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Foursquare Pages for Business Now Self-Serve But Will Anyone Notice?

I will warn you on this one. I have tried to be a location based services user but I lose interest real quickly. My erratic check-ins at restaurants or sporting events are more a result of me saying “I guess I could check in” or my wife checking in thus making me get competitive and making sure I am not one-upped by her. Not exactly the stuff of location based legend, I know.

That’s why when Foursquare announced that their business pages were becoming self-serve I had to actually educate myself as to what this meant. Since January of 2010 these pages have existed but the foursquare blog tells of the new option:

Mobile Marketing Mashup

Mobile is hot. We get that. What makes something hot in the Internet marketing space is the amount of information that is flying around about it and if that’s one of the main barometers of success mobile has hit the big time for sure.

Here is some of the latest mobile information that you may find interesting.

Android v iPhone – So What’s the Real Story?

If you want to support the dominance or preeminence or whatever-it-is-inence of your favorite mobile platform there is data out there for you to do just that.

Foursquare Ups the Ante with Followable Fan Pages

Friends. Followers. Fans. These three words have taken on all new meanings since the advent of social media. We like to think that friends are people we actually know, while we follow entities and brands that interest us. On Foursquare, this wasn’t an option, but it will be in the near future.

According to AdAge, Foursquare is working on user pages which will trump profile pages in that they’ll be open to the public. Currently, when a user posts a tip on a venue, only his friends see that tip. If he’s a popular fellow, he may have a large number of friend requests, which, if he accepts them, turns his personal account into an open book for the world to see.

Yawn! Deals and Location “Giants” Pair Up

It feels like every time something happens in the deal space, especially something that involves Groupon, it’s important to tell our readers about it. Then when the post goes up there is literally little to no response from our readers and I honestly don’t know why. Maybe today you can help us out here at Marketing Pilgrim to figure this out.

Last week, Groupon and Foursquare joined forces. This in and of itself is not that earth shattering because Foursquare has proven itself to be a deals slut by partnering with LivingSocial, AT&T Interactive and anyone else that comes along with a deal, so to speak.

The difference here is that the godfather of deal sites, Groupon, has let Foursquare kiss its ring and is allowing the location based service provider to associate it with the don of deals.

Google Improves Search for Tablets

We’ve barely begun talking about how to format webpages for mobile and now it’s time to start thinking about pages on tablets.

Google took a stab at it this week with a fresh, new look for their search pages. The upgrade revolves around a cleaner layout that is bigger where it counts. Because we use our fingers and not a mouse to click and navigate on a tablet, Google has added larger buttons with more white space. Now people with chubby fingers like me, can get the right command on the first try, every time.

They’ve also made it easier to define your results with a set of clear category tags across the top. Images, Video, News — it’s one click and you’re there.

Mobile Gaming: Highest Revenue Comes from the Least Number of Players

Freemium – it’s a hybrid of free and paid and it’s all the rage in mobile gaming. Try the game for free, play for free, but if you really like it, pay a few dollars for more levels, more detail or a virtual donkey. Who wouldn’t want a virtual donkey? Actually, a lot of people will pass on that offer but it doesn’t matter.

According to stats from Flurry, Freemium games generate more revenue than straight-on paid games and it does it in a surprising way. As you can see from the chart below, only 13% of consumers were responsible for more than 50% the revenue.

The Tablet, the Hockey Stick and the Future of Online Shopping

First there was the traveling salesman, then the mail-order catalog. Then, TV shopping networks made it even easier to shop right from the comfort of your own home. When the internet came around, we thought that was the ultimate home shopping experience, but it’s about to go one better. Forrester’s new white paper says the tablet is going to be the next big thing in e-commerce, trumping even the much talked about mobile phone.

Though only 9% of web shoppers currently own tablets, Forrester expects to see a “hockey stick” develop for adoption stats over the next five years. A hockey stick. You know, a short, slight rise from the tip to the heel then a near vertical rise four times the size. (I assume that’s what they mean, someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)