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Application Downloads Continue to Rise

Have you built a mobile app to promote your business yet? If not, add that to the To Do list for June, because according to the latest MilennialMedia S.M.A.R.T. report, application downloads are still on the rise.

Application downloads popped up 26% month-over-month with entertainment, retail and travel being the major users. Mobile Social Media (aka Mocial) is also on the rise with marketers looking to up their Facebook and Twitter followers.

Looking only at mobile retail, the report says that mCommerce doubled month-over-month, and Mocial grew 115% in that same time period.

Need some mobile app inspiration? Check out 5 Crazy Things You Can Do With Your iPhone and before the next full moon, download the Werewolf Locator app. You’ll be glad you did.

ROI on Mobile Marketing? 63% Say “I Don’t Know”

In the online space we are enamored with numbers. We can measure everything and everything can be quantified. That’s why the Internet is the place for marketers to be.

OK, at least that’s how the industry pitches the online space. As that momentum moves to the mobile front that same mantra is being droned out over and over again just so there is an understanding that ROI in the online world is something that can be quantified.

Well, I would like to introduce hype to reality. They don’t get a lot of time together because reality doesn’t sell. But if the report by eMarketer regarding return on mobile marketing is any indication, then “Houston, we have a problem.”

More Than Half of Smartphone Users Say ‘It’s My Life’

Prosper Mobile Insights asked 100 smartphone users to describe their relationship with their phone. More than half of them said it was their life and that’s both cool and scary at the same time.

The survey was conducted in May and it involved slightly more men than women. When asked which features they couldn’t live without 21.6% said texting, 16.7% said internet and 15.7% said email.

Surfing with the Smartphone

One of the most surprising data points in this survey is that 55.9% of users prefer using their smartphone over their computer when accessing the web. What exactly are they using it for? Here’s the breakdown.

Interactive Catalogs and iPhone Apps Top Digital Marketing To Do List

Adobe asked nearly 2,000 digital marketers what was on their To Do list for the near future and interactive catalogs tied with iPhone apps for the number one spot.

According to “The Adobe Scene7 2011 Survey: Digital Marketing in the Next Decade” report, interactive catalogs was number one both online and for mobile and it came in number 4 on the list of “very effective” digital marketing tactics.

Looking at the “deployed” side of the chart, there really are no surprises. Website analytics is something we’ve been doing since the internet began. Social media and blogging can both be done with no budget and just a little time. (I’m not saying done right, I’m just saying done.) When you move to the “planned” side, thing get more technical. Your average small business owner can put up a Facebook page, but building an interactive catalog or an app is probably not in their skill set. That means hiring out and that means money.

Mobile Users Just Wanna Have Fun

Mojiva has just released a mobile advertising report in the form of an online magazine. It’s colorful. It’s graphical and it’s loaded with interesting information.

The best news is that more than 60% of mobile users click on ads at least once a week, the bad news is only 22% said they would make a purchase after clicking. So what did they want to do? The majority said they wanted to play a game. (Gamification of Mobile Marketing, anyone?)

As you can see, in addition to games, mobile apps, video and music are all popular options. I was surprised to see downloading a coupon ride so low on the list, but then mobile couponing is still a bit of a pain.

More People Are Turning to the Internet for Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, more people are turning to the internet and away from TV and movies. According to the 2011 Edelman Value, Engagement and Trust in the Era of Social Entertainment Survey, 56% of U.S. responders said they were on the internet more than a year ago and 49% spend more time accessing social media for fun.

Not only are they spending less time with traditional forms of media, but 68% say that there isn’t as much value in entertainment as there used to be.
Gail Becker, president of Edelman’s Western US Region says,

Google Wallet Formally Announced Along With Offers

Despite yesterday’s premature announce-ilation by Vivotech, Google announced formally the introduction of their new Google Wallet.

The long and short of it is that Google is looking to own the mobile purchase cycle from search to purchase. That’s a pretty powerful model to say the least and they are out of the gate running.

The Business Insider reports

Google just announced its mobile payments system Google Wallet, which will also be bundled with its Groupon-killer Google Offers.

Google wants to put tickets, credit cards, receipts, coupons, and even your driver’s license in your Google Wallet.

A trial begins this summer in New York, Portland, and San Francisco this summer, with other cities to follow.