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Maybe We Now Know Why Facebook and Mobile Have Not Gotten Along?

Many people complain about Facebook’s mobile experience. For the longest time their app was just not very good. Even with the latest improvements the Facebook mobile experience still leaves a bit to be desired.

While it seemed that Facebook was simply focused on building their 900 million user powerhouse and mobile was backburnered as a result, that may not have been the case at all.

CNBC reports that as a result of early investor meetings there has been a change to the filings for Facebook’s IPO which indicates the trouble Facebook has with mobile.

Facebook said growth in the number of users using Facebook on mobile devices, which is hard to monetize, “may negatively affect our revenue and financial results.”

Google Maps For Android Now With Offers and More

Google does one thing better than anyone else (in my opinion, of course, so feel free to disagree in the comments) and that thing is maps. There are always improvements happening and it’s one of the few times that I don’t feel like a second class citizen in the smartphone era since they roll updates out to us Android folks first!

The latest update integrates Google Offers into the map experience for Android. From the Google Lat Long blog we get

Today, in the U.S. only, we’re launching a way to discover nearby Google Offers in Google Maps for Android. To see great deals near you, tap on “Maps” to open the dropdown menu and then tap on “Offers.” If you see something you like you can click on it to learn more. Some Google Offers can be purchased and saved for later while others are immediately available for free. With free Google Offers, press “Use now” to redeem instantly or “Save for later” for future use. You can also opt-in to receive notifications in the app when there are offers near you.

Apps Take up 4 Out of Every 5 Mobile Media Minutes

Do you remember when phones couldn’t do anything but make phone calls? With every passing month, we’re adding more and more functionality to our mobile phones and it’s good for everybody’s business. Games, shopping, directions, news — we can even have our phones nag us when we forget to do something. About the only thing our phones can’t do is transport us to another location. . . someday. .  . someday.

In the meantime, it’s apps that are occupying our mobile minutes. 82% of our media time is spent with these mini-programs and there’s no end in sight.

comScore put together a list of the top apps and I have to say, I was surprised by a few of them. Take a look.

Mobile Innovation: Commuter Grocery Shopping

Chicagoans spend more than 200 hours a year commuting to and from work. Much of that time is spent mindlessly wandering the transit platforms of the city, waiting for their train to come in. Now, thanks to Peapod, commuters can use that time to grocery shop.

Peapod has turned the busy State and Lake Station Tunnel in Chicago into a virtual grocery store by lining the walls with larger-than-life photos of stocked grocery store shelves.

To order groceries, customers simply use their smartphone to scan the bar codes printed along the wall. 2 boxes of Barilla pasta, 10 Chobani yogurts, a six-pack of Powerade. Then they schedule delivery for the next day or the next week. Groceries can be delivered to their home or to the office. Perfect for the office manager who needs to keep the company break room stocked.

Nearly 75% of Tablet Use Occurs in the Home

A recent study by Viacom states that tablet users are most comfortable using their tablets in their homes. In fact, the number is 74% of the time. Why do you suppose that is?

Well, most tablets are Wifi only devices so it’s portability is somewhat limited. Of course, if you want to go to any room in a home with a Wifi connection that’s no problem. Of the most common rooms the study showed we see from eMarketer

Notice how the use goes down as you reach rooms where it is less likely to have a TV. No science there just an observation.

Now, what about the 25% of the time that the tablet leaves the property? Well, no real surprises here.

SMB’s Who Embrace Mobile See Success

Did you know that May was Small Business Month? Neither did I. In honor of the group of businesses that make up the majority of jobs in the US (some reports say as high as 95%) has taken a look at one increasingly important aspect of these businesses: mobile.

The social / local / mobile mantra is most important to the SMB’s in many cases (if they are retail or have a walk-in type business) simply because people are using their mobile devices for discovery and simply to decide which option they might take in a situation. Restaurants (especially in urban areas where there is ease of movement between different areas and a higher density of competitors) are looking for an edge to catch people who are on the go. How do these people stay in touch with mobile devices.

Check out the infographic put together explaining this trend.

New Theater Policy: Please Do Not Silence Your Cell Phone

Second-screen usage while watching TV is a growing trend. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, more people than ever are chatting with friends, playing games and syncing up for points while they watch their favorite shows. It’s great publicity for the series and it’s an excellent way to get viewers to engage with advertising content. So why not extend this idea to the movie theater?

Movie theater execs discussed this very topic at their recent industry convention in Las Vegas. According to the LA Times, the Chief Exec for Regal Entertainment suggested that allowing people to text during some movies could be good for business.

An exec from a Texas based chain replied, “Over my dead body.”