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Survey Says Most People Watch TV While Watching TV

imageWith Nielsen counting TV Tweets and networks releasing their own second screen TV apps, one would think that every TV watcher is splitting his attention between the box and the. . . other box. 

Not true, says TiVo. A large number of people admit to multitasking on occasion, (48% cook, 23% have chatted online, 69% have surfed the web) 76% said that their primary focus while watching TV is on the TV.

This is even more true for TiVo users who have the ability to time shift a show to a more convenient time. Not surprising since it’s not as much fun to talk about plot twists three days after everyone else discussed the major move on Twitter.

Testing, Testing, Facebook Tests Their Own Mobile Ad Network

Facebook app screenAfter telling businesses that their Pages aren’t engaging enough to make the grade, Facebook announced a feature that’s aimed directly at businesses on Facebook. Big difference? The first one was free, the second one is paid.

Starting right now, Facebook will begin testing ads in the mobile app.

As mobile continues to move to more app-based experiences, advertisers want to reach people spending their time in apps and developers need new ways to make money.

All true.

To improve the relevancy of the ads people see, provide even greater reach for Facebook advertisers and help mobile developers better monetize their apps, we’re running a small test to show Facebook ads in mobile apps. Our aim is to demonstrate even greater reach with the same power of Facebook targeting for advertisers both on and off Facebook.

Survey Shows 48 Percent Increase in Use of Retail-Branded Shopping Apps

baynote branded appsIn the kitchen, I try not to buy tools that only have one purpose but on my iPhone, it’s a different story. I’ve tried those multi-brand shopping apps that offer me deals and points for checkins. But when it comes to deals from the three places I shop the most, it’s a dedicated app for me. And a lot of others.

According to the 4th Annual Holiday Online Shopping Survey from Baynote, retail-branded app usage is up 48% over the 2012 holiday season.

They surveyed 1,000 online holiday shoppers and 34% said they had made a purchase on a retail-branded app.

Recharge While You Recharge: Duracell and Starbucks Plan a Wireless Coup

powermat ringThe worst thing about mobile phones is that the more they do for you, the more often they need to be charged. I can’t tell you how often I’ve grabbed my phone from my purse with a specific purpose in mind only to find a Low Battery message on my screen. That’s because I’m one of those people who can’t get into the habit of charging the phone every night.

What I need. . . and you need. . is a cheap, simple solution to the mobile charging problem. Duracell has it and it involves Starbucks.

A year ago, I wrote about how Duracell was testing their new Powermats at Starbucks in Boston. Apparently the test went well because now they’re at CES with plans to expand. (The timeline on when is foggy.)

4 Amazing Startups Marketers Need to Watch in 2014

At the end of the year, Venture Beat posted an article titled “26 amazing startups you need to watch in 2014“. I’m a big fan of start-ups, so I read the piece and was struck by how many of these ideas could be the next big thing for marketers. So I’m here to boil down their list to my picks for what could be the next Instagram, Vine, or Pinterest of 2014.


This iPhone app is the bridge between Vine and full-blown video editing. You’re still working with six second clips, but instead of looping, Cameo let’s you string those clips together to make a two-minute movie. They want you to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. To help you, they have preloaded themes and trendy music that’s free to use.

Pizza Hut as an eCommerce Company: It’s Happening at CES

pizza hut onlineThe Consumer Electronics Show is rolling right along introducing us all to some crazy new ideas and ones that just might work. But before we dive into all of that, it’s time for lunch. Luckily we can order a pizza from Pizza Hut without breaking our keyboard stride.

Pizza Hut is celebrating 20 years of online ordering at CES and that just sounds wrong. 20 years?! Back in 1994, they launched their first digital ordering hub called “PizzaNet.” The first-ever online order was a large pepperoni, mushroom and extra cheese pizza and they’ve been going strong ever since. So strong that they think of themselves as an ecommerce company – 40% of their orders come through the online system, 50% from mobile.

Be Prepared to Waste the Day: Vine is Now on the Web

vine chickenYou know how it’s hard to eat just one potato chip? Or two. Or six. . . good luck turning away from the next generation of Vine – Vine on the Web. (Which I really want to call Vine on the vine even though it makes no sense).

When you login at you can view your home feed. You can also like, comment and share videos from the page. When you “revine” a video it adds that video to your home page profile, which you can also access via the web portal. If you want it to show up on Twitter, that’s a different button.