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Tablets Slowly Eat Away Mobile’s Lock on Non-Computer Traffic

The overwhelming majority of people on the internet got there by using a computer. But in the US, 6.8% of them got there using an alternate device. The majority of those people did it with their mobile phone, but an increasing number are using tablets and that percentage is rising fast.

comScore has just released a new whitepaper called “Digital Omnivores: How Tablets, Smartphones and Connected Devices are Changing U.S. Digital Media Consumption Habits.” It’s a long name for a data-loaded report that should interest anyone in mobile marketing (which should be anyone reading this post.)

Take a look at this chart:In just a few short months, tablet usage jump up from 22.5% to 28.1%, and they did it by eating into both the mobile and “other device” categories.

Tis the Season to be Mobile?

A great gauge of just how deeply anything is being adopted in the Internet space is how much it is used during the holiday buying season. We come into this year’s holiday season with enough concern and trepidation due to the current economic status of just about everyone on the planet but as Internet marketers we have to overlook these things and see if something is working despite these concerns.

We have been ushering in the year of mobile for at least the last half decade but it’s finally safe to say that the mobile age is truly upon us. eMarketer reference a survey performed by PayPal and Ipsos to see what percentage of people may use mobile devices (phones and tablets) to purchase this year

Millennial Media SMART Report Looks at the CPG Industry

Millennial Media has just released their August SMART report which this month, focuses on the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry.

Alcohol brands took 42% of the ad mix for the month with Cosmetics and Hygiene next at 26%. Says Millennial:

During the summer months, we saw an increase in Alcoholic Beverage advertisers taking advantage of the unique ability of mobile to reinforce their brands by delivering fun and interactive marketing campaigns to their target customers.

Is it just me, or does it bother anyone else to see the words alcoholic beverage and mobile in the same sentence? The vast majority of CPG campaigns pushed consumers to go from mobile to social (78%), while 56% sent consumers off to watch a video.

Google’s “Our Mobile Planet” Gives Mobile Data To Everyone To Use

Google can be surprising at times. We are all used to Google offering ridiculous amounts of free stuff and things. Sometimes, however, what they give away isn’t what you would expect.

This week Google has offered its “Our Mobile Planet” data for users like you and me to generate our own charts like the one you see below. The idea is to be able to use this data gathered by Google earlier this year to give some credence to mobile arguments and more. There are MANY different options for data and charts you can create about mobile usage.

From the Google Mobile Ads blog

What the New iPhone Means for Marketers

This morning, Apple pulled the wraps off their newest mobile phone, the iPhone 4S. It has a better camera, it’s faster, it has the largest storage capability of any iPhone and it responds to voice commands in a way we’ve never seen outside of Star Trek.

The live blogger for the New York Times summed it up best with this statement:

“We are clearly headed to Terminator/HAL territory here. Humans are doomed. Deal with it.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the new features.

Siri: Your Personal Assistant

Voice command module, Siri, is the main reason to switch to this new iPhone. It’s an incredibly intuitive system that understands and responds to conversational English (and a few other languages).

Ask what the weather is and you’ll get a weather report.

Search Poised to Take Larger Share of Mobile Ad Spend

Our fascination with social media and anything other than search seems to give the impression that search marketing is losing its influence. The desire to continually move forward (which actually is a relative term since many things we chase after don’t move anything forward except a VC’s wallet) makes the Internet industry look like the spoiled kid at Christmas. We rip open a new present, play with it for a minute or two then move on to the next shiny object that will occupy our need for gratification in our increasingly impatient and shallow world.

Pre iPhone 5 Hype: Android Activations Approach 1 Million Per Day

The iPhone 5 is just around the corner.

Sprint is betting the farm on the new device.

Some are reporting that Sprint may have an exclusive on the new smartphone for a while (rumor alert).

All that said, the chart below from Business Insider (data supplied by Michael DeGusta) says that by October 20 there could be 1 million new Android activations each and every day.

So whose got whom by the “you know whats”? It’s a tight race that only promises to get more intense as the social mobile movement continues to evolve. I honestly don’t see a clear victor. The camps are set and there seems to be plenty of users to fill both sides with fan boys.