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Are Facebook Mobile Ads Really More Effective?

Today, marketing mavens everywhere are all agog about a report from SocialCode which shows that Facebook mobile ads are more effective than Facebook web ads. Not just a little more but a lot more, 0.79% clickthrough rate on mobile, compared to 0.327% for web ads.


Here’s the thing, mobile ads on Facebook are pretty new, so it’s still a novelty for most. Second, SocialCode’s data pool came from a single week in June. What happens when you expand the pool to a whole month of data, six months of data? Want to bet that high clickthrough average on mobile will shrink?

Tablet Owners Love Content and They’ll Pay For it, Too

It wasn’t long ago, we were talking about how attached we’ve all become to our cell phones, particularly our iPhones. A recent survey by Gazelle shows that the majority of iPhone owners would rather give up sex, even Facebook, than go without their phones for a weekend.

But when it comes to securing a place in our hearts, iPhones ain’t got nothing on tablets. The average tablet owner spends 13.9 hours a week caressing that smooth screen. 74% do it daily and 60% do it several times a day.

The numbers come from a newly released Online Publishers Association (OPA) report called “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User – Wave II.

They found that tablet usage mostly happens at home between 5 and 11 pm. And what are they doing with their tablets? Mostly, accessing content.


Tablets To Be Used By Over 20% of US Internet Users in 2012

Hey, in case you haven’t heard or that rock you are living under has an airtight and soundproof seal, the use of tablets is increasing. When I read things like this I have same reaction as that baby in the etrade commercial when he rolls out his ‘surprised‘ face. We all get that tablets are important.

Tablets are so entrenched that Microsoft is even rumored to be getting into the tablet game. Some may take that kind of revelation as a signal that the tablet market is dying since Microsoft isn’t exactly the model of cutting edge success in the gadget space (remember Zune?). But I digress.

Here are some statistics though that help frame the growth of the tablet and mobile Internet space. It comes from a study completed by eMarketer just this month.

June S.M.A.R.T. Report Says Mobile’s Got Game

Sound the horns and unfurl the flags, it’s time for the June 2012 S.M.A.R.T. Report from Millennial Media. The report takes a look back at the trends of Q1 and it’s Sports for the win!

Sports apps nearly doubled quarter-over-quarter, landing at number six for Top Mobile Applications. The category didn’t crack the top ten for spending, but it took the prize for the biggest spending growth.

I’m not a sports person, but I’ve depended on my NHL iPad app to keep me up to date on the Stanley Cup Playoffs (Yeah, Kings!) and I’m anxiously waiting for the new Olympic apps from NBC. So if this category got me hooked, then it’s got real potential.

Apple iOS6: What’s in it for Marketers

Yesterday, Apple execs took the stage at the 2012 Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) with a huge announcement about upcoming products and services. They dazzled the audience with a powerful laptop that is thinner than your finger. They’ve added PowerNap which allows your computer to update while it’s asleep and they’ve updated Safari and iCloud so you get a more seamless experience across all of your Apple devices.

The biggest news? The coming of iOS6 with more than 200 new features.

For those who don’t speak geek, iOS5 is an operating system that runs your iPhone and iPad. When Apple switches over to iOS6, probably this fall, current users will be able to upgrade for free by simply accepting the download. The new system will work on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the new iPad, iPad 2 and iPod touch (fourth generation). But be aware that not all features work on all products, so don’t get too excited if you’re working with older equipment.

Need to Go Mobile? IAB Has a New Online App That Can Help

“By 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online.”

Think that fact is freaky? How about this?

“19% of kids aged two-to-five know how to play with a smartphone application…but only 9% can tie their shoes.”

Mobile’s not going away. It’s rapidly becoming as common as the TV and the microwave.

And here’s one last truly wild fact, in India, more people have cell phones than toilets.

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) knows that going mobile is vital to the success of any small business and they have a new web app that can help you get started. ‘

The project is called “Tap into Mobile.” Get it? Tap, like the action you use to trigger a smartphone response, but also like when you tap into something. . . . clever, huh?

Tablets and Video Are A Good Fit

The latest findings from comScore’s TabLens service (press release can be found here)are likely to confirm what many already suspect or can say that they know. Tablet users really like video. What we may not have known is just how willing they are to pay for video content.

First, a quick glance at the results. Tablet usage is certainly gaining momentum. No surprise there but when you see numbers it becomes that much more real.

While it’s important to know that tablets are becoming a ‘go to’ for many (and that many appear to be older and wealthier according to comScore’s findings), it’s just as important to know just how they use it. It looks like video gets a pretty strong amount of play with these folks (pun intended if you so desire).