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iPad 2: How Low Will Apple Go?

There are lots of rumors flying this morning about a potential, hefty price drop in iPad 2 when the iPad 3 comes to market. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like news at all. It makes sense to discount older versions of technology in order to make way for the new, but how low will Apple go? That’s the big question.

It all stems from a report that claims Apple is going to release two versions of iPad 3, one with more bells and whistles than any human being could actually ever need, and a more basic upgrade. The idea is to give them a range of price points from $499 to $399 and then the assumed $299 for the old iPad 2.

What Performance Should You Expect from In App Ads?

Mobile is on everyone’s minds these days. Whether you are talking about iOS v. Android devices or wondering just how many people have smartphones these days, there is plenty to discuss.

As marketers we are most interested in who has them and if they respond well to advertising. eMarketer points out some data around the performance of in app ads that is, well, not exactly awe-inspiring. First, there is a look at some data from a Lab42 study about just how many in app ads users click on.

Of course, I can only speak from a personal perspective but I don’t know if I have clicked on more than 10 ads anywhere in my life so to see that even some 30% have clicked on 6 or more in app ads is interesting to me. Of course, the other 70 percent is at 5 or less clicks with 20% of those surveyed never clicking on an in app ad.

Android Vs iOS Should Be Fun to Watch Moving Forward

As we approach the time of year where folks tend to back off just a little we decided to give you some eye candy to consider courtesy of the SAI Insider and Horace Dediu of Asymco. At an activation rate of around 700,000 devices a day Android is doing well but it’s not outpacing iOS activations that are estimated to hit 260 million in 2013 (by one analyst’s guess prediction).

This is not about whether Android is better than iOS devices. Clearly in the tablet market that has not panned out has it? It does say that the Android devices are likely hitting a more budget conscious market with low end phones. No harm in that because that gives more people a chance to use the mobile Internet. An article from Reuters talks about that very phenomenon in Europe.

Hallmark Jumps on the Second Screen Bandwagon

Ever since we discovered that people watch TV with their smartphones in hand, second screen technology has taken off. Some companies are using it to offer an extra layer of content to a movie, while others are strictly for ad purposes.

This past week Hallmark Channel partnered with 44Doors to deliver a holiday gift from Billy Ray Cyrus to his fans. A QR code appeared on the screen during the airing of Cyrus’ movie Christmas Comes Home to Canaan. Accessing the code, allowed fans to download the song “Home” which was written specifically for the movie.

Tim Hayden of 44Doors told MobileMarketer:

“An increased volume of viewers and sustaining that audience throughout Christmas Comes Home to Canaan was a primary objective, while the data analysis from the actual scans and downloads will help the network and advertisers to better understand audience viewing behavior, device preference and geographic location.”

Mobile Data Usage Up Across All Age Groups [Report]

Maybe now we can start talking about the Age of Mobile rather than wondering if this is simply the year of mobile. It’s here for sure and the increased use in mobile data is certainly pointing to that reality. Here is a chart from a Nielsen study that helps make the point

This is an interesting study that also points out the great mobile divide that separates the 35 and under crowd from the rest of the mobile world. They use a lot more data and will be around a lot longer that the older folks so this is only going to get more intense.

Facebook to Start Mobile Ad Program?

I have decided that whenever a “report” comes from anywhere, even a “well-respected” source, that is not based in an actual announcement but is “rumored” to be in the works by “as early as” a certain date, that the title of the post will have a question mark? Why? Because it used to be that news was about something that has actually happened and is being reported on. Now the definition that works better, especially in the Internet and social media marketing space is “something that has been maybe, kinda, sorta leaked by someone in a company looking to make an impression on a news agency OR an intended leak by a company to build buzz about something that is at least 90 days away fromreality.

Asian-Americans and Hispanics Top the Early Adopter Chart

14.4% of Asian-Americans use tablets on a regular basis. Not a huge number, but when you compare it to the only 10% of blacks and whites, it presents a different picture.

A new study from eMarketer shows that Asian-Americans are on top when it comes to the early adoption of both tablets and ereaders.

Asian-American adoption rates are expected to stay high for the next few years. Felipe Korzenny, Ph.D., stated that this is likely due to the fact that Asians are more educated than average and they have higher incomes. But what’s driving the early adoption among Hispanic users?

Hispanics come in second for tablet ownership with 12.6%. eMarketer predicts that it will be 2013 before Non-Hispanic whites catch up and 2014 before they take the lead.