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App Marketers: You Can Now Add Video to Your Facebook App Center Page

To download or not to download? That is the question consumers ask when they see a new app or game. Even if the download is free, no one wants to waste their time with a poorly made or boring game. Written text is fine but screen shots are usually the ingredient that pushes them one way or the other. But what’s better than a screenshot? How about a video that shows the app in action?

app videos

Facebook just gave app developers the ability to place a video trailer above the fold on their app’s page. Just like video ads in the newsfeed, app center videos will begin to play as soon as someone hits the page. The sound will be muted until the person clicks the video which is actually a little confusing. I can see consumers everywhere switching their headphones on and off wondering why they can’t hear anything.

What Are We Watching?! Mobile Video Views Double in Under a Year

disneycollectorbr I read the craziest thing on TubeFilter today. They just put up a post listing the top 100 Most Viewed Channel on YouTube for November 2013. Most of them are channels dedicated to popular singers like Katy Perry and Rihanna. There are some comedy channels, IGN and Minecraft makes the list and then there’s DisneyCollectorBR.

This channel came in 5th with 164 million views in November. It’s Disney, right? So why the surprise? Because it’s not Disney. It’s not even what it sounds like from the title. It’s a collection of unboxing and toy review videos dedicated mostly to Play-doh and Surprise Egg sets. That’s it. And this person is raking in the traffic. How insane is that?

Twitter and Foursquare Test Features That Keep Data Close to Home

washington-dc-on-the-map-1-369936-mMarketers have been using geotargeting on the web to serve up appropriate ads for a long while. We’re all used to it and not at all creeped out when we’re surfing the web and see an ad for a local retailer. But with mobile, it’s different. I don’t know why but we all get a little chill when there’s talk of using cell phone geolocation technology to deliver ads and other information.

Mobile feels more personal and more immediate. Someone can track me based on my IP address but that just gets them in the neighborhood not to my house. . . . right? (I hope.) If you’re tracking my cell phone, you know exactly where I am. Exactly. And that gets scary. Admittedly, in 99.9% of cases it’s not a security threat but it still feels like one.

Instagram Direct Brings the Social Photo Experience Closer to Home

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom braved the snow and ice in New York this morning to present a new chapter in the company’s history book – Instagram Direct.

The concept is simple. Instead of sending your photos out to the entire world, you can now send them to 1 person orĀ  a small group of people.

It doesn’t sound very revolutionary, but it really is.

instagram direct

When you take a photo, you can choose to send it to all of your followers or go direct. On the Direct screen, you get a list of people you follow or you can scroll through your contact list alphabetically. Choose one person or a group of up to 15 people. Then hit send.

New Pinterest iPad Update Encourages Speed Pinning and Sharing

You know the old saying, you can never have too many pinned pictures of shoes on Pinterest. . . or something like that. . . .

Pinterest’s latest iPad upgrade is all about quantity over quality. Not saying this is a bad thing, I’m just telling you how it is.

The experience begins with a new interface that is modern and shiny. The bottom navigation buttons make it easy to switch between the home view, search and pinning pages. But the real secret is in the new pinning sidebar.

Pinterest ipad 1

Sprint’s Social Media Dramatic Reading Campaign is About to Take a Dramatic Twist

There are actors who are so charismatic and with such amazing voices that people say, “I could listen to him read the phone book.” I think this is how Sprint got the idea for their new campaign that has stellar thespians James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell reading social media messages on an empty stage.

Haven’t seen it? Here’s Spring Honors Craig and Chris’ Text Messages

Ironically, these commercials are a comical slam at the banal chatter that goes on via text and social media but rather than be insulted, fans are proclaiming their love for the ads.

Danielle Gray posted a Tweet about how much she enjoyed the commercial and now she’s going to help launch the next installment.

From AdAge:

The Power of the Facebook Login on Mobile

thredflip loginYou’re about to create a new login for a site you’re likely to visit often. You can submit your email and password and probably fill out a longer form or you can click to hook your account to your Facebook profile. Which would you choose?

Last year, I would have chosen to fill to fill out the form, no matter how lengthy because it just felt wrong giving everyone access to my Facebook account. Now. . . not so much. Yesterday, after reading a post on the Facebook Developer Blog, I paid attention to my logins and found that I was using a Facebook for the majority of my routine logins.

The upside is obvious. It’s fast and you don’t have to remember your username or password or which email you used to sign up.