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The Power of the Facebook Login on Mobile

thredflip loginYou’re about to create a new login for a site you’re likely to visit often. You can submit your email and password and probably fill out a longer form or you can click to hook your account to your Facebook profile. Which would you choose?

Last year, I would have chosen to fill to fill out the form, no matter how lengthy because it just felt wrong giving everyone access to my Facebook account. Now. . . not so much. Yesterday, after reading a post on the Facebook Developer Blog, I paid attention to my logins and found that I was using a Facebook for the majority of my routine logins.

The upside is obvious. It’s fast and you don’t have to remember your username or password or which email you used to sign up.

Tablets Rule Books and Travel, Smartphones Take the Rest

mobile mix nov 2013I’m unnaturally attached to my iPad. It’s a tough thing to put into writing but it’s true. I came to the realization this past weekend. I went to Los Angeles (a 2-hour drive) to attend the Supernatural convention with a friend. I stayed over one night at the hotel – and when I say night, I mean I got to my room at 10 pm and left before 10 am. So, I had about 3 hours of awake time. I knew this going in but I still brought my iPad. I didn’t want to because I wasn’t comfortable leaving it in the room all day while I was enjoying the con, but I actually felt anxious at the thought of leaving it at home.

Marketing of the Future Will Be a Multiscreen Endeavor

While it’s relatively easy to feel the tide moving in the direction of a multiscreen environment for those who are faced with the challenge every day, the vast majority of business people will need to be educated about just how important multiscreen will be in the very near future.

A recent study conducted by Nielsen and the Association of National Advertisers and presented at eMarketer makes it very clear that the multiscreen world is upon us and changing the face of advertising rapidly.

Just look at these numbers regarding allocated spending to multiscreen campaigns when asking marketers and advertisers about where this is going in just three short years.

Total Media Spend Integrated Multiscreen

Now when asked about which devices will be important the trend is obviously moving toward the mobile world. Surprisingly though, the computer itself doesn’t take quite the swan dive in rankings that one might think.

Infographic: Holiday Mobile Shopping

Mobile Infographic PreviewTis the season to be hyping!

It’s the holidays so it must mean that mobile shopping is going to dominate the holiday buying landscape.

Well, it’s not quite like that but mobile shopping is growing. This infographic from Blue Chip Marketing gives you some insight into the space. Do you see it the same way?

Click Continue Reading to see the whole infographic.

Flipboard Embraces eCommerce with Catalogs For and By the People

br-catalog-coverFlipboard, the image-heavy, mobile news aggregator is encouraging readers to shop with a new “create your own catalog” tool.

To get you started, they’ve contracted with some heavy hitters to create catalogs of their own. InStyle, The Verge and Nylon Guys have created collections of their favorite things. You’ll also find curated catalogs from Chef Daniel Boulud (“Holiday Favorites”), designer Cynthia Rowley (“All Things Cynthia”), singer Sara Evans (“A Real Fine Place”) and actress Alyssa Milano (“Gifts for the Woman in Your Life”).

These catalogs are a mix of products from a variety of brands that fit into a theme. Then there are the brand specific catalogs from Banana Republic, Birchbox, eBay, Etsy, Fab, Levi’s and ModCloth.

IDC: 81% of Smartphone Shipments in Q3 2013 Are Android

Android devices are pretty darn popular.

Look at these results from IDC and you can draw your own conclusions.

Android at 81 Percent of Smartphone Shipments

The key word in all of this though is ‘shipments’. Were 81 million sold? Doubt it.

How do you view this kind of research and the ensuing findings? Are you immune? I see more iPhones usually on a day in and day out basis but I am seeing a lot more Android devices (especially Note 2 phablets). As a result I can never make up my mind regarding just how pervasive Android is at this point in time.

What’s your take?

Facebook vs. Twitter: Which One Rules for Mobile Marketing?

Facebook has a lot of users and that equals a huge pool of potential customers – aka reach, but it’s not always the advertising juggernaut you’d expect it to be given its popularity.

Larry Kim, the wise man of Wordstream turned his magnifying glass on the social media giant and whipped up a few charts comparing Facebook to its biggest (little) competitor, Twitter! What he discovered was. . . . (did you really think I was going to spoil the ending? Read on.)

Comparing advertising on Facebook and Twitter is a little like comparing apples to coconuts but Larry did it anyway. (Check his blog post for where he got his numbers.)