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Foursquare Pushes Notifications and Blackberry Update

I just got an email from Foursquare telling me that I am member #4,688,605. They say it’s something I can brag about to my grandkids as they cruise by on their hoverboards. Points for a sense of humor. I like that.

They then go on to tell me about some new features, which I am here to tell you about. First, for all you Blackberry fans, Foursquare 3.0 is now available. It comes with a slicker interface and includes the new Explore feature. Explore is now the best thing about Foursquare. By tapping an activity such as drinks or shops, the app automatically offers up the best choices in your area based on your prior check-ins and those of your friends.

The Blackberry update also includes access to daily deal sites and a leaderboard.

Half of All Marketers Say Mobile is an Integral Part of the Plan

Mobile advertising isn’t a slam dunk yet, but according to a new survey commissioned by IAB, it’s already become an integral part of the plan for 51% of brand marketers.

The study, “Marketer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising” was conducted by Ovum and the results were presented at the “Mobile in the Mainstream…and as the New Main Screen” conference yesterday in NY.

Of the marketers who weren’t completely on the mobile bandwagon yet, 35% said they were “experimenting” with the medium, while 14% are still wandering through the landscape.

Top reasons for going mobile:

  • Immediacy (considered of high importance by 57% of respondents)
  • Cost-effectiveness (54%)
  • Increased engagement (52%)

The downside to mobile advertising:

  • Device fragmentation (cited by 72% of respondents as a challenge of medium or high importance)

Will Tablets Eventually Make Computers Obsolete?

Ten years ago, TV commercials were all about food, cars and deodorant. Now you can’t get through an episode of MasterChef without seeing at least one ad for a mobile phone and more recently, a tablet.

As connected devices become more popular and accessible, what will become of our old friend the desktop computer? For the June edition of the Millennial Media Mobile Mix, tablet owners were asked to quantify the shifts in their digital behavior and here’s what they got:

The numbers aren’t huge, but given that tablets are only just becoming something an average person would own, it’s a hefty shift.

So What Is It Developers? Android or iPhone?

The other day we reported on a “trend” that some developers are targeting Android as their first platform option because the process is less stringent than Apple’s. These days, however, the word ‘trend’ has about as much relevance as the word friend.

Some evidence is the chart below via SAI that shows developers are really most interested in the iOS platform more than the Android and that this is indeed increasing.

So what is it developers? What’s your preference and why? Please make up our mind.

Majority of Working Folks Can’t Resist Sneaking a Peek

Think about the last time you were in a business meeting. Did you sneak a peek? Be honest? Did you hide your mobile phone under the table or go to the restroom for a quick look?

According to a recent Harris Poll, 63% of American’s surveyed believe that people sneak-a-peek at their cell phones during work meetings. The most popular methods of sneakery are:

  • 47% – Hiding their mobile device under the table
  • 42% – Excusing themselves to go to the restroom
  • 35% – Hiding their mobile device in their folders/notebooks/papers
  • 9% – Pretending to tie their shoes
  • 8% – Creating a distraction

Creating a distraction! What an image. “Look, Carmen Electra in a helicopter!”

Are Developers Starting to Think Android First for Apps?

Today the WhitePages will be launching its latest app, Localicious. Considering the rate of apps appearing in the marketplace these days that’s not news.

What is interesting, however, is where the app will appear first. Rather than going the ‘traditional’ route of iPhone then Android, the WhitePages have reversed the order and the reason is pretty simple: it’s easier to plan a launch around Android launches versus trying to manage the Apple app approval process.

All Things Digital reports

Apple’s approval process is just too difficult to time a launch around. As evidence, the Seattle company notes that one of its apps, a reverse phone lookup directory, has been in Apple’s hands for the past two months awaiting approval. So, this time around, the company decided to go Android first.

Much Needed Android Market Upgrade Coming

While everyone is busy talking about the level of penetration that Android devices are making in the smartphone world (not so much in the tablet world, huh?) the 800 lb. gorilla in the room is where Android has fallen way short: the Android Market.

Well, if you are to believe the hype from the Google Mobile blog this will be a welcome change:

The Android Market has been a bit of a joke until now and Android users (like myself) have simply tolerated it. Some (myself included) have turned to the cleaner and supposedly safer Amazon Android AppStore (much to the chagrin of Apple but who cares really).

The blog continues to hype tell us: