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PARODY: iPad Mini Is The Future … At Least Until May

There is a lot going on in the world right now to be concerned about, not the least of which is Hurricane Sandy and the trouble she is creating for the northeastern US. We continue to pray for the safety of everyone in her path.

With the hope to make you smile a bit, here is a little parody of Apple’s newest ‘latest and greatest’ thing. Thanks to cnet for bringing it to our attention. (Can’t see it at first? Just refresh your browser and that should do it.)

Have a good day and let’s not take ourselves too seriously just for today.

Apple’s Profits Miss Expectations While Samsung Ships 57 Million Smartphones

Easy there Apple fan boys. There’s nothing to see here. No bashing of Apple and any ‘it’s the end of Apple as we know it predictions’. No, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Yesterday’s announcement of Apple’s ‘missing’ of analysts’ predictions of profits being higher than the posted $8.2B (with a B) in Q4 (which was up from $6.6B in the same quarter last year while revenue is up 27%) is nothing to really feel much concern over. It’s not Apple that is in trouble. They are fine and will remain fine. It’s the analysts that are idiots but that’s not breaking news now is it? Adds Retail Discount Codes to Passbook

Passbook is one of those iOS apps that is better in theory than in reality. The concept is a version of the digital wallet. Instead of holding your money, it holds on to all those plastic loyalty cards, tickets for movies and concerts, even airline boarding passes. Easy digital access to those bits of paper you’re always fumbling to find. Neat.

In reality, Passbook is a barely there app that only works in conjunction with a limited number of partners. If you fly often or go to more than a few ticketed events per month, it’s a handy app. But this isn’t an optional download, it’s part of the official iPhone landscape so it ought to serve more people than that.

In the World of Apps: Retention is Up But Frequency is Down

What’s the oldest app on your phone or tablet that you still use on a regular basis? Which app do you access most often?

According to Flurry, you probably chose two different apps because retention rate and frequency rate don’t usually go together.

Flurry created this chaotic chart which shows average app usage by category. Look it over and then we’ll discuss:

The top right corner, Quadrant 1, are the rare apps we use frequently and over a long period of time. Communication apps are accessed an average of 8.8 times a week. News gets a 5.2.

iPad 4? Didn’t See That One Coming

Today Apple announced several new products including the iPad mini, a new iMac and a new 13-inch Macbook Pro.

Those were all pretty much expected (at least from what I could gather). The surprise which may actually irritate some recent Apple customers is the rollout of the iPad 4.

Yup, that’s right. An iPad 4 following the iPad 3 introduction from just March of this year was a bit of a surprise. Was it for you?

TNW reports

Apple today announced an updated version of its iPad to include its Lighting connector and an A6X chip. It features 10 hours of battery life and an HD version of its front facing camera. It also includes LTE connectivity and improved WiFi performance (up to 2x as fast).

Should Marketers Be Excited About An iPad Mini?

Sorry if you were expecting some kind of in-depth analysis is the idea of the iPad mini and its potential impact on marketers.

I was just honestly asking the question and hoping that our expert readers would share their opinion ahead of the Apple event today that is supposedly announcing an iPad mini.

All Things D gives a little preview

This so-called “iPad mini” is expected to feature a 7.85-inch display, which will make the device about 40 percent larger than its seven-inch rivals, Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. Some reports claim the so-called iPad mini’s resolution will be lower than that of the current iPad’s Retina display.

So what’s your take? Important? Non-event? Game-changer? Yawner?

Let’s hear your opinion in the comments.

Tweets Give Advertisers Ideas for Ads

Whether you are an iPhone fanatic or an Android devotee you are probably familiar with the TV ads that have been running a lot as of late that poke fun at the ‘wait in line for the next iPhone’ crowd.

We’re not interested in starting a iOS v Android debate, however. What is interesting is how Samsung used Twitter to get the areas that they would go after regarding the new iPhone.

Huh? How did they do that, you ask? According to the Wall Street Journal.

The spot shows people talking about different features of the new iPhone as they wait in line for an Apple store to open. One of the customers says: “I heard that you have to have an adapter to use the dock on the new one.” Another young man chimes in: “Yeah, yeah but they make the coolest adapters.”