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Shoppers Use Mobile for Deals and Research But Rarely to Buy

Every year, we expect mobile to become an even more significant factor in holiday shopping but its use is still far from mainstream.

According to Marketlive’s 4th Annual “Mindset of a Multi-Channel Shopper” survey only 16% of shoppers plan to do all or most of their shopping with a mobile device. That is up 3% from last year, but given the flood of tablets and smartphones on the market, shouldn’t that number be higher?

There was a significant increase in the number of shoppers using mobile to research a purchase, 29% up from 12% in 2011.

Google Looks to Further Differentiate Maps Offering With Street View Update

While the furor over Mapplegate has died down a bit it doesn’t mean that the battle of the online cartographers is over, not by a long shot.

In fact, it is fair to expect that Google and just about any other map player in the space will be attempting to roll out feature after feature to establish position in the all important online map space.

Google’s latest play comes complete with hyperbole and all. Their blog post from the Lat Long blog is titled “Making Google Maps more comprehensive with biggest Street View update ever” Woo hoo! Here’s what is it says and below that is a sample of what one can expect.

Today we’re making our Street View coverage more comprehensive than ever before by launching our biggest ever update–doubling our number of special collections and updating over 250,000 miles of roads around the world. We’re increasing Street View coverage in Macau, Singapore, Sweden, the U.S., Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway and Canada. And we’re launching special collections in South Africa, Japan, Spain, France, Brazil and Mexico, among others.

The courtyard of Kronborg castle, Denmark

5 Trends to Remember When Marketing to Moms

Moms have power and not just the power to make you clean your room or eat your veggies. Moms spend more than $2.1 trillion US dollars annually and you want some of that. To help you get it, BabyCenter LLC has put together a list of the five top trends you need to be aware of when marketing to mom.

TREND #1: The Mobile State of Mom

Mom is more mobile than the rest of us. While she is the early adopter of most tech devices — from laptops and digital cameras to smartphones and DVRs — the mobile phone is the device that gives Mom superpowers, enabling her to multitask throughout her busy day.

TV In The Age Of The Tablet Not So Different After All

I was speaking to a group recently where a relatively young marketer posited to everyone with great confidence that “No one watches TV anymore. Everyone watches it online.” Trying to be kind and gentle I said that that was dangerous thinking because that came from his perspective and his observation of his peer group. Why should he assume that what he does is what everyone else does?

As marketers we can’t assume that our personal actions are what everyone does as well. We will miss opportunity with that kind of mindset.

So what’s the point you ask? It’s about TV viewing in the age of the tablet. If the following chart has any truth do it, it appears as if the TV viewing habits of most haven’t moved as much to the online space as we might think based on the hype and the opinions of many who are taking the bait hook, line, and sinker.

So is it right then to say that TV viewing isn’t going to change in the future?

Q2 S.M.A.R.T. Report Shows Emphasis on Techies and Car Buyers

That day has arrived! It’s time to reveal the findings from Millennial Media’s October S.M.A.R.T. report. (With bonus points to anyone who knows what S.M.A.R.T. stands for.)

This edition, which looks at data from Q2 2012, is focused on the most frequently targeted audience types and here they are!

Millennial Media mobile advertisers spent a lot of the quarter chasing after IT Decision Makers, Gadget Geeks and In-Market Auto Intenders, which I take to mean people who have expressed an interest in possibly buying a new car.

Other top targets include business travelers, movie buffs, moms, spring Do-It-Yourselfers, small business decision makers, entertainment fans, and of course, the mobile switchers. Looking at that list, I have to wonder who is missing? I myself fall into five of those categories, even my husband, who is not a big mobile user falls into two.

SMB Owners Say They Need More Apps, When What They Really Need is Less

Small business owners are the world’s greatest multi-taskers so mobile should be making their jobs easier. But though nine out of ten owners say they use mobile devices for business, 58% say they need more than what’s out there.

The stats come from a survey called “Going Mobile: Small Business Owner Attitudes About Mobile Technology” which was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of New Bank of the West.

The overwhelming majority (76%) of users said they use their mobile devices for communication. After that, everything drops off to under 50% including those who use it for scheduling, driving directions, project management and payments.

What Is the True Cost of the iPhone 5?

With all the hype and emotion around the iPhone 5 it is getting greater scrutiny than most phone releases in the past.

One of the things that is being looked at is the total cost of ownership for the iPhone. Our friends at Avalaunch Media have created an infographic that looks at just how much this mobile wonder could run you. Some feel the estimates are actually a little low. What do you think?

Check out the full infographic.