apple Maps was received with such vigor (-ous contempt)? All those long months ago in the Ice Age of the Internet (October 2012 or thereabouts) people from around the world were singing the praises of Apple Maps……not.

Oh how times have changed. Here we are now in the future, some 4 Internet months or so and now all is well with the world again. Google Maps, the app, is allowed in the walled garden that is the Kingdom of Apple and today even announced some upgrades for its iPhone apps. Oh joy.

The Google Maps blog (formerly the LatLong blog) reports

Google Releases New Click to Download App Ad

google app promotionIt’s hard to stand out in a crowd, especially if you’re a brand new mobile app from a small company but Google is here to help. They’ve just released a new AdWords add that lets users download an app directly from iTunes or the Google Play store.

Seriously, Google, you’re not going to leave a dollar on the table are you?

Google’s been using Click-to-Download ads since 2010 (can you believe it), but this new version makes the process easier and smarter.

The biggest change is in the delivery. The new system is designed to show the ad only to the right type of mobile user. Promoting an iPhone app, it won’t show up on an Android phone. Not iPad friendly, the app ad will only show up on an iPhone.

Batter Up! MLB Ticketing Via Passbook Grows This Season

MLB At Bat App on iPhonePeople love to put baseball out to pasture with quaint old activities of yesteryear like rocking the summer night away on the front porch with family and regularly sitting at the same table for dinner.

Of course, those folks aren’t paying attention since baseball is likely the leading major sport when it comes to its digital presence. As a purchaser of the MLB.TV Premium service just yesterday I can now experience first hand what it means to get baseball on every device at any time for not a lot of money. It’s pretty cool (although bandwidth issues are a concern, are you listening MLB?).

Another way that baseball is proving its digital chops is the expanded use of Apple’s Passbook for ticketing. GigaOm reports